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I always start with a sunrise because it`s the first thing in the day that brings up a discussion and usually forecasts the days weather. The winter sunrise is not very interesting because it rises up from the sea and there are not usually many clouds around.


This will be my last SA sunrise for a while as I will be traveling for the next month, so have to pack all this equipment.


I still remember Alice when she was a small piglet.


She later on had piglets of her own and treated them very well considering she had very little help.

julius stamp


Are these the new stamps and currency ??????????




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We went to see Alice yesterday , she is still getting on very well with Angel. There were a few chickens in her enclosure today as well as an injured Hadida. When we arrived she was laying down and Angel was grooming her back. She didn`t look alive as she was so still, but as soon as I spoke she jumped up and raced over with much snorking and Angel close behind. I put the food into their bowl while my wife fed them their treats. After the two pigs had eaten as much as possible the chickens joined in, even the Hadida grabbed a piece of meat and took it to a corner to eat. I think with living on a form she has got used to sharing with all animals, but she picks out her favorite bits first, and fast.

Then the chicken had their fill while Alice tried the greens.

The Hadida has been like this for a few weeks but still seems eating well.

Alice loves hard boiled eggs so we wait till last, after her brushing. She is so gentle when she takes them.

That was probably a ` thank you` in piggy talk.

Now she is satisfied. J

I have all my visits on video but have had to put some on google because they are too big for emails.

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It has been quite a roller coaster of a ride through the years of blogging and I find it a relaxing pastime. There are some people that you keep in touch with and sometimes move from site to site. Some people write about the same subject all the time, but mine seem to have changed over the years. I used to do technical and DIY type blogs but now they are about things that happen during my daily life. Maybe it`s an age thing, once you get over 70 things around you tend to become more interesting. I don`t have to travel very far to get photo`s of what I think are interesting because everything has a story, and I love to take photographs. I don`t even have to travel anywhere to get shots like this. Yesterday I went to see Alice and Co and that was only a 10k drive, but made a blog.

And I don`t have to go to the bird sanctuary to see the birds.

If I go to the main beach I can go on a boat and watch the Whales and other sea creatures.

Seeing a Right Whales nose so close is the same as Alice coming to my gate. I have started a serial of Alice`s life on my other blog on wordpress and it seems to have quite a following.

Hobbies have always been something that has taken quite a lot of time in the workshop, but I don`t make these things anymore because my lathe is 10 km away.

At the moment I am experimenting with lasers removed from old computer parts. I got a tourch for my last birthday called a lenser. I thought it was a laser tourch but it was a very bright LED. So far I have only managed to make a very fine beam with the lasers, which is very similar to a laser pointer. Except it shines on the white houses 2 km away and has made some good photo`s when shone on the clouds.

And the sunset should have come before the night sky, but it will make an end to most days.

And the birds are still there at sunset. Have a great weekend…………………………………

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Well the weather forecast said that there was an 80% chance of rain today, they were wrong again. There are some clouds around as you can see in the sunrise..

At least we got to see Alice, Angel and the rest of the crew at the Wolf Sanctuary. Today they dined on a stew of chicken, cabbage, odd vegetables and peelings with nice rich gravy. Before that they had fruit and sandwiches with their favorite fillings. Before I got back from feeding the others with the turnips and greenery from clearing the veggie patch they had finished their main meal. Angel had got stuck into the greenery I left for the two of them, but Alice was waiting for me at the fence snorking for attention.

One scratch behind her ear and she just lays down expecting a good bushing. Unfortunately today I didn`t take the brush so it had to be a scratch and massage. At least that confirmed that she isn`t pregnant again at the moment.

I tried to take these photo`s with my cell phone so a lot of them are pointing in the wrong direction.

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Examining these two photo`s I thought I`d found a UFO.  I was very disappointed when I enlarged it and found it was a bird that flew across while trying my time lapse function on the camera.

ufo sunrise14

sunrise14 1

Alice is still getting on fine with Angel and they share food, nose to nose.

aliceangel 14

I still haven`t decided if they are both pregnant or if they have just eaten like pigs and are getting fat.


I seem to have got a resident pigeon that spends a lot of time here. She used to have a nest upstairs on one of the roller blinds.  After two tries at nest building and having the Crows steal her chicks and eggs, she must stay somewhere else. We have a resident Robin that lives in the shrubbery but they seem to get on OK, as the Robin doesn`t eat bird seed.


The Sunset was quite colorful too. That also now sets far to my right and I have to go to the end of the road, instead of taking it from the car park.

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As I said in my blog this morning, it was time to go and see Alice. She is still getting on OK with Angel but she is still the matriarch. Angel always eats as quickly as possible but Alice likes to pick out the good stuff. If Alice spies something good she will push Angel out of the way to get to it. They are quite noisy about it and to most people,   would sound like a fight starting.



Alice decided to make a wallow that she could fit into as fresh water had just been poured into their bowl but the old wallow was filled also. She set about nosing the soil out in all directions until it was big enough to lay down in. She didn`t make it big enough for Angel to join her so she went off and finished of the food that was left.





Alice is now in Piggy Paradise. She has always loved her wallow, when she was younger she would get all muddy and then search me out to mark my trousers with her muddy nose. I had to keep one pair of trousers for when I Alice made a wallow , these got known as ` Pig Pants` 🙂


This was taken whith night vision with a digital camera and doesn`t look very exciting.



This was taken from the same spot with a faster speed and daylight settings and it looks like the actual sunrise. Sometimes the colors change drastically depending on the settings.  I didn`t find that such a problem when using film, but at least we can always use a computer to fix it..

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This was today`s Sunrise which was taken about 6 o`clock this morning.

sunrise140913 2

This blog was written yesterday but I couldn`t get on line. It was after all Friday the 13th. 🙂


Today I am writing my blog in the garden as it`s too hot to do any digging. I can see the sky divers drifting towards the beach but there is an absence of garden birds around.


