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Well after trying to get some of these Sea Beans to sprout I have taken a drastic method. On the large one that I soaked for a couple of weeks and then planted, but didn`t sprout, I filed it on the join until I found what looks like a joining of the two halves.

sea bean filed

Have you ever used Firefox by Mozilla, I found it much better than the IE that comes with Windows. I do however have a problem with Windows Explorer shutting down now and then.


I`m up early again as it`s mushroom time, these mushrooms are Pine Rings and are very flavorsome. I like them as a snack, lightly cooked in a bit of butter and served on a piece of toast.

mushroom in morning

Unlike this little frog the only ones that I have seen in the flowers have been pure white. The reason I was unable to photograph it was that I had the wrong glasses on and thinking it was a bug I shook it off.


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I had a WhatsApp from my Brother in the UK and it is basically summer there and it was raining most of the day. Here in SA we have had very little rain so the garden looks great. everything in the flower garden is still giving a good show of blooms. It is probably the most colorful it`s been for a long time.

2013-11-27 14.02.09bokba2013-11-27 13.59.09

Some of the blooms.

2013-11-27 14.07.22pinkroses2013-11-27 14.01.30

The Veggie garden is also doing fine and has just had a few beds cleared. we have just harvested Leeks,Cabbage,Turnips.Beetroot and Sweet Potatoes. Most things are now in the sealing state although there are still a lot of Turnips, Leeks and herbs still on tap.


These are a few of the veggies from last summer which will soon be here. this year I have had to decrease the size of the Veggie garden as I couldn`t find enough friends and family to use them all.

2015-07-30 07.27.12

clipped palms

As usual I have put some of this months sunrises at the end of the blog.The weather is quite changeable, some days very overcast and others like a summers day. 🙂

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I was in the garden watching the sunrise when I became curious about a plant that has been growing for a while. Does anyone know what it is, or if it has any medicinal uses ?

2015-05-20 07.15.06sunrise

As we approach Winter the sun rises more over the mountains now. This plant has leaves like a Margarita Bush but flowers similar to the Lavender, it just doesn`t smell so good 🙂


This is what the leaves look like.

micro flowers

These are the flowers taken with the macro lense after a few tries to focus it. I keep using the wrong glasses 🙂 During my waterproofing there is still time for a short blog, just to keep things going. I now have to go for a drive to get some more waterproof paint……

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