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I had quite a lot of language problems when working in the UK as lots of little words came to mind, some of which I can`t put on this page.

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It`s terrible when you get old as most youngsters are into cell phones and         technology. Their favorite saying is ( did you plug your brain cell in last night) 🙂

I had a tooth pulled a couple of weeks ago, now I have to see a Maxillo facial surgeon to have the hole plugged that goes from mouth to nose. It was quite a shock when washing my mouth out and suddenly having a waterfall from your nose. Does anyone have any info on this problem. The Dentist took X-rays so I think I should have been referred to the Maxillo guy first as now he wont touch it for 6 weeks. All extra money in someone else`s pocket 🙂


This was no laughing matter but all the fynbos is growing very well now. At least most people have got rid of the large pines but it`s making the place look very strange and empty.


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I thought this was a new craze that my youngest daughter got me into, but it seems to have been around for a few years. I finally got signed up on http://www.geocaching.com .
We found three in the first few hours and had a great time. It is very good for people who don`t get out much as there is quite a bit of walking. A while ago I did a blog on Metal Detecting which is also exciting at times. Being a very keen photographer both hobbies get me taking even more photos.
This one I found without much of a problem but it was just a log sheet in an aluminum tablet tube.
This one was very interesting as it had a log book and many little trinkets in. The packaging was very professional as the owner only comes over from the UK every 2 years. If he doesn`t come soon the box will be full.
This one was a bit more difficult as there were a lot of old machines around the plot. the trouble was that we spent a long time going round and round this one looking in all the difficult spaces but in the end it was in a very simple place.There were some very small kiddies plastic toys and a log sheet in a plastic pill box.

These pictures were taken with an old Alcatel, The smart phone was needed to get the GPS app which can be downloaded from the App store for free. Happy Hunting.

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I haven`t done much blogging for a few months so this one will be a bit long. Have you ever tried to revive an old blog that`s on another site, I have and it can be very disappointing when the forbidden notice comes up on the screen. forbiden

This came up on iblog which is not a problem as it hasn`t been updated since 2012. iblog2

This unfortunately was taken with a bad cell phone and is out of focus. The pictures at the bottom used to be changed every day to show who were the top favorites.

open seed

Trying to grow my big Sea Bean didn`t work out very well as I over watered it in a heavy soil and it went black. I think I should have grown it like the Avacado Pear pips on the window ledge.

2015-05-29 07.05.00SR2

I still enjoy watching the sunrise every morning with my first coffee and cigarette. then at night time there is always the Sunset, if I remember.

Digital Image

Life is still amusing especially when you see things like this. Why are these men shoveling gravel into a front loader? Maybe someone didn`t read the instruction manual for the front loader.


This Autogiro is quite strange as it was built from a kit. It has a pusher prop at the back and the rotor spins as it moves forward to give it lift. I see it quite often down near the beach but it landed one day at the Airport near the farm. I don`t think they travel very fast as the helicopters leave it well behind.


These Pansy Shells used to be found in abundance on the Plettenberg Bay beaches many years ago but I haven`t seen one there in the last five years. When I first started detecting on the beaches people said maybe I would find some shells there but so far they have been allusive.


If you think that it never snows in South African towns just look at this photo taken a few years ago. This is only about 200 meters from the sea. Even the beach had snow on it.



This was my brothers back garden in the UK the same year, as you can see the snow was a lot deeper there even 6 months later.

UK backgarden

For people who like memorial foot paths, this was inlaid into the pavement near Buckingham Palace. Very similar to the sidewalk near Hollywood in the USA but smaller.


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Most of these money making schemes have any place in my life as I just take it as black humour.


Although this one is free it still isn`t worth downloading. According to the write up beneath you have to move 3 balls. I wonder if that has anything to do with `the Spear`.

Zuma portrait titled The Spear

This can still be found on the net.

book cover

This book has some of Zapiro`s cartoons but nothing we don`t already know.

