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Well after trying to get some of these Sea Beans to sprout I have taken a drastic method. On the large one that I soaked for a couple of weeks and then planted, but didn`t sprout, I filed it on the join until I found what looks like a joining of the two halves.

sea bean filed

Have you ever used Firefox by Mozilla, I found it much better than the IE that comes with Windows. I do however have a problem with Windows Explorer shutting down now and then.


I`m up early again as it`s mushroom time, these mushrooms are Pine Rings and are very flavorsome. I like them as a snack, lightly cooked in a bit of butter and served on a piece of toast.

mushroom in morning

Unlike this little frog the only ones that I have seen in the flowers have been pure white. The reason I was unable to photograph it was that I had the wrong glasses on and thinking it was a bug I shook it off.



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I haven`t written a blog for some time so this is a bit long.

At least the sunrises are still the same and are reliable. I do wonder about the old Sheepherders rhyme of `Red in the morning shepherds warning` as most mornings they appear red at some stage as do the sunsets 🙂

2015-05-29 07.05.00SR2

Sunrise 26/04/2016



Due to the bad state of the veggies in the supermarkets, plus their prices, have made me enlarge the veggy garden. I decided that if you can`t eat it don`t waste time watering it. fresh veg from even a small garden like mine supplies us with most of our needs. With the amount of sunshine we get some veggies even grow in the winter. I found some purple climbing beans which so far have been grown in pots on bamboo frames and seem to grow all year round. While they are cooking they change from purple to green, so they look like bush beans. I usually grow Bush beans as they are very prolific with their yield. Along with Swiss Chard,Carrots, Leeks, Turnips and Sweet Potatoes, all of which grow very well in my garden we just have to get potatoes or pasta. We have all the herbs growing together so there is no shortage of fresh herbs. Basil and many of the leafy herbs grow nicely in small pots in the kitchen window box, so they are easy to get when cooking.

veg garden1

todays veg

I have a bread maker and found that home made bread is much tastier than shop bought. For us I just make a small loaf but sometimes it goes in a day. Everyone seems to prefer the French bread because it uses less sugar. After the second rise I take the paddles out so when it`s baked there are just two 6mmholes in the bottom. If the paddle are left in they either ruin the loaf when you try to remove it or they stay in the loaf and have to be taken out when you cut it. An experiment to make Rye bread that was lighter, I mixed Rye flour with white bread flower.

Rye bread 50 50


We still have frogs on the dahlias and veggies, maybe it`s because we don`t use any pesticides. It`s not that we tried to grow everything organic but all our compost we get from my daughters farm, even the pine needles for mulch.

frog closeup

frog0810 2


At the farm I noticed that even the frogs were competing against the cats for fresh food. the noise from the Dams is very loud at night, at first I thought it was Wild Ducks 🙂


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Although the veggie garden is providing a lot of food the weather is very strange for this time of the year. The Patipans are prolific as is the Swiss Chard. Usually by this time of the year we have harvested many crops of bush beans and have plenty for bottling but I don`t think there has been enough sun. Although there are a lot of tomato plants, mainly beaf steak with a few yellow pear shaped ones. The smaller yellow tomatoes are quite prolific and grown right through to the winter. I have tried all types in pots and they grow very well. They were very good in the UK when grown in ` Grow Bags `. In SA they can be grown in potting soil bags with a bit of 2.3.2 mixed in. Two plants grow in one bag which is useful if you are in a flat with a balcony. Carrot seem to grow in most soils but it is best if the soil is fine. Green peppers seem to be growing better in pots than the ones in the veggie beds, but that is also their position in the sun I think.

Last year a full packet of Echinacea seeds were sown but only one plant germinated and has grown into a large plant. It seems to have spread since it was replanted into the sunny part of the garden. I am hoping to grow more this year so as to make my own drops or making tea out of the flower heads like with the Chamomile that grows in the more shaded areas.

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This is quite a long blog!

The weather changed today so I went to see Alice. I don`t know if they have both eaten too much or whether they are pregnant again. I took quite a few photo`s as I was on my own today. This first picture was before sunrise.

This is how it progressed when the clouds lifted.

Alice and Angel are still eating well together, but Alice still gets the best bits first.

aliceangel 14

After visiting the other animals and sharing some of my boot load of food from the garden I went back to see the grueson twosome and the had got stuck into the pile of Swiss Chard. When she was on the farm Alice would not eat it, but as Angel and the rest of the animals eat it, she now eats it with relish.

Is that just a full tummy or what? She`s been eating for about an hour. This is Angel and I don`t know about her either, as they have both got out in the last few weeks.

When I got home I sat at the outside table to have a quiet coffee and the resident pigeon decided to perch on my foot and wait for some seed.

I have been having a few problems with some of the birds pecking my tomatoes so I had to put them in a cage. These are only a test to see how they grow in pots out of season , but I hate to see them half eaten.

