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I had a WhatsApp from my Brother in the UK and it is basically summer there and it was raining most of the day. Here in SA we have had very little rain so the garden looks great. everything in the flower garden is still giving a good show of blooms. It is probably the most colorful it`s been for a long time.

2013-11-27 14.02.09bokba2013-11-27 13.59.09

Some of the blooms.

2013-11-27 14.07.22pinkroses2013-11-27 14.01.30

The Veggie garden is also doing fine and has just had a few beds cleared. we have just harvested Leeks,Cabbage,Turnips.Beetroot and Sweet Potatoes. Most things are now in the sealing state although there are still a lot of Turnips, Leeks and herbs still on tap.


These are a few of the veggies from last summer which will soon be here. this year I have had to decrease the size of the Veggie garden as I couldn`t find enough friends and family to use them all.

2015-07-30 07.27.12

clipped palms

As usual I have put some of this months sunrises at the end of the blog.The weather is quite changeable, some days very overcast and others like a summers day. 🙂

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I think as you get older you mellow but others have told me it`s just that you give a dam anymore. I do know that  time changes with age, Weeks go very quickly but it takes twice as long now to do things. I also see the funny side of of this joke better now.




They say that owners begin to look like their animals after a while, but could the opposite be true ?


Well I can still take my sunrise photos in the morning while having my first coffee.

clipped palms

When it`s cloudy it looks like this, but still worth seeing.

bay tele rain

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I have found out in a very short time from friends that Facebook is not the place to put a blog. the main thing is that people don`t read them as they are probably to hard to find unless you have 100 friends. Also when asking family members they tell me that it`s mostly getting as many likes and friends as you can, that is the status.I found it difficult as things always seemed to pop up in the wrong place.They tell me it`s just old age and it`s really for youngsters to brag on how good their life is, even if it`s only in cyber space 😉  I find it useful for finding companies as most of them have a page.

2015-08-01 11.24.00

There was another march on the police station today, with it`s Brass Band which could be heard from the other end of Town.

2015-07-18 14.31.39

the Cougel was back again today, I think it`s a youngster as it`s a bit smaller that the last pair. Latter today they cut the hedge below the wall so we may get less birds now.

animated SR5

I still like to put the sunrise on the blog while I still can, as we may be forced to leave soon if the place is sold by the owner.


If you are a cat lover do you have one of these on your wall ?


micro flowers

I still haven`t found out what this plant is. the flowers are bellow and are very similar to lavender. i have some more coming up now at the back of the plant bed and they look like weeds.


That`s one way to take the family out, and save fuel. I think even our trafic cops would notice a bit of overloading on this bike. I hope it`s not a 50cc or he will need a push start.

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I thought I would review a few sunrises today as it looks like the owners are selling .I think I will miss this early morning photo session.I have just started a Facebook page Under the name of Keith William, this is photo I am using. All the years of blogging I have used my friend the Whitwolf but after her death I thought it was time for a change. I am still trying to find how the page works, as I have just blogged for many years, but most people now seem to be on Facebook.

watching u

clipped palmsDSCF0818bay tele rain122314_1358_ThatTimeoft2.jpg

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When I get spare time I like to write blogs. The weather today is crap, haven`t seen the sun all day. I also have a dongle which was given to me and has 2Gb of data so I must use it before the end of the month 🙂


The sky isn`t even as bright as this sunrise from this time last year.


It rained a lot in Cape Town a while ago, it`s raining now so I hope it doesn`t keep on too long.


Sometimes I`m lucky and a bird flies though the sunrise and sunset, it`s usually the later.


But after dark come the Bats. These are all the ones that came through my garden in one night. To get these I actually took over a hundred frames.


The End………………………………………………………….CUL8R

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The Sunrises are starting to look a bit more interesting as we move from Summer to Winter. The Sun is now moving more to true East which is over the Mountains.


During the Summer it was out to sea and was very bright and very few clouds. they seem to get more colorful as we get into Winter.

Digital Image

This was a rare colorful one taken a few weeks ago just before the sun began rising over the mountains.


I took a walk on the beach the other day and notice that some people are taking the rolling blackouts to new hights.

We have solar powered lights for reading,  Putting them outside in the day time the charge lasts for a least 4 hours, even if the sun doesn`t shine.


The last Whale signaled the end of Whale Watching for another year. Ocean Safaris will be under new ownership next season as my daughter and son in law are moving on to new ventures.


I see in town we still have old posters tied to posts even a few from the last election, but they`re not very interesting.

Having been a keen gardener for many years i`ve decided to try growing some of the exotic seeds that wash up on the beach. I have quite a collection of what they call Sea Beans, so I looked them up on the net and some grow into very unusual plants.The one I have been soaking for a few days before planting is 52x35x24. I may have to crack the shell a bit to help it germinate quicker. I think it would make a good item to show it`s progress on the blog. Has anyone tried this yet ?

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It is a bright and early morning again with the camera still on the table.  The sunrise changed quite a lot since I have been sitting here with my coffee.


sunrise24 1

Before sunrise.

sunrise24 3 sunrise24 5

if you want to take a photo of the moon with zoom, be very careful it may end up as a squiggle.

moon shotsSome more bumper stickers.


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This is a comparison of wide angle and zoom with a small 3mp camera.

compare zoom1

I still find sunrises fascinating as they change before your eyes. A lot of people either don`t get up in time to see them or are too busy getting ready for work. I am lucky as I have been retired for many years and can put a lot of visual media on my blogs. I love photography and am always being asked why photograph everything you see, the reason is that they are records of what is around me at that particular time. Many photographs are deleted now as I only keep the ones I blog, except for those of family and friends which I don`t blog. I realise that many people do not have the same  feelings for some of the photo`s I include but I have tried to vary the content. Another problem is how long should a blog be, I feel sometimes that if a blog is too long and does not vary it`s content people will stop reading it. Although it is good to get “like`s” but it doesn`t let you know if the blog is interesting, too long, too short or wrong layout. Well with all the moans out of the way, here is this mornings sunrise.


The first shot was with  3mp and the other by a 10mp camera. The colours have changed within the 5 minutes it took to get the smaller camera. The shots on the 3mp camera were taken at 1.5 mp. For blogging I think even 1 mp would be OK, as I have used an old phone camera that was even less than that.

These are some bumper stickers that were found while sorting out.


I wouldn`t eat that Livingstone ! , it looks a bit crappy. 🙂


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