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I haven`t written a blog for some time so this is a bit long.

At least the sunrises are still the same and are reliable. I do wonder about the old Sheepherders rhyme of `Red in the morning shepherds warning` as most mornings they appear red at some stage as do the sunsets 🙂

2015-05-29 07.05.00SR2

Sunrise 26/04/2016



Due to the bad state of the veggies in the supermarkets, plus their prices, have made me enlarge the veggy garden. I decided that if you can`t eat it don`t waste time watering it. fresh veg from even a small garden like mine supplies us with most of our needs. With the amount of sunshine we get some veggies even grow in the winter. I found some purple climbing beans which so far have been grown in pots on bamboo frames and seem to grow all year round. While they are cooking they change from purple to green, so they look like bush beans. I usually grow Bush beans as they are very prolific with their yield. Along with Swiss Chard,Carrots, Leeks, Turnips and Sweet Potatoes, all of which grow very well in my garden we just have to get potatoes or pasta. We have all the herbs growing together so there is no shortage of fresh herbs. Basil and many of the leafy herbs grow nicely in small pots in the kitchen window box, so they are easy to get when cooking.

veg garden1

todays veg

I have a bread maker and found that home made bread is much tastier than shop bought. For us I just make a small loaf but sometimes it goes in a day. Everyone seems to prefer the French bread because it uses less sugar. After the second rise I take the paddles out so when it`s baked there are just two 6mmholes in the bottom. If the paddle are left in they either ruin the loaf when you try to remove it or they stay in the loaf and have to be taken out when you cut it. An experiment to make Rye bread that was lighter, I mixed Rye flour with white bread flower.

Rye bread 50 50


We still have frogs on the dahlias and veggies, maybe it`s because we don`t use any pesticides. It`s not that we tried to grow everything organic but all our compost we get from my daughters farm, even the pine needles for mulch.

frog closeup

frog0810 2


At the farm I noticed that even the frogs were competing against the cats for fresh food. the noise from the Dams is very loud at night, at first I thought it was Wild Ducks 🙂


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I was very surprised to see the size of prey that the Mantis will attack. It`s not only the size but weapons it can disable.


This Gecko was much heavier and bigger than the Mantis. The Mantis eat it while it was still alive as can be seen in the video I took. The nature programs were not interested as they say it`s a normal thing.


This was taken on a window ledge where the Mantis was hunting flies. It found this Wasp and clamped it`s sting in one arm while it eat the body, still while the wasp was alive.


We get the odd one at the side of the bed but i don`t think they will eat you in the night 🙂

service delivery

This is called a peaceful march, what I can`t understand is that those throwing the rubbish around will have to clean it up when they go back to work.


Is this the way our money is going to end up ? We will have to see how the land reform goes. It would be a good thing if the land that is being claimed could be kept productive, it would help our balance of payments. Mugabe owns many of the repossessed white owned farms and none of them are productive. Will we become Zimzania ?

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I sometimes get these memories of Alice when we were at the farm but sometimes the situation didn`t seem to bad. I was looking at some of the old photo`s of some of the situations that we had been through together and they were happy times. It`s a shame that sometimes we tend to humanize animals and think we know best, but she is not looking like she used to. It was a shame that no one at the farm wanted to pander to her needs and give her shelter and keep her safe from the other roaming animals. She was very frightened of the ponies because they tried to kick her so she was able the get into her house that we made. The geese used to use her water bowl as a toilet so it had to be changed often. She didn`t mind the chickens sharing her food but got upset when the ponies got their heads in.

When she had her first litter she was a wonderful mother even though there was no shelter for her then as she was on another farm. She made a place for them in a thorny shrub but chewed all the thorns off and lined it with Lavender which she collected from around the garden. After a few days of feeding her on Maas mixed with all the food scraps, beans and fresh greens she decided to allow us to watch her feeding the piglets. After going into her wallow she decided to mark me with mud and then lay down and started to snork. Within a short time the piglets came from their nest and started to feed. This made a beautiful video and I will always remember it. (3).

One (1) and two (2) are some of the photo`s before she gave birth to the first litter. The forth (4) one was when she used to go for walks around the farm with me. She became a large pig very quickly as she was fed on pig meal, which I think was for domestic pigs that you want to fatten up for market. Unfortunately she was never my pig and I had to travel a long way to make sure she had food and water. It was quite a surprise when she gave birth because I thought that the big belly was just another sign that she was a pot belly pig. Suprise,Surprise.

