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With all that`s gone on in the last two blogs it`s made me think of the good times. We went to the farm today where we stayed with one of our daughters some time ago. I used to collect a lot of mushrooms in my spare time, I even wrote blogs on how to make nice tasting snacks. I used to take a pet pig called Alice with me as most of the places were in the bush. Most of the mushrooms I got were Pine Rings as they are very easy to identify.


She used to love the brush and her coat was very shiny because I would do twice a day.


She would rattle the stoop gate every morning for breakfast and then we would go for a long walk to get the mushrooms. She never eat them but she would find them under the pine needles. She was so protective, very much like a dog. The one time when we were out walking a trial biker came too close and she chased him, and even barked like a dog. I don`t know if she was imitating the dogs on the farm or not.Although she was a heavy pig she could run alongside of my car when I came down the driveway at 25km 🙂

car guard

She was also the most alert car guard I have ever had 🙂


One thing she did love was hard boiled eggs and eat them great finesse. That was OK because there were plenty of chickens on the farm 🙂

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We went to see Alice yesterday , she is still getting on very well with Angel. There were a few chickens in her enclosure today as well as an injured Hadida. When we arrived she was laying down and Angel was grooming her back. She didn`t look alive as she was so still, but as soon as I spoke she jumped up and raced over with much snorking and Angel close behind. I put the food into their bowl while my wife fed them their treats. After the two pigs had eaten as much as possible the chickens joined in, even the Hadida grabbed a piece of meat and took it to a corner to eat. I think with living on a form she has got used to sharing with all animals, but she picks out her favorite bits first, and fast.

Then the chicken had their fill while Alice tried the greens.

The Hadida has been like this for a few weeks but still seems eating well.

Alice loves hard boiled eggs so we wait till last, after her brushing. She is so gentle when she takes them.

That was probably a ` thank you` in piggy talk.

Now she is satisfied. J

I have all my visits on video but have had to put some on google because they are too big for emails.

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Went to see Alice and Angel on Saturday but never uploaded a blog. Unfortunately I only took my cell phone with me and it was still set for macro, so all my shots are a bit fuzzy. The sun was shining and I couldn`t see anything on the screen and just took pictures blind. The good thing was that the two cine shots I took came out ok. I think the reason for not checking was that Alice was not in her enclosure and we thought the worst.


We eventually found her checking out all the other pigs and enjoying her freedom. She always used to roam where she wanted on the farm. It wasn`t long before Angel arrived on the scene,  as we were dishing out the food to all the pigs. Alice stopped eating from our bowl when she saw the peanut butter sandwiches and apples, and my Wife fed her. Seeing this Angel got stuck into the food bowl and finished it of. When I spoke to the staff they said that she has been doing this for a couple of days and they just leave her until they close. Things are getting much better for them now and giving a name to Angel has made her a star also. I did notice that the wire netting at the front of the enclosure has been breached and Angel can get through quite easily, I don’t know how Alice squeezes through because she is quite large. She has taken to the large pink boar that lives near the water tap and he is about three times her size.  The tap was not turned off very well and Alice has now made a very large wallow where she and Angel can rest when the sun gets hot.

bamboo ashtray

While we were sitting under one of the picnic shades my wife took a fancy to the rustic ashtray that she thought would be great in our resting place in the garden. I asked the staff if I could take one of their bamboo sticks from the pots outside the sanctuary and they agreed. On getting home I made this one,. The piece cut out of the top is cut in half and used as legs and then the trough is half filled with sand.


During the afternoon I started to clear my old computer  equipment  out as I am downsizing. Before I threw out the DVD burners I stripped out the laser diodes. I`ve had quite a bit of fun with them . When I stripped an old cine camera I got some lenses and now I can focus the beam. I now have a laser torch but still have to strip an old torch to fit it in.

Just a few jokes to finish up with.

cig bullet

Don`t smoke in my house, or else. 🙂

book cover

This was a good local book, I found it in the local library.


I wonder how true this is, could it be political?


And there we have it.

Enjoy your week, Leo. 🙂

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The first thing is probably the sunrise which is always taken while having the first coffee and cigarette of the day, unless we have been star gazing since the early hours. The sky has been quite interesting this month as can be seen in earlier blogs.
As the day progressed I took this from the balcony upstairs looking out to sea.
This is one of the Orchids that come into bloom in the last week, they last about 3 weeks .
Looking out of the side widow upstairs gives me a view of the tempory Police Station made of Portacabins. The side light on one of them is nearly full of water so I don`t think they use it. At the very back you can see a pile of tires which were collected at the last protest, I thought they were from old police vehicles at first.
sideofbuildingthis is some big dog.


