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I remember reading an article on what to call the national flag, one of the sugestions was ” Ama Flapper Flapper “.


there was also a lot of references on how to treat the Flag. This is quite amusing if you see what the government does with it. Scarves,  Shirts and dresses seem to be worn by many, which is in contravention of the list of rules.

Another interesting thing is the naming of various clubs, we have ” Bafana Bafana “, and ” Manyana Manyana ” , Boys and girls to most of us.  Then we have ” Ama Glug Glug ” do they train on Beer?  Then we have ” Ama Crocker Crocker ” is that for the old people or the disabled team ?

They now have renamed the Cricket team ” Proteas” and want to change the Rugby Springboks , which are known world wide. They could made it a South African household name by calling it  ” Zambuk Zambuk ” as a majority of households have used a tin at sometime in their lives.

Less than a Year ago this Pig sat on my lap in the car when we moved her.

Have you ever tried to bath a pig this size ? I have today. I am looking after a Vietnamese potbellied pig for my Daughter and she loves to be brushed at l;east once a day. She was developing a lot of what looked like dandruff so I thought it would be a good idea to use some organic shampoo on her. I brushed her over one side when she laid down I brushed warm water over her and massaged the shampoo into her fur. This worked very well until I started to wash all the suds off of her and something spooked her. I then had to follow her around the car park with jugs of water to rinse her off.  The other side will have to wait until tomorrow when she has calmed down.

Is this where we go to when we get too old, to do what we desire that makes us happy?

Woouw there’s one for the book.

You may have to read this twice.

I`ve always wondered about Evolution, it would seem that the middle 5 could be left out. The other thought is , why has evolution like Darwin describes stopped. Then my thoughts were interrupted and I was told  to be careful about re-writing the history books.


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The ponies arrived this week but only the small one gets ridden. The big one is either skittish or jealous, as it tried to bit me and the pig. The kids had to ride outside the field because the big one pulled the one kid off. Anyway now they have a saddle that fits the small one so maybe they can stay on while being walked around.

The ponies haven`t chased the Hoopoo`s away so we still have plenty of wild life.

And the air plant hasn`t been eaten yet. I used to have a lot of  succulent plants but the pig eat them the first week I tried to make a border garden round my stoop.

Evolution is a great thought but did Darwin get it wrong?

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