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The first part showed the Whales, seals, Bats and a few beaches. This part is mainly the historical bits of town.



This is the Old Rectory when there was a lot of camping due to it being very close to the sea. It is privately owned now and in bad repair, most has been taken over by vagrants.


Across the road is the wood shed which is also in bad repair. Most of the wood used for window frames have been used for firewood.


In the foreground is the Wood shed and the Rectory is in the trees now.



This was an Anchor from one of the first boats to bring in wood.


When I first came here there used to be a Wagon complete. The problem was that the municipality did not consider this area as Historic so it has been used for firewood and scrap by vagrants.

2013-12-27 13.30.052015-08-22 15.15.25

The town is usually quiet unless we have a Biker funeral or the Plett Ragerain spider

We do get a few surprises when getting up in the morning but that just life.  🙂

Main Beach is on the far left, the Beacon Isle hotel is on the left of the beach.

This is one of the landing spots on the Main Beach the hotel is then on the right.

If you like Mushrooms, DON`T pick these.

These seem OK, BUT always check before cooking.

Ill finish off with a visitor to the flower garden, this frog is so small it doesnt even bend the flower stem. End of Part Two……………..




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Well after trying to get some of these Sea Beans to sprout I have taken a drastic method. On the large one that I soaked for a couple of weeks and then planted, but didn`t sprout, I filed it on the join until I found what looks like a joining of the two halves.

sea bean filed

Have you ever used Firefox by Mozilla, I found it much better than the IE that comes with Windows. I do however have a problem with Windows Explorer  shutting down now and then.


I`m up early again as it`s mushroom time, these mushrooms are Pine Rings and are very flavorsome. I like them as a snack, lightly cooked in a bit of butter and served on a piece of toast.

mushroom in morning

Unlike this little frog the only ones that I have seen in the flowers have been pure white. The reason I was unable to photograph it was that I had the wrong glasses on and thinking it was a bug I shook it off.


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With all that`s gone on in the last two blogs it`s made me think of the good times. We went to the farm today where we stayed with one of our daughters some time ago. I used to collect a lot of mushrooms in my spare time, I even wrote blogs on how to make nice tasting snacks. I used to take a pet pig called Alice with me as most of the places were in the bush. Most of the mushrooms I got were Pine Rings as they are very easy to identify.


She used to love the brush and her coat was very shiny because I would do twice a day.


She would rattle the stoop gate every morning for breakfast and then we would go for a long walk to get the mushrooms. She never eat them but she would find them under the pine needles. She was so protective, very much like a dog. The one time when we were out walking a trial biker came too close and she chased him, and even barked like a dog. I don`t know if she was imitating the dogs on the farm or not.Although she was a heavy pig she could run alongside of my car when I came down the driveway at 25km 🙂

car guard

She was also the most alert car guard I have ever had 🙂


One thing she did love was hard boiled eggs and eat them great finesse. That was OK because there were plenty of chickens on the farm 🙂

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Piggyback Mushroom.

While searching for Pine Rings in the bush a few days ago I came across a very unusual specimen. I have never seen a mushroom growing on itself before. Many times a mushroom will get a rouge fungus growing on it. This is usually when they grow in very damp places. I managed to find the mushroom several days latter just to see how it was progressing. I was surprised to see that it had died, so I cut through it to make sure it was a Pine Ring. However you can see how much the lower one has grown in the last few days and was edible. In this part of the bush all the Fly Agarics have died and the area has been replaced by Russulas. Most of what I saw had a red stripe on the stem which usually means they are a bit hot and peppery.





Southern Right Whale breaching by the boat. The noise is terrific when you are this close.


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Where I am staying now the Pine Rings are still growing, there must be a mini climate here.

As I mentioned in my earlier blog about the piggy-back Pine Ring, below is one of the twin ones. Also I found a patch of large ones that were 190 mm in diameter, I cooked one latter and it was very tasty.

This is how I cooked them, using a little butter on top and putting them under the grill. After 5 minutes I layered some Chedder cheese over them using a potato peeler to make the cheese pliable. After covering them I put them back under the grill until brown. This time I didn`t even have bread with them.

The next morning I set out and collected some more. These I cut into quarters and cooked in butter using a frying pan. When the mushrooms were cooked I poured in the egg. Before doing so I mixed it with a bit of salt and pepper and a little milk. This I put on top of a couple of slices of buttered toast. It was a real camping breakfast and reminded me of the past. When I lived near Tokia Forrest the season used to be finished by the end of May most years. Maybe there is a mimi- climate in the bush where I go mushroom hunting, because there are about half a dozen edible mushrooms there and they are still growing.


Bake until brown.


Sometimes I just make an omelet by cutting the Pine Rings in quarters.

Video Drive Link.         http://youtu.be/K7JQUjQqPAg/

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