 I tried to find some small meteorites on the beach earlier but was not successful today. It is quite easy to find them, all you need is a strong magnet and a plastic bag to cover it. All you have to do then is move it around in the sand and see what sticks to it. It was a lot easier in Hermanus   as there were a lot of rock pools which caught everything that was washed up at high tide. This is a large meteorite and did not burn out completely and probably landed in the sand as it hasn`t got signs of quick cooling. another way to find the small ones is to put a magnet at the bottom of the down pipe taking rainwater from the roof.


 I think Robberg beach is a better place to try as that is where I found the Seal skulls and many other unusual things that made something to write about in the earlier blogs.

robberg beach

We still have a few Whales in the bay but you have to go out in a boat to appreciate them at close quarters. Standing on the balcony at the local shopping center I saw two Whales yesterday either playing or mating, they were about 150 meters out in the bay. No boats seem to be going out lately, possibly because there are not enough visitors around. The dolphins are the biggest attraction as they stay the whole year round and there are many different species. Ocean Safaris is still doing Dolphin trips most of the time and it`s cheaper than Whale watching. The reason being that it`s a shorter time out, but you may still see a lone Whale or two. The Bridies Whale seems to stay the longest. The Orca is not seen very often and usually only comes twice a year. This looks close but I just forgot to zoom out, It was actually over 50 meters away.




It will soon be time to pull any greenery in the garden that is not doing anything, to take to Alice on Saturday. The carrots didn`t do very much as they were put in too early and the Broccoli has been beheaded.

alice 3piglets


I must put in a few of the old people jokes to fill in, being able to laugh at yourself is very good therapy. J


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I was thinking about a blog by Sarcasm and dead blogs. I thought I would scan my external HD to see what blogs I had used and never returned. I found this one from 2008 on blogspot.com, I see it has never had any comments but neither did `aquilogy` a  University of Jo`berg  student, either.


What blog sites have you used  and just left them?  Some of the sites I have used over the years have closed or stopped being free.


The last time it rained the morning show came a bit late due to the cloud,but at least it had some colour.

The Sunrise this morning was just like a black and white shot, you can just see the light coming through the thick cloud.


While looking after a friends flat and Orchids I have found another thing to photograph.


While searching the HD I found some jokes sent to me by email some time ago. Some are still funny even if they are quite true to life.


old5 old8old5

Having been up and about since 4 o`clock it has given me time to catch up with my emails.  It has been raining steadily this morning and it doesn`t seem to be a good morning to photograph the sunrise.  The good thing is that the steady rain is good for the garden.  As my early carrot crop was far from ideal, I pulled them up and will take them to Alice and Angel, they will eat the carrots and tops without a second thought.

Digital Image

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Digital Image

Back at the Wolf Sanctuary today, there was a kiddies party here and 28 cars in the car park. I haven`t seen so many people here since my grand daughters birthday. Having the petting zoo with a picnic area and tables under cover makes it a great place for a kiddies party.

Digital Image

Alice and Angel are still eating together but Angel is eating as much as Alice because she eats quicker. Alice is still very selective and picks all the good stuff out first.

Digital Image

As you can see Angel has cleared her side of the feeding trough and Alice is still eating what takes her fancy. I put two bowls of food in the trough, one for each of them. Before this they had apples, plums, bread and jam, and hard boiled eggs. I threw some acorns around to keep them away from the through while I emptied the food out, otherwise they try to eat the food before it lands.

Digital Image

I love that soft nose, and still remember her poking it through my gate every morning asking for breakfast. It still amazes me that they can plow up hard dirt and still have such soft noses.


One of the Wolves was involved in a fight the other day and has a bite on one of its front legs that is down to the bone and the vet is not sure whether it will make it through the week.


As you can see, when a rabbit dies they don`t go to waste, its recycled. If you go in to feed them they have a habit of biting your ankles, so you have to take a stick with you.


I think to go in with the Wild Dogs is courting disaster, you would probably have to us a cattle prod. 🙂

Digital Image

I also went to see Boris and Molly who both enjoyed the broccoli leaves and stalks from the garden. They haven`t got any grass or greenery in their compound so anything green is a treat.

wolf board

On the way home we stopped off at the Farmers Market and got some more shrubs for the garden. We have a system that during the week we save the small change and then us it to get things to improve the garden. The stall owners are always very glad to have change as most people hand over notes and their change goes very quickly.

Well enjoy what is left of your weekend, see you soon. 🙂

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I have been thinking that it would be a good idea to take a video of Alice being brushed as she is very entertaining. When she is brushed she lays down and lifts her legs one at a time to have a brush under her armpits. she then gets up and lays down on her other side and goes through the same ritual all the time making lots of satisfied noises. This should make a good promotional video for the Wolf Sanctuary as few of the pigs, except for Molly seem to like human company. Many animal video`s have gone viral on Youtube lately so I think it should be tried. I will have to organize this with Pete in the next week as he has the last say on what is done there. In all the time she was at the farm I never thought to make the video as it was a daily thing and was just part of looking after her. It`s strange that things like this are missed only when they aren`t part of daily life anymore. Alice has got over loosing her piglets and has a new piglet friend who shares her enclosure and house. They get on very well and even share treats that we take. The little one is still a bit nervous of visitors but in time it will get tamed. Alice is loosing her Winter coat and is looking very fit so the food is quite balanced. She did get a bit overweight at the farm as she lived in very close proximity to my stoop and was always knocking on my gate for treats, which she usually got.


Alice coming for treats.


This is what happens to little Pot-Bellied Pigs when they eat what they want. This is Alice on the farm in the Winter where she used to take me for long walks.

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