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This blog is made up of many different things , as they flow through the mind or get selected by the mouse. A Sunrise is always good to start with.

In the morning you never know if it`s going to rain or not because where I am the weather forecast is very rarely right.

It won`t be long now and we will see how these soapies end!

This was on a bloggers pages and had the title ` If you recognize this we know your old`

I can still remember when this was standard and you had to set the colour and everything else as they had about 12 setting buttons on the back of the TV. This was when TV`s took time to warm up and when switching off it ended with a white dot in the middle of the screen.

Have you ever tried to use an old blog ? I have several on iblog but I now get a reply `forbidden`. Do they close them after a set time? Some of the oldies from this site will remember some of the names, I used to write to most of them as they don`t have a `like` button on iblog. The advantage is that you did get an idea of how many people looked at your blog.

The Jackals are still at the Wolf Sanctuary and eating the Rabbits that they breed. It all seems very self-sustaining. They breed a lot of pigs too, I wonder whether they go to the Wolves?

And we finish with a Sunset. Enjoy your Day. Leo

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This is specially for ` Bacon `, I found some pics of Alice`s nose when she was on the farm and used to rattle my gate for breakfast every morning. Since she has been at the sanctuary and got older she now has hairs on the front. She does quite a lot of digging there in rather hard ground so I thought it would be smooth.

After a year at the sanctuary and six piglets later.

It`s amazing how soft a pigs nose is considering that they dig so much.

This was taken last week after I had given her a good brush. She is still very affectionate and rubs her nose on the back of your hand in greetings, I think it`s probably to get your scent as her eyes are not as open as they were when she was younger.

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I sometimes get these memories of Alice when we were at the farm but sometimes the situation didn`t seem to bad. I was looking at some of the old photo`s of some of the situations that we had been through together and they were happy times. It`s a shame that sometimes we tend to humanize animals and think we know best, but she is not looking like she used to. It was a shame that no one at the farm wanted to pander to her needs and give her shelter and keep her safe from the other roaming animals. She was very frightened of the ponies because they tried to kick her so she was able the get into her house that we made. The geese used to use her water bowl as a toilet so it had to be changed often. She didn`t mind the chickens sharing her food but got upset when the ponies got their heads in.

When she had her first litter she was a wonderful mother even though there was no shelter for her then as she was on another farm. She made a place for them in a thorny shrub but chewed all the thorns off and lined it with Lavender which she collected from around the garden. After a few days of feeding her on Maas mixed with all the food scraps, beans and fresh greens she decided to allow us to watch her feeding the piglets. After going into her wallow she decided to mark me with mud and then lay down and started to snork. Within a short time the piglets came from their nest and started to feed. This made a beautiful video and I will always remember it. (3).

One (1) and two (2) are some of the photo`s before she gave birth to the first litter. The forth (4) one was when she used to go for walks around the farm with me. She became a large pig very quickly as she was fed on pig meal, which I think was for domestic pigs that you want to fatten up for market. Unfortunately she was never my pig and I had to travel a long way to make sure she had food and water. It was quite a surprise when she gave birth because I thought that the big belly was just another sign that she was a pot belly pig. Suprise,Surprise.

I could write a blog on Alices life but it`s just little bits that come to the fore sometimes, it must be old age.

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This morning I woke at 4 and decided to go down to the lookout point at the end of my road. The trouble with taking the sunrise from my garden now is that there are a lot of obstacles in the way as the sunrise is now over the sea. The lookout area has quite a few interesting bits of equipment around it which I will show later. Every morning this year I have been promising to come down here to photograph the sunrise but have been too lazy so early in the morning. I was a bit late for the crack of dawn as I had a coffee first and took some photo`s from the garden.

The peninsular on the right is Robberg Nature Reserve where I got my photo of the Caracul near the Seal Sanctuary.

There are some interesting walks there and some Bushman caves to be explored.

Thebuilding towards the left is the Beacon Isle Hotel. There used to be a Whaling Sation there before.

At the bottom right of the hotel is the desalination plant which was built last year.

This used to be a storm warning beacon for the Whaling ships and fishing boats which are no longer here.

There is a cellphone mast and large satellite dish here on the right.

On the right of the tank there is the siren that is used by the Sea Rescue Service.

This goes off every Friday at 12 O`clock as a test, it`s like the gun in Cape Town, you can set your clock by it. We have some cell phone masts that are disguised as palm trees which I will put on another blog.

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