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Here is a map and some of the trails for 4X4 drivers and if you want to stay in a cave, there is accommodation. There is something rather appealing, living in a cave, maybe it`s like going back in time to the Stone Age 🙂

The 4X4 trail from the top of the Kloof.

For accommodation there are caves that have been converted to B&B`s.

The metal detecting got mostly military bullets from pre 1994, a couple of more recent ones were found so maybe the military still use this place for training although I never saw any.

The only bullet head that was found was only the size on the nail of my little finger and was a ricochet.

These are the rest of the military finds. The next sites will have to be from the Boer war if we can detect there. I find that now I am doing more geocaching because my youngest Daughter is more into that than metal detecting. the two actually go well together but i put my finds into a cache for those who don`t detect.

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It`s funny but when you are no longer working the days don`t seem to change much. Today however a lot of new things occurred, firstly I finally found a free App to turn my smart phone into a GPS. This may be the answer to geocaching as it`s about R1500 for a standard hand held GPS.

GPS Phone

And the other day my kids got me into the 21st century by sorting out the WhatsApp, I can now keep in contact with all my friends and my brother in the UK. It`s a lot cheaper than texting everyone.The problem I found was that you have to log on to a WiFi and can`t just use your data to log on.The sunrise this morning was very disappointing as the mist was very heavy, it was supposed to be raining this morning, but who can believe the weather forecast.

sunrise1409 1

The code that I put on Facebook which is below can now be cracked.


long code

I`ve since decided that the next one is good enough for using on Geocache as my Daughter and I have started hiding caches.



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I seem to have collected a lot of different email addresses over the years, most have only been used once. I found a list in a book and tried to log on to them but providing all the security info is such a bind.As for blogs they seem to dissapear very quickly as the blog sites re-organize. So many have gone from the SA scene because they are now pay only or become private.at least i found an old photo I was looking for, that`s the advantage of putting photos on a blog site.I must have inavertantly deleted this one.


This was Mikes first fast bike, also a triumph, but single engined.As for email addresses, I`m just going to sign on for some new ones and write the password down 🙂

2015-05-29 07.05.00SR2

I always like to  finish with a bit of color. Sunrise.


And not very colorful Sunset.

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When Mike and Nevile Bramley were the leading lights in the `Hells Angels` in Jo`berg. Mike had a customizing. shop and Nevile had the `Pink panther`. Mike had a bike that he made himself that was used on the `Rainbow Strip` and it was the fastest thing around. There was a photo of it on an earlier blog.
angel bike

This belonged to a new member who hadn`t got his colors yet.
What brought this on was being in town today and seeing the wake of one of our local bikers who had been with the Mak`s for many years. It was quite a turnout and even the main street was blocked off by the local police. I`ve put a few photos on the blog but the rest are on Facebook. I tried to make an album but not being very knowledgeable in Facebook it didn`t work. There is still about 30 photos of the event on my page. Keith William
I used to drive around the Dam every weekend and very often would find a lot of `Hells Angels` out on their weekend drive. Although not a member I was accepted and had many interesting coffee breaks.I still remember the `Viking` as he wore a hemet with horns on it.

me near dam

This was taken near the Hartebespoort Dam near Jo`berg in the early 60`s. BSA A65 how Time fly`s !


Same person different bike, taken 2012 in the UK. It`s my brothers Harley !


My brother traveling in the USA .On What else, but a  Harley !


Me traveling in Rhodesia 1964. BMW touring bike.

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Having just moved I have come across a lot of old photo`s and memorabilia. I came across a lot of 8mm rolls of film and realised that you cant even get a projector anymore except maybe in a junk shop. I did find one a few years ago but could not get the lamps, so I put the films away again. I may try to convert them to video. Looking through some old photo`s I found these from the 60`s. Those were the days when Traveled around Southern Africa on a motor bike with camping gear and a camera and felt safe. It is a shame our youngsters can not do this anymore, it was a wonderful experience which I will never forget. Although most of the memento`s went to school with my kids as school projects but still have some left. If I was to try the party trick of putting my feet behind my head now it could be a disaster. As for going around Rhodesia (Zimbabwe) on a motor bike with all my belongings, well that’s out too. Also on the way back to Cape Town I stopped off to see some German friends of mine (about 30 of them) and we had a braai in the mine dumps in Germiston. The fire was made of whole trees and old telephone poles and the party lasted for 4 days.

Rhodesia 1963

Rhodesia 1963

Feet behind head

Feet behind head

Mine dump party

Mine dump party

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