I was just looking at some of my old blogs as I wanted to save them. Then I noticed that I had done a similar blog to my last one a few weeks ago. I think either I`m getting old and forgetful or I just blog what I`m thinking about at the time. The problem is that after a certain age we tend to think of the past more than the future, probably because the past has more to offer than the future. Since starting the new theme of blogging the topics have been usually things that have happened around me, ranging from pets, pigs, sunrises, sunsets, birds and the farm. I do get down to the beach most days which does give a different interest. I used to do a lot of blogs on my hobbies but now they are mainly photographic. I started a webpage to put all the old ones on but sadly I don`t spend much time downloading to it as I am using a mobile WiFi and it is expensive and rather unreliable. I must save to a flash disk and go to the library and hope I look suitably disadvantaged to get one of their computers.


This was a cake made for my brother last week for his 60th birthday, it was made by one of his students that train at his Dojo.

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luckyThis was my dog ` Lucky`he was with us for twelve years. He was a great friend and companion during his lifetime, but was an Alpha dog and did rule our lives when I look back on things. He was a great one for sleeping like a human as he always used his soft toy as a pillow. One morning I woke up thinking my wife had come home early from night shift, on stoking her head i found it was the dog with his head on the pillow. 🙂 He came with us to the UK but had to go into quarantine for six months. Although he was given his Rabbies injections regularly he still had to endure the stupidity of the quarantine laws in the UK. He got a brain tumour which affected his eyesight and had to be carried up and down the stairs for quite a while.


Maybe it`s because I don`t have a dog but I got very attached to Alice over the years of looking after her needs. She was so sweet as a youngster but as she grew her owner left her to forage for herself. so I took over. We used to go for long walks through the bush at the farm and she was great fun to be with as she had a great curiosity. Whether she was statled or just protective i don`t know but when a youngster on a dirt bike came too close she chased him off the property, never to be seen again. After a few minutes she found me again and found my pocket that had the acorns in.:-)  I have leaned a lot about pigs over the last few years and do not regret a minute of it. Before I was like most people and thought they were just slow uninteresting animals. She has given a lot of pleasure to us and one day tried to race my car down the driveway , she got to 25 km/hr and kept it up for a hundred meters.


Benji was another one that went through my life when I worked at the sanctuary for a while to build a house for Alice. He used to follow me and share my sandwiches during break time. He was very old and his tusks were brown and broken but he had a sweet nature and would always find me wherever I was. Sadly he passed away one night after I left,

whitewolf avitar

Then there was ` Silver`she was a White Wolf or more accurately a Wolf Dog, she was part Wolf and part dog. She was very good when I went to the sanctuary and would walk around with me. She howled like a Wolf when the Timber Wolves gave their call. Sadly she got spooked and ran out of the tearoom into the main road and was run over, the driver never stopped. I have used Whitewolf as an Avatar from the first day we met, she is also sadly missed.


Although this frog wasn`t a friend it did stay in the garden for a few days and let me photograph it.



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That sounds like I`m taking the pig to market but that will never happen.

Digital ImageShe alway lifts her leg up so it can be brushed all over. They seem very sensual animals and love attention although they are basically driven by food. As I would always keep some Acorns in my pocket when she came for a walk around the bush at the farm. She was my car guard and would sleep up against the drivers door.

car guard


She was so tired after her walk that she never made it to the car door.:-) After seeing Alice we went to the farmers Market which is about one kilometer from the sanctuary. While there we got some more shrubs for the garden which were half the price of the local nursery. They sell everything from plants to ready made food. There are art stalls and a lot of health food stalls.It has grown quite a bit over the last two years and is well worth a visit.

cat waiting

If I go looking for the black cat at night time it`s best to take a torch.


Be very careful when investigating things on the beach, this is not what you think.

cig bullet

My Wife is trying some drastic measures to try to stop me smoking. I think I am too old to stop now, and if I did I couldn`t sit down and ponder over my hobbies. 🙂


I still remember waking to this every morning, Alice wanting her breakfast.

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Digital Image

Alice has now been at the sanctuary since the beginning of the year. it was quite heat breaking as she had been close for the previous 2 years. She was never my pig but circumstances were such that i had to take over the responsibility. we became good friends as far as she would walk with me through the bush at the farm and was very protective. Pigs are very much food orientated but there also seems to be a trust that builds up over the years, and it works both ways. Many people have seen me brushing her and been very skeptical, saying it`s dangerous to be so close. I see her every week as it is not very far to travel to her and it`s amazing the amount of food and treats you can find around the house and garden. I am waiting for Acorn season now as all pigs love them, it`s like being a pied piper when I walk around there with acorns in my pocket.

Digital Image

Not only does she remember the twice a day brushing but she still loves her tummy rubbed. this was very welcome when she was pregnant as i think it moved the piglets down to the birthing position.

Digital Image

when i left she was tucking into all the Pok Choi with her little friend  who is up at the top left of the picture watching the brushing. More photo`s to come. 🙂

And my usual sunrise of the day……

Digital Image

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