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Plettenberg Bay is not what I would call a bustling seaside resort and the beaches are not very interesting. But, we do have plenty of sand and sun though. We have a Whale watching company here on the Main Beach.

Copy of IMG_0136

I was lucky getting free trips on this boat and be able to take such photos close up. I have taken several hundred of these and it was exhilarating to be so close when the Whales breached. Most of the year you can see the Dolphins and Cape Fur Seals in a colony near Robberg.

Sunset at  Robberg


This was also taken from the boat when approaching Robberg Peninsular.


We have had a few fires around that area lately.

Both these Bats were photographed in the garden with flash.

We bow out to part one and a Sunrise over the Bay………………..

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A bit of a surprise in the veg garden today, I pulled a few Turnips up for some soup and this one weighed 520 grams. the rest were about half the size. My Leeks are also OK for soup b the beetroots are very disappointing only 4 of them have germinated.

turnip 520gms 2606

I spend quite a bit of time on my computers and it is fascinating to see how some wifi outlets perform. I downloaded Vistumbler for free off the net and found it very good when driving round my area. In the early days there were a lot more open sights but now most people realize that this is expensive and not very good for security.

perfors wifi

This one drops out every now and then as the power goes down.


This not have the power but at least it`s reliable.

2015-05-20 07.15.06sunrise

Most of the sunrises this last few weeks have been very tame with very little color in them. Maybe it`s because of the rain clouds hanging over them. When it `s clear the only time you get a bit of color is as the sun comes up over the mountain, but without the cloud it`s just very bright with a slight corona of yellow.


Well it is a sad farewell from the Whales as they leave the bay. That is my last free ride on the Whale Watching boats as my Daughter and Son in Law have sold the business. Over the years I have more photos than I can put on a blog so I can`t complain.:-)

dolph shop

Even the shop is not decorated as well as it was, even the Dolphin skeleton has gone.

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I think I will start of as usual with today`s sunrise and then progress to other subjects. This was taken with an old Alcatel because I was curious as to how the colour would come out.

sunrise alcatel

In between the rain we went to the lookout which is one of the highest points in town. You can see most of the Plettenberg coastline from here. Where the Hotel is now there used to be a whaling station and the spot where the (a) is one the right hand side was made into a desalinization plant a few  years ago. The input pipe is on the beach on the far right, it only provides a very small part of our water needs as most comes from the river.

2015-05-14 12.28.08  a

The Robberg peninsular is now a nature reserve and at it`s base near the left hand side the is a very large colony of Cape Fur Seals. I have also photographed a Caracul near the dip in the center but only the once, they are usually very shy.

2015-05-14 12.27.54

This beach looks much better in the sunset.


Or with a Whale Breaching.


Not such and exciting day, but would be interested to know how your went. Leo

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Today has started off with a brilliant sunrise and the sun is now very warm. Having got through the usual coffee, cigarette and breakfast it`s time to plan the day. My Wife`s idea is that you should plan the day before it starts but I like a bit of relax time first.

Digital Image


Sitting here today I started to think of a trip I made to Maidstone in the UK a few years ago. This cannon stands in the high Street and used to be very close to `Shawn the Sheep`. This sheep was made of hanging baskets on a wire frame and was maintained by a local flower nursery and was very colorful. It was not there last year and neither was the snow 🙂

Below is an animation that I took with a time lapse setting on the camera. They have another boat called the `Dolphin` which is used for small groups to study Dolphins.

whale breach

The Whale is breaching, it jumps out of the water and lands on it`s back which is hard to see in this clip.

Copy of IMG_0136

Fully loaded and pushed into the sea by a tractor.


The launching is sometimes  a little rough depending on rouge waves and the wind.


In the background you can see the other boat beyond the Orca. Due to the regulations now only one boat from a company can launch  at the same time.

fatboy dolphin

This was taken from `Dolphin`, of a  Dolphin. It`s a shame but my daughter is selling the company in June so i wont get free trips anymore. I think there are as many photos of sea creatures on my computer as there are sunrises, a lot have never been put on my blog. I hope you enjoyed the photos. Leo

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I am  still sorting out my computers and found that this will be my 455th blog on this username. Sorting out the old  emails on this computer was a bigger job than I first thought. I found that I had saved every email for the last few years, I`ve cut it down now to personal and comments and has cut them down by 80%. I`m starting this one with a sun rising up from the sea in animation.

sunrise sea

This is not a very good example as it was done with a cell phone.

sea bean filed

I`m still waiting for the sea bean to sprout , I ground it down on the edges and put it in a pot with some good soil and have waited nearly a week.


Whilst metal detecting on the local beach i came across a small seal that had a very peculiar mark on it, what do you think did this.


the beach can be quite a good place to get unusual photos.

beach 6

1) Sea Slug

2) The usual flotsom

3) Paw print

4) Volcano, usually White Mussel

5) Odd shapes like sand roses in the desert

6) One shoe on back to front

diving birds

Birds make quite good subjects to photograph, it just takes time. Gannets are quite good to watch as they come down fast and then fold their wings before hitting the water. From the height that they start the fall it`s surprising how small the splash is, they go quite deep and are very good fishers. I wish my fishing was so successful 🙂

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When I get spare time I like to write blogs. The weather today is crap, haven`t seen the sun all day. I also have a dongle which was given to me and has 2Gb of data so I must use it before the end of the month 🙂


The sky isn`t even as bright as this sunrise from this time last year.


It rained a lot in Cape Town a while ago, it`s raining now so I hope it doesn`t keep on too long.


Sometimes I`m lucky and a bird flies though the sunrise and sunset, it`s usually the later.


But after dark come the Bats. These are all the ones that came through my garden in one night. To get these I actually took over a hundred frames.


The End………………………………………………………….CUL8R

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Today is so overcast I thought I was back in the UK 🙂 I was awoken by the terrible noise at the police station across the road, it seems they were just warming up the diesel engine of the bus to taken the non drivers home. At least i got to see the sunrise for what it was worth.


Yesterday was a great day in the garden as I managed to re-organize the Dahlia beds so that they won`t be on top of each other next year. The garden is looking very sparse as Winter approaches because the seedlings are still quite small except for the cabbages.

flycatcher robin1aa

The Robin and flycatcher are venturing more into the house now that the cat isn`t around.


If you put peanut butter on a fir cone and dip it in bird seed the birds love it and it`s very good for windy areas.

Digital Image

The Dussies or Rock Rabits are a great source of fun on the beach where the rock are. you have to be very careful if you feed them. For one thing it`s illegal and the other is that they grab and seem to have bad eyesight. My Wife was bitten through her finger a few years ago but was informed by the Doctor that she was safe from Rabbies, so didn`t have the injection. I however was bitten by a dog not long afterwards and had to have an injection. Which goes to prove, never turn your back on a dog and walk away after you have confronted it.


If it had been this dog I think my leg would no longer be attached.


It happens some days.

shark nuns

The first one is Photoshop but the second is just the bar stools. I hope it`s a fancy dress outing 🙂


Says Homer !

christmas label

If you want to make fun labels for a party trick , print this and stick it onto a bottle. Or just fill a wine bottle with coloured water and seal the top. I used to make my own wine so had a supply of corks, and plastic tops that were heated so they shrank and fitted tight over the neck of the bottle. If they are lead they will slide off and can be refitted and squeezed into place.


This was just a few photos put into an animation program and looks like a slow video.

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