Well enjoy your week, the blog was a little bit long as so much happened today, and I am still uploading with `Word `.

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Went to see Alice and Angel on Saturday but never uploaded a blog. Unfortunately I only took my cell phone with me and it was still set for macro, so all my shots are a bit fuzzy. The sun was shining and I couldn`t see anything on the screen and just took pictures blind. The good thing was that the two cine shots I took came out ok. I think the reason for not checking was that Alice was not in her enclosure and we thought the worst.


We eventually found her checking out all the other pigs and enjoying her freedom. She always used to roam where she wanted on the farm. It wasn`t long before Angel arrived on the scene,  as we were dishing out the food to all the pigs. Alice stopped eating from our bowl when she saw the peanut butter sandwiches and apples, and my Wife fed her. Seeing this Angel got stuck into the food bowl and finished it of. When I spoke to the staff they said that she has been doing this for a couple of days and they just leave her until they close. Things are getting much better for them now and giving a name to Angel has made her a star also. I did notice that the wire netting at the front of the enclosure has been breached and Angel can get through quite easily, I don’t know how Alice squeezes through because she is quite large. She has taken to the large pink boar that lives near the water tap and he is about three times her size.  The tap was not turned off very well and Alice has now made a very large wallow where she and Angel can rest when the sun gets hot.

bamboo ashtray

While we were sitting under one of the picnic shades my wife took a fancy to the rustic ashtray that she thought would be great in our resting place in the garden. I asked the staff if I could take one of their bamboo sticks from the pots outside the sanctuary and they agreed. On getting home I made this one,. The piece cut out of the top is cut in half and used as legs and then the trough is half filled with sand.


During the afternoon I started to clear my old computer  equipment  out as I am downsizing. Before I threw out the DVD burners I stripped out the laser diodes. I`ve had quite a bit of fun with them . When I stripped an old cine camera I got some lenses and now I can focus the beam. I now have a laser torch but still have to strip an old torch to fit it in.

Just a few jokes to finish up with.

cig bullet

Don`t smoke in my house, or else. 🙂

book cover

This was a good local book, I found it in the local library.


I wonder how true this is, could it be political?


And there we have it.

Enjoy your week, Leo. 🙂

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This was today`s Sunrise which was taken about 6 o`clock this morning.

sunrise140913 2

This blog was written yesterday but I couldn`t get on line. It was after all Friday the 13th. 🙂


Today I am writing my blog in the garden as it`s too hot to do any digging. I can see the sky divers drifting towards the beach but there is an absence of garden birds around.


 I tried to find some small meteorites on the beach earlier but was not successful today. It is quite easy to find them, all you need is a strong magnet and a plastic bag to cover it. All you have to do then is move it around in the sand and see what sticks to it. It was a lot easier in Hermanus   as there were a lot of rock pools which caught everything that was washed up at high tide. This is a large meteorite and did not burn out completely and probably landed in the sand as it hasn`t got signs of quick cooling. another way to find the small ones is to put a magnet at the bottom of the down pipe taking rainwater from the roof.


 I think Robberg beach is a better place to try as that is where I found the Seal skulls and many other unusual things that made something to write about in the earlier blogs.

robberg beach

We still have a few Whales in the bay but you have to go out in a boat to appreciate them at close quarters. Standing on the balcony at the local shopping center I saw two Whales yesterday either playing or mating, they were about 150 meters out in the bay. No boats seem to be going out lately, possibly because there are not enough visitors around. The dolphins are the biggest attraction as they stay the whole year round and there are many different species. Ocean Safaris is still doing Dolphin trips most of the time and it`s cheaper than Whale watching. The reason being that it`s a shorter time out, but you may still see a lone Whale or two. The Bridies Whale seems to stay the longest. The Orca is not seen very often and usually only comes twice a year. This looks close but I just forgot to zoom out, It was actually over 50 meters away.




It will soon be time to pull any greenery in the garden that is not doing anything, to take to Alice on Saturday. The carrots didn`t do very much as they were put in too early and the Broccoli has been beheaded.

alice 3piglets


I must put in a few of the old people jokes to fill in, being able to laugh at yourself is very good therapy. J


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On the Beach

This skull and many more were found on Robberg beach whilst on a photographic walk. As it is very close to the Fir Seal colony I assume that it is a seal`s skull. There were some smaller ones that were slightly different and looked like Otter skulls, or maybe baby seals. Has anyone come across them before, if so please let me know as I have found very few bones and no lower jaw.


Animations for Fun.

This animated sunrise was just another experiment to see how the auto on my camera worked with the light. Digital cameras play tricks because when the light gets brighter it darkens the photo. Maybe it`s just the camera settings. The animation is a bit jumpy which has several factors causing this, the number of frames, the time interval and how steady was the camera when taking the shots. I will have to use a tripod and a different setting on the camera tomorrow. 😉


All you need is a few stills like this.

animated sunrise18

Have a great weekend. all the best Leo.          plett.radio@gmail.com


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