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Voting day got off to a warm start, there is a Berg Wind blowing. Things were very quiet at the voting station at Plett Primary School, so I left my wife to vote and went to take some photo`s.
This was outside the voting area with first check and police observers.
2014-05-07 07.41.13sunrise3

The sunrise was late as it had to get above the clouds before breaking through.
2014-05-05 Sunrise
Yesterday it was earlier and shone through the clouds as it rose above the mountains.


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According to number one only clever people worry about Nkandla. What does that say about 63% of the voters? The last quip was that all the Tokaloshes must be sent to the Western Cape to fight the Coven of Witches that are running things there.:-) As for the ruling party lasting till the second coming, that could be a long wait, as many religions don`t even acknowledge the first. Well we will just have to wait and see who votes for KFC. As we have 150 parties on the voters roll we don`t have a voting paper we have a book.


Leader of EFF (Everything For Free)


Is this the New Currency ..?

clipped palms

At least none of this effects the Sunrise.

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Today looked like rain as the dark clouds started to move across the sky`s. Also today the ` Oscar` trial continues. It is difficult to have faith in the justice system when certain people get charges dropped so they can become president. Luckily this one is transparent.

This wasn`t taken until 07.15 as the Sun doesn`t come over the mountains as early as it does in Summer, when it comes up over the sea.

After eating breakfast our feral cat now graces us by sitting next to the birdbath and watching us have our first coffee of the day.

This was the sunrise yesterday when the were no rain clouds around.

We drove up to the farm later and only left as the sun went down. This was not so colorful as at the flat, but I was probably a bit late for a good show. Maybe the view would be much better at Nkandla. J

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I have been offline for a while now and thought it was time to update the page. Things are more or less as they were except now we are feeding a feral cat that seems to have adopted us. I also feed two pigeons that have been coming for many months. The male pigeon got it`s foot caught in some fishing line or a snare as it`s foot was difficult to walk on for some time. I tried to catch it to take the line off, but he wasn`t having any of it. The foot is fixed now but he lost a bit of the inside toe. The cat is very interested in the pigeons but so far it just watches with big eyes and a full tummy. 🙂

The sunrise is still the same on good days.

Just looking.

Even hiding doesn`t help, they always get away.

At the end of the day the sunset is still colorful.

At least when I get to the UK later this month I will have a good internet connection. J

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It seems like changing your user name and starting a new blog is not the thing to do even if you tell people about it. Due to the fact that vodacom is now charging me 100 times what they did a few months ago I have not written a blog for quite some time. No one reads old blogs anymore except to advertise or spam you. I have tried to answer most of them but the emails are returned because they can`t be delivered. I realize that most of the emailed likes have been from serial `likers` as they never comment. comments are great because even if they are anti they give you an idea if you are on the right track.


111613_1217_AnotherDayi2.jpgWhen I look around my garden there is always a good subject.


and a lot of fun just taking the sunrise in the morning while having coffee.

010114_1042_NewYearsEve1.jpgI think I `ve found a way to stop smoking.

010114_1042_NewYearsEve3.jpgIf Blogging has had it`s day, use this gun to shoot someone. 🙂

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I am still going through my old photo`s that were taken on film and scanning them, it`s very time consuming but does bring back a lot of memories. This was taken in the early 70`s and the girl in the middle is now 45.

Trek fishing has been closed down in Hout Bay now but it was something that the whole beach got involved in. Since the change in Government why have these things been eliminated?

Next are a few from the UK.

I wondered why this Lilly grew so tall and was told it had a virus. That may be right as year after year it did get shorter.

This was the new Tesco supermarket until some youngsters decided to set light to the wheelie bins. Not only did they burn the bins but the whole place burned down. When I went on holiday a few years ago it had been rebuilt and is the largest one in the area.

Every year they have a river festival in Maidstone on the Medway which is very well attended. There are plenty of places to eat and beer can by bought from moving hand carts, in plastic tumblers. The evening is finished off with a great firework display from a building to the right of the photograph.

I was asking a friend to name the capital cities of countries in Africa which for an Englishman was quite good until we got to South Africa and he said Nkandla. 🙂 🙂
It`s just that he had heard the name so often on the news in the UK. 🙂

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I was thinking like some other bloggers who have emailed me saying that they think it`s time for a username change. I think that sometimes we get caught in a situation where we diverse too much trying to please as many people as possible. Also when I get a like I try to email a thank`s but most never acknowledge or the email address is not active.

Sunrise 1


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