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The first part showed the Whales, seals, Bats and a few beaches. This part is mainly the historical bits of town.



This is the Old Rectory when there was a lot of camping due to it being very close to the sea. It is privately owned now and in bad repair, most has been taken over by vagrants.


Across the road is the wood shed which is also in bad repair. Most of the wood used for window frames have been used for firewood.


In the foreground is the Wood shed and the Rectory is in the trees now.



This was an Anchor from one of the first boats to bring in wood.


When I first came here there used to be a Wagon complete. The problem was that the municipality did not consider this area as Historic so it has been used for firewood and scrap by vagrants.

2013-12-27 13.30.052015-08-22 15.15.25

The town is usually quiet unless we have a Biker funeral or the Plett Ragerain spider

We do get a few surprises when getting up in the morning but that just life.  🙂

Main Beach is on the far left, the Beacon Isle hotel is on the left of the beach.

This is one of the landing spots on the Main Beach the hotel is then on the right.

If you like Mushrooms, DON`T pick these.

These seem OK, BUT always check before cooking.

Ill finish off with a visitor to the flower garden, this frog is so small it doesnt even bend the flower stem. End of Part Two……………..



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I haven`t written a blog for some time so this is a bit long.

At least the sunrises are still the same and are reliable. I do wonder about the old Sheepherders rhyme of `Red in the morning shepherds warning` as most mornings they appear red at some stage as do the sunsets 🙂

2015-05-29 07.05.00SR2

Sunrise 26/04/2016



Due to the bad state of the veggies in the supermarkets, plus their prices, have made me enlarge the veggy garden. I decided that if you can`t eat it don`t waste time watering it. fresh veg from even a small garden like mine supplies us with most of our needs. With the amount of sunshine we get some veggies even grow in the winter. I found some purple climbing beans which so far have been grown in pots on bamboo frames and seem to grow all year round. While they are cooking they change from purple to green, so they look like bush beans. I usually grow Bush beans as they are very prolific with their yield. Along with Swiss Chard,Carrots, Leeks, Turnips and Sweet Potatoes, all of which grow very well in my garden we just have to get potatoes or pasta. We have all the herbs growing together so there is no shortage of fresh herbs. Basil and many of the leafy herbs grow nicely in small pots in the kitchen window box, so they are easy to get when cooking.

veg garden1

todays veg

I have a bread maker and found that home made bread is much tastier than shop bought. For us I just make a small loaf but sometimes it goes in a day. Everyone seems to prefer the French bread because it uses less sugar. After the second rise I take the paddles out so when it`s baked there are just two 6mmholes in the bottom. If the paddle are left in they either ruin the loaf when you try to remove it or they stay in the loaf and have to be taken out when you cut it. An experiment to make Rye bread that was lighter, I mixed Rye flour with white bread flower.

Rye bread 50 50


We still have frogs on the dahlias and veggies, maybe it`s because we don`t use any pesticides. It`s not that we tried to grow everything organic but all our compost we get from my daughters farm, even the pine needles for mulch.

frog closeup

frog0810 2


At the farm I noticed that even the frogs were competing against the cats for fresh food. the noise from the Dams is very loud at night, at first I thought it was Wild Ducks 🙂


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As you have probably noticed, my blogs focus very much around the garden. I spend quite a lot of time there and it`s good for taking Sunrise/sunset photo`s. Most of my Bird photo`s have been taken while having a coffee there. I was watering near an outside power point and this from jumped out to avoid the water jet. Can anyone tell me if it`s a species of Frog or just an albino due to it`s hiding in the dark.

It`s colour is so close to the wall that it is like a camouflage, the only thing that stands out is it`s feet.  It`s feet are very similar in shape to a Geko or Lizard. It would be very interesting to find out what kind of frog it is. Last year I found a frog sitting in a flower head which seemed to be a good place to catch prey. It stayed there for two days.

sunrise240913 1

As you can see by this mornings Sunrise, they are not so colorful as the Summer approaches mainly because there are few clouds..

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This is the most interesting thing I have seen since coming to this farm.  I know Prince is always catching Rats and other small creatures, as I have sometimes found them in the bath. This Bull Frog and his merry band of noise makers seem to be competing with the Cats. They are possibly the noisiest frogs around, they woke me up the other night. They made a sound like the geese were outside my window. When I shone my torch the noise stopped so I waited until it got lighter to find the culprit.

frog-catThese are some of the other shots of the frog. I think it`s a Bull Frog.




do you street signs also get vandalised ?  🙂

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This is a Bull Frog tadpole, they grow up to 150 cm long. When I was a kid I used to collect them in a jam jar and feed them on raw meat and when they turned to to frogs in the aquarium they went back to the pond. I can`t imagine these in a jam jar, or 30 of them in an aquarium.

Last night was the first night I have been woken up by these creatures. At first I thought it was a Duck or goose that had been caught by a predator as it was so loud. But on investigating around the nearest dam I heard similar sounds today.

And I thought it was only cats that hunted mice on this farm.  That`s why I don`t see many!


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Click on the link above to see video clip. This clip will take time to download (1 minute) , in Windows Media player but will show what the frog does with the smartphone.


Note: This is an experiment as wordpress does not have facilities to download video. This was converted to html and pasted to this blog. Please let me know if it works on your computer.

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