I could write a blog on Alices life but it`s just little bits that come to the fore sometimes, it must be old age.

Other Blog       http://whitewolfswarehouse.wordpress.com

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There are many types of Whale in Plettenburg Bay that can be seen from land or sea.  I used to be land based until I came to Plett and met the owners of Ocean Safaris. The views from their boats which stay at sea for 2 hours are something I will never forget. Seeing a Whale from the beach and hearing the crash as it falls backwards into the sea is nothing compared with being within a few meters of this event.


Then there is the Southern Right Whale. And further up the beach another one.


Right near the Hotel and can be seen from the beach.


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This was today`s Sunrise which was taken about 6 o`clock this morning.

sunrise140913 2

This blog was written yesterday but I couldn`t get on line. It was after all Friday the 13th. 🙂


Today I am writing my blog in the garden as it`s too hot to do any digging. I can see the sky divers drifting towards the beach but there is an absence of garden birds around.


 I tried to find some small meteorites on the beach earlier but was not successful today. It is quite easy to find them, all you need is a strong magnet and a plastic bag to cover it. All you have to do then is move it around in the sand and see what sticks to it. It was a lot easier in Hermanus   as there were a lot of rock pools which caught everything that was washed up at high tide. This is a large meteorite and did not burn out completely and probably landed in the sand as it hasn`t got signs of quick cooling. another way to find the small ones is to put a magnet at the bottom of the down pipe taking rainwater from the roof.


 I think Robberg beach is a better place to try as that is where I found the Seal skulls and many other unusual things that made something to write about in the earlier blogs.

robberg beach

We still have a few Whales in the bay but you have to go out in a boat to appreciate them at close quarters. Standing on the balcony at the local shopping center I saw two Whales yesterday either playing or mating, they were about 150 meters out in the bay. No boats seem to be going out lately, possibly because there are not enough visitors around. The dolphins are the biggest attraction as they stay the whole year round and there are many different species. Ocean Safaris is still doing Dolphin trips most of the time and it`s cheaper than Whale watching. The reason being that it`s a shorter time out, but you may still see a lone Whale or two. The Bridies Whale seems to stay the longest. The Orca is not seen very often and usually only comes twice a year. This looks close but I just forgot to zoom out, It was actually over 50 meters away.




It will soon be time to pull any greenery in the garden that is not doing anything, to take to Alice on Saturday. The carrots didn`t do very much as they were put in too early and the Broccoli has been beheaded.

alice 3piglets


I must put in a few of the old people jokes to fill in, being able to laugh at yourself is very good therapy. J


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sunset0608 2
Sometimes we get lazy days when nothing seems to spur the imagination to write a long blog. today is one of those days. The sunrises have been more like black and white photo`s for the last couple of days. The sunset last night was not very impressive to start with but I waited until the birds flew home.

sunset0608……………This was what it looked like ten minutes earlier.

At least the garden has been producing veggies for the evening meal. We have Swiss Chard, Leeks, Garlic,turnips,beetroot,broccoli,cauliflower,Broad beans and all the herbs growing. It will soon be time at the end of this month to sow the summer Veggies. It has been a very pleasant experience as looking in the supermarkets the veg is very much to be desired.

crow vegThe only other thing that got photographed this morning was a Pied Crow calling from the top of the Police radio mast across the road. it must have been a call for them to hoist the flags because it went away afterwards.

649_1077414210787_9765_nI`m still experimenting with different solar ovens. this one made bread in a baking tin, but it was a bit of a problem getting it out. It also took 2 hours.  🙂

649_1077414330790_468_nthis one makes a good focus but took 15 minutes to get the water hot enough to make a cup of coffee, lucky I don`t take milk. 🙂


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The sunrise this morning was very subdued as there were no clouds again. However the sunset did make up for it. One frame actually captured a few birds making their way  across the sky to their nightly perches. As the sun set behind the  water tower on the hill, the sky progressed to a beautiful red and was aided by the cloud formation.

Another amazing thing is that seals catch bigger fish with their mouths than I do with a rod.
This was taken from a boat in the sea near the Robberg Peninsular where there is a Fir Seal Sanctuary.

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