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When I came to SA in 1963 you could buy something with this coin. now it`s worth more as scrap.
Even though the cat is fed twice a day it just seems to like finding it`s own, and using a lot more energy πŸ™‚
The pig seems to be protecting it`s food quite well even against a pitbull.
I think I will be moving again soon and hope things go a bit smoother. Maybe a removal company would be better πŸ™‚
When you have Grand daughters you sometimes have to change your garden ornaments.
I`m just hoping that they learn to spell before they get a job πŸ™‚
Why didn`t they just make the door open outwards ?
I went out on my daughters boat and got some close ups of some Whales ans Dolphins in the bay.

To end with I found these on my hard drive, they may cause a smile.



This may just be a cultural thing, but at least it`s advertising πŸ™‚

I would just like to know how it was put under my windscreen wiper blade 1000 km away.

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Most of the early morning is spent looking up or out to sea. There are some great sunrises and very strange cloud formations.



Digital Image

Digital Image

The garden is also looking OK but there is always room for improvement πŸ™‚

Digital Image

Digital Image

We used to have a ` Fire Pool ` in town near the council chambers but that has now been filled with rocks and plants that need very little water.

fire pool filled

If you are still worrying about the infrastructure falling apart , look at what happened in Germany yesterday.



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There has been a new addition to the wolf Sanctuary in the last month. A Wolf Cub was obtained from a pack in PE and has now been put in with the two Wolf/Dogs, Savannah and Shanook. Savannah who is Silvers sister seems to be very motherly towards the cub and has taken to him like a mother. See earlier blog.


As you know from earlier blogs Alice is also back at the Wolf Sanctuary and has a male admirer, Barry. Unfortunately he is 15 years old and I think he is probably not wanting to be a father anymore. As I was using my cellphone for these shots I was not quick enough and he decided to have a scratch on the tree stump.


On a lighter note, we were digging near Nkandla building the new R1.5Bn connecting road to the A66 when we came across some bones that obviously belonged to a previous politician


The Africa Cup of Nations is in progress and with political correctness as it is, this seems a bit strange.


Why are the letters C A F put there, and then a registered trade mark. Should it not be A C N African Cup of Nations, or was