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Things have been a bit hectic around Plett since the big fire.Taking a drive round the back roads there are still a lot of places that need to be cleared of half burned shrubs and trees. There are still hot spots around which were caused mainly by sparks blown in the wind.
We are having a good rain at the moment so the little fires should get dampened. We went to the farm at the weaken and there were still a few swirls of smoke coming from the bush. They were mostly the pine needles and dead leaves but still flare up when the berg wind blew. It`s been a cold wind for a few days so that does help.
creeping fires

One of the other problems is the water restrictions. I don`t worry so much with the flowers anymore but having a water butt enables me to keep my veggies growing. It`s amassing how little water is needed on some veggies to keep them in good health.It`s very strange how a house that is only meters away from the fire front can escape completely.
houses so close
This farm only had vynbos around it so was not difficult to save.
farm vynbos
It is easy to see a local car now in the car park as they are coated with ash. I left my car windows just cracked open but the next day it looked like a snow globe inside. Not only is it like living in an ashtray when traveling round but the inside of the car had to have a body spray. There has been a few cases of youngsters letting off crackers and signal flares in the bush beneath the lookout, some have been arrested. I think they are trying to get some time off school because the one I saw was a local teenager .
sunrise b w
Today the sunrise was like a black and white film, so it will be a few days before there is some colour. There was at least a little green still surviving amongst the ashes.
patch of green

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It seems like changing your user name and starting a new blog is not the thing to do even if you tell people about it. Due to the fact that vodacom is now charging me 100 times what they did a few months ago I have not written a blog for quite some time. No one reads old blogs anymore except to advertise or spam you. I have tried to answer most of them but the emails are returned because they can`t be delivered. I realize that most of the emailed likes have been from serial `likers` as they never comment. comments are great because even if they are anti they give you an idea if you are on the right track.


111613_1217_AnotherDayi2.jpgWhen I look around my garden there is always a good subject.


and a lot of fun just taking the sunrise in the morning while having coffee.

010114_1042_NewYearsEve1.jpgI think I `ve found a way to stop smoking.

010114_1042_NewYearsEve3.jpgIf Blogging has had it`s day, use this gun to shoot someone. 🙂

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That sounds like I`m taking the pig to market but that will never happen.

Digital ImageShe alway lifts her leg up so it can be brushed all over. They seem very sensual animals and love attention although they are basically driven by food. As I would always keep some Acorns in my pocket when she came for a walk around the bush at the farm. She was my car guard and would sleep up against the drivers door.

car guard


She was so tired after her walk that she never made it to the car door.:-) After seeing Alice we went to the farmers Market which is about one kilometer from the sanctuary. While there we got some more shrubs for the garden which were half the price of the local nursery. They sell everything from plants to ready made food. There are art stalls and a lot of health food stalls.It has grown quite a bit over the last two years and is well worth a visit.

cat waiting

If I go looking for the black cat at night time it`s best to take a torch.


Be very careful when investigating things on the beach, this is not what you think.

cig bullet

My Wife is trying some drastic measures to try to stop me smoking. I think I am too old to stop now, and if I did I couldn`t sit down and ponder over my hobbies. 🙂


I still remember waking to this every morning, Alice wanting her breakfast.

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The truth as I see it is,  it`s better to laugh than cry over situations beyond your control. 🙂  Lets face it life is full of situations as life gets more difficult. I  feel apologising for a joke before it`s read is counter productive, what do you think?

barrow bike

This being the latest vehicle to come from our local motor cycle company in Jo`berg,  It is hailed as a true innovation and is proudly South African .

rdp joburg

As space is at a premium the RDP housing has been upgraded. Sources close to the builder say this can not be seen anywhere else in the world,  Africa was  first again. 🙂

smoking room

This is the best smoking room in Europe, until you look up. The ceiling is made of plastic film with lights behind it. 🙂

drunk sign

This sign is close to certain stadium where there is a large rally being held. 🙂

people think


Just a couple of old bumper stickers found in the workshop.


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If you haven`t got a smile from this blog then click on the hyperlink below .***********************************>



I managed to recycle Alices roof to make this trough, a sort of remembrance garden I suppose.


This next one is to show how the ponies steal the bran that is put out for the chickens. They move it away with their noses but leave a trail of food of which the chickens eat.

pony theif

These are a few computer related pic`s which may be of amusement.

wifi usb

wheresthe mouse


I used to make walking sticks with epoxy skulls on but  decided to make a few ashtrays like,  this to remind me what smoking can do.

ashtray smoke400

I think  the kids are having a braai in the back garden. ……………………………..


Enjoy your weekend, things are never as bad as you think.

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