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Well after trying to get some of these Sea Beans to sprout I have taken a drastic method. On the large one that I soaked for a couple of weeks and then planted, but didn`t sprout, I filed it on the join until I found what looks like a joining of the two halves.

sea bean filed

Have you ever used Firefox by Mozilla, I found it much better than the IE that comes with Windows. I do however have a problem with Windows Explorer shutting down now and then.


I`m up early again as it`s mushroom time, these mushrooms are Pine Rings and are very flavorsome. I like them as a snack, lightly cooked in a bit of butter and served on a piece of toast.

mushroom in morning

Unlike this little frog the only ones that I have seen in the flowers have been pure white. The reason I was unable to photograph it was that I had the wrong glasses on and thinking it was a bug I shook it off.



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it`s funny but the older you get the more you want to forget birthdays. Unfortunately when you have kids and grand kids this is impossible. it`s also usual to get things that are immediately useful on these days. This year was a little different because we have quite a lot of power outages now, so the only thing you can do is read. I was given a nice large rechargeable lamp which not only has 5ย  settings for the LED`s but can also be charged with the solar panel provided. I can now charge my phones either from the lamp battery or solar power.

solar lamp

As well as this lamp I got a small battery operated one that clips on the page of the book plus lots of eats and some new t-shirts. so this year was an eye opener and I got all useful presents. so maybe life isn`t too bad in the golden Years. ๐Ÿ™‚

2015-05-29 07.05.00SR2

I had to put this one in just to show the veiw I wake up to, for those who haven`t seen my blog before.

whale breach

This is what itย  looks like most times when I go out on the Whale Watching boat.


When you can remember this a legal tender and could still buy something with it, you know you are old. ๐Ÿ™‚


There are still a lot of birds frequenting the garden and make very interesting animations.


I still love these stills that were taken with a time lapse setting.


This was taken at the Wolf Sanctuary when I last went there. When I saw this I thought of the old saying` Dog in a Manger ` although it`s not a dog it did make me smile.

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2015-07-14 07.14.06

First a sunrise then I will show what I commented on in my last blog.
through the lens
This is the method I use to reply to most of my likes. Click on the email list of blogs. Delete the date which is usually months old. Then click on the username, then you get the last blog written. Then leave a like and comment and wait. I personally have had only few comments over the years but they have been constant and ranged over many different sites. I have been trying to reach `Weelyboy` who then became `Sarcasm`, I found his Satire blogs very entertaining and read most of them. As all his blogs have been deleted now I was wondering if his illness had got worse or if he is no longer with us. We started together on blat many years ago and like most early bloggers moved on from site to site as they filled with commercial blogs. Now there are less than half a dozen old bloggers on this site, maybe blogging has been taken over by social media like Facebook and twitter.

Maybe a few jokes from the hard drive before i delete them also.


Excuses that become black humor.


As things are.


The Medical problems.

gunshots horn

Make the car roadworthy.

gantry etoll

One answer to e-tolls.


Is this a joke ? I think he forgot about the money in black bags.

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I think with all the bad news lately I think so humour is needed. I love putting jokes on my blog as it is quite uplifting reading through them.



booer large


Just a bit of toilet humour.






I must start to look for some more jokes as some of these have been used before ๐Ÿ˜‰ I haven`t written much today due to unforeseeable circumstances which I hinted about earlier.

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We have just got another power outage so i`m using my laptop as the battery is still full ๐Ÿ™‚

Why is it that sometimes when you try to comment on a page it`s made so difficult. With likes I usually thank them on their page as mostly their email account doesn`t work. Very few have ever replied if they do get through. Sending emails to people who comment is very rewarding andย  it`s easier to send info that you don`t want on your blog. I never go on `Facebook` so that`s why I don`t get too many `friends`. My oldest Daughter is into` Facebook` every day that it`s like a drug. Personally I think it`s strange that they spend so much time writing about their lives and situations, that there isn`t much time for living in the real world. I suppose some people would say that about blogging but at least that doesn`t take all day ๐Ÿ™‚


We seem to have quite a problem with potholes, but theyย  are a world phenomena. Every country has them, it`s just some have an ongoing system of repair. Unfortunately this falls under maintenance and governments don`t like to spend money on other people, basically the tax payer ๐Ÿ™‚


This was in India.


On the way to the Airport in USA.


Down town Jo`berg or was it Cape Town.


Since the price of petrol went up there has been an increase in the sales of motorbikes. They carry more people , cost less to run, easier to park and it keeps the family together ๐Ÿ™‚



A couple of local signs that may need some explanation.

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As most App`s can be useful, but if not they do make you smile.


Even birds can`t read.

bird on sign

With the new nappies this is a must.


A new idea for male chauvinist beach bums.


This must be where you always take your FLAT mate to improve your chances.


It seems the UK is not the only place for obesity..


It`s amazing the help criminals get on the net.

gantry etoll

Drive carefully especially when leaving the toll roads.

drive carefully

When leaving the toll road don`t end up here…


If you love cats, this is what the Egyptians did to them after death.

Digital Image

All animals were sacred, even your Goldfish..




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Weekends used to be something special when i was working but now they just flow from one week to the next. Also the shops used to close on Saturday lunch time and there was no Sunday bottle store. although i have noticed that everyone seems to stop work now at Friday 12 o`clock and then get overtime on Saturdayย  ๐Ÿ™‚


In the sixties you could buy something with this.


They are not only used for sport anymore, even the local marchers are blowing them around town. It`s always relaxing to go to the bird sanctuary as they let you handle some of the small hawks and you are surrounded with odd birds of prey.



You have to put a bit of meat on the glove to make it land .


Owls hunt mostly at night so these were quite happy just to watch.


Be very careful where you stand when having your photo taken ๐Ÿ™‚


This was the old `Pothole` sign, good job it wasn`t in 11 languages.

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