2014-02-11 15.51.25

Another book that just seems redundant as every one knows where the money went.

booer large

has he changed parties or just changed the call?


A bit of toilet humour to liven things up.

gunshots horn

I`m seriously thinking of doing this with some of the drivers on the road now.


If you get that feeling that you want to shoot someone, get one of these.


Last night i was at the lookout when the sun started to go down. you can see the Robberg peninsular on the right.

This lookout is at the end of my road and hosts the New Year celebrations because the fireworks are set of on the beach bellow. It`s about a 3 km walk along the beach and is best done during the winter as there is no shelter except for the life guard towers.

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Clearing out a hard drive is about the same as trying to un-clutter your cupboards. It`s quite disappointing when you look in the cupboards to find something and there is so much clutter that it takes forever to find what you want. I have tried to sell things but it seems that they are only worth anything to me. Well now I have my solution, everything that hasn`t been used for 2 years gets thrown out or given away. But with a hard drive some of the old photos have to be kept because maybe that shot wont be taken again.The thing I do is make it 500 pixels wide so it can still be seen on the screen. At least they only occupy a few kb instead Mb`s.

sun1 4

I always take the sunrise in the morning as that starts my day taking photos. i now have thousands of these of which most have been reduced like this one.


Situations like this are quite rare, I only managed this twice with different frogs.


This fetus was taken from a dead Sperm Whale that washed up on the beach a few years ago. i also made a video of the flensing that was done by a Taxidermist who was going to re-assemble the bones for a museum.


A few years ago I had an Artistic moment and made things from some of the old wood we found in the  forest. They have all since been given away and this is the only reminder. Sometimes we have to keep these reminders even if it`s just for ourselves.


The reason this is still around is because all these were found while taking my brothers dog for a walk, when I stayed with him in the UK last year. They tasted great and I used to fill my pockets every day. There were fruits also if you wanted to pick them because the ones on the ground were over ripe or had maggots in them.


I like to keep a record of Alice`s life as I saw her through several years of her life when I stayed on the farm. She wasn`t looked after by anyone so we took her under our wing. I built her a house next to my stoop and she would walk with me around the bush. She was very protective and loved to be brushed when we got back, then she would sleep for a while.


I hope this tour wasn`t too boring, but I have sorted a lot of photos out. All the best Leo

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i am writing this while waiting for the family to arrive for my sons 41st. i sent a text to my brother in the vUK but havent had a reply yet so everything must be hectic.


I think this one must just have a few jokes to live our lives up. 🙂


That`s emergency here, no one cares. 🙂


Be very careful where you stand when the other person has a cell phone. 🙂

chineese pets

Always be careful when you eat Chinese. 🙂


Just be careful when you drive. 🙂

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Today maybe slow but this is the second time I`ve got round to blogging today, I think I got up too early. I am very surprised how many birds have started visiting the garden since the cat has not been in residence.

Digital Image

There is now a breading pair of Coucal`s, they seem to find the biggest spiders and snails that I have ever seen. They dissapear into the bushes sometimes as I think they eat baby chicks from the many robins.They don`t come every day but when they do you hear them first calling to each other.


The Weaver birds must have finished nesting as these seem to be dropping from the trees. There is a kind of Weaver that likes to peck at my tomatoes when they are green so I have had to cover them in a net. I`m still trying to find out what they are called, they have black markings above the eyes very much like a robin but their body is like a weaver. If anyone has this problem please let me know.


Zapiro still tops my list of things to look at on a Sunday to liven up the morning, this is an old one.


I see the local pigeon has started smoking or is it trying to stop us, I supose we will never know as it doesn`t speak `Pigeon English` 🙂


Do you ever feel that you spend too much time in the kitchen ? I`m lucky to have a dedicated area for blogging and make sure I move away every now and then to do some gardening. I have quite a lot on today, I have to visit my kids and sort out some slow punctures and a DC/AC converter. The converter runs from a deep cycle battery and runs the TV when we have outages.

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