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it`s funny but the older you get the more you want to forget birthdays. Unfortunately when you have kids and grand kids this is impossible. it`s also usual to get things that are immediately useful on these days. This year was a little different because we have quite a lot of power outages now, so the only thing you can do is read. I was given a nice large rechargeable lamp which not only has 5ย  settings for the LED`s but can also be charged with the solar panel provided. I can now charge my phones either from the lamp battery or solar power.

solar lamp

As well as this lamp I got a small battery operated one that clips on the page of the book plus lots of eats and some new t-shirts. so this year was an eye opener and I got all useful presents. so maybe life isn`t too bad in the golden Years. ๐Ÿ™‚

2015-05-29 07.05.00SR2

I had to put this one in just to show the veiw I wake up to, for those who haven`t seen my blog before.

whale breach

This is what itย  looks like most times when I go out on the Whale Watching boat.


When you can remember this a legal tender and could still buy something with it, you know you are old. ๐Ÿ™‚


There are still a lot of birds frequenting the garden and make very interesting animations.


I still love these stills that were taken with a time lapse setting.


This was taken at the Wolf Sanctuary when I last went there. When I saw this I thought of the old saying` Dog in a Manger ` although it`s not a dog it did make me smile.

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Another day another blog. I wish I could get back to the days when at least one a day was published. I think a lot of people click on likes as they do on twitter and facebook because it is so easy on wordpress. I have tried to comment on these likes but have only twice had a reply, can anyone comment on this. When you get a like sometimes there are 3 blogs written underneath, why are they months behind the current date. I find to get their latest blog is to bring it up on the address bar and delete everything except the user name and wordpress.com.
2015-07-30 07.19.52
I still take a photo of the sunrise most mornings if it looks colorful. Many times it is just plain orange and the sun just pops up over the mountain with a glare that makes photography impossible.

2015-07-18 14.31.39
map cougel-horz

back cougel2
The Burchell`s Coucal is one of the birds that frequent the garden very often. They seem to like fresh meat as they have been seen with large snails and big spiders. We have a lot of small birds in the hedges outside the walls and I suspect that they are partial to young fledglings, as there is always a lot of noise when they go down there. As you can see, there are a lot of variations to the Coucal. I have seen a red one in the bird book but never seen it in the garden.
2015-08-01 11.24.00
Being near the Police Station is quite lively as there are plenty of marches every month. These are always accompanied by a brass band and start in the high street and come up the hill. As there have been a lot of child rape and killings in certain areas they are protesting again. The fist time, it was midnight when they started the protest and went on for two hours. The singing was the same as for all the other protests and was very well harmonized, it was just the wrong time of day.
After 20 years I thought this was beyond belief that someone would carry a banner with “Give us back our freedom“ . This went on most of the day and was started by one of the main unions. This was a complaint that too many rapist and murderers were getting bail and re-offending so they wanted the bail revoked on these people.


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I amย  still sorting out my computers and found that this will be my 455th blog on this username. Sorting out the oldย  emails on this computer was a bigger job than I first thought. I found that I had saved every email for the last few years, I`ve cut it down now to personal and comments and has cut them down by 80%. I`m starting this one with a sun rising up from the sea in animation.

sunrise sea

This is not a very good example as it was done with a cell phone.

sea bean filed

I`m still waiting for the sea bean to sprout , I ground it down on the edges and put it in a pot with some good soil and have waited nearly a week.


Whilst metal detecting on the local beach i came across a small seal that had a very peculiar mark on it, what do you think did this.


the beach can be quite a good place to get unusual photos.

beach 6

1) Sea Slug

2) The usual flotsom

3) Paw print

4) Volcano, usually White Mussel

5) Odd shapes like sand roses in the desert

6) One shoe on back to front

diving birds

Birds make quite good subjects to photograph, it just takes time. Gannets are quite good to watch as they come down fast and then fold their wings before hitting the water. From the height that they start the fall it`s surprising how small the splash is, they go quite deep and are very good fishers. I wish my fishing was so successful ๐Ÿ™‚

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Weekends used to be something special when i was working but now they just flow from one week to the next. Also the shops used to close on Saturday lunch time and there was no Sunday bottle store. although i have noticed that everyone seems to stop work now at Friday 12 o`clock and then get overtime on Saturdayย  ๐Ÿ™‚


In the sixties you could buy something with this.


They are not only used for sport anymore, even the local marchers are blowing them around town. It`s always relaxing to go to the bird sanctuary as they let you handle some of the small hawks and you are surrounded with odd birds of prey.



You have to put a bit of meat on the glove to make it land .


Owls hunt mostly at night so these were quite happy just to watch.


Be very careful where you stand when having your photo taken ๐Ÿ™‚


This was the old `Pothole` sign, good job it wasn`t in 11 languages.

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I think it`s better to put a few photos onto an animation as I have done before. This saves the blog getting too long because it`s hard to find new words to explain them. This is some of the sunrises lately, some were lucky enough to have birds in them.

sunset gif9

It`s always strange to find signs like this when you are in the middle of the Karroo because there are no cell phone masts. also if you have a breakdown how are you going to get 175 kilometers up the road without a lift ? That`s if anyone will stop.


Industry seems to be picking up as we now have a fully BEE company marketing the first all South African Bakki. It is more fuel efficient than the imported one and the workers can all sit up front.


Some of the Sea Beans seem to be growing well but I don`t know if they will give edible fruits or grow to their full size.


These are how they are found on the beach. I first got interested when I went metal detecting on the beach with my youngest daughter, as she had quite a collection of them .She had only polished them to make jewelery, so we decided to see if they would grow. In my earlier blog I ground the edges away on a large seed and am trying to grow it but it`s taking it`s time to sprout.


These are some that have been found in the last few weeks of metal detecting on the local beach.


Here are a few jokes, maybe you`ve seen them before…..




drunk sign (2)


gunshots horn

I hope you at least had a smile today ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย  Leo

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Today is so overcast I thought I was back in the UK ๐Ÿ™‚ I was awoken by the terrible noise at the police station across the road, it seems they were just warming up the diesel engine of the bus to taken the non drivers home. At least i got to see the sunrise for what it was worth.


Yesterday was a great day in the garden as I managed to re-organize the Dahlia beds so that they won`t be on top of each other next year. The garden is looking very sparse as Winter approaches because the seedlings are still quite small except for the cabbages.

flycatcher robin1aa

The Robin and flycatcher are venturing more into the house now that the cat isn`t around.


If you put peanut butter on a fir cone and dip it in bird seed the birds love it and it`s very good for windy areas.

Digital Image

The Dussies or Rock Rabits are a great source of fun on the beach where the rock are. you have to be very careful if you feed them. For one thing it`s illegal and the other is that they grab and seem to have bad eyesight. My Wife was bitten through her finger a few years ago but was informed by the Doctor that she was safe from Rabbies, so didn`t have the injection. I however was bitten by a dog not long afterwards and had to have an injection. Which goes to prove, never turn your back on a dog and walk away after you have confronted it.


If it had been this dog I think my leg would no longer be attached.


It happens some days.

shark nuns

The first one is Photoshop but the second is just the bar stools. I hope it`s a fancy dress outing ๐Ÿ™‚


Says Homer !

christmas label

If you want to make fun labels for a party trick , print this and stick it onto a bottle. Or just fill a wine bottle with coloured water and seal the top. I used to make my own wine so had a supply of corks, and plastic tops that were heated so they shrank and fitted tight over the neck of the bottle. If they are lead they will slide off and can be refitted and squeezed into place.


This was just a few photos put into an animation program and looks like a slow video.

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The first is the sunset today that is not very interesting due to the showers today.

2015-05-02 17.47.51sunset1

Since to cat is no longer prowling in the garden the wild birds have taken over.


These two will always be here.Image00001

In my next blog i`ll discuss the taming of the Butcher birds in Hermanus. i did write it all out in this blog but it didn`t save the draft ๐Ÿ™‚


The sea bean got another grinding around the edge and soaked in water for a couple of days and looks like it`s going to sprout so I planted it in a pot. I`m hoping to be able to show it growing soon. they seem to grow quite well in the USA so keeping my fingers crossed.


I won`t comment on these, but they do seem to hit the news very often.


Have you seen anything like this in the sky lately. This was seen near the Southern Cross a few years ago when I still used a film camera and took time photos at night.as you can see it was traveling at right angles to the movement of the earth or stars, which ever way you lookย  at it.

meteorite film

This was a shooting star and that traveled more or less in the same direction as the stars appear. This was taken on the same night in the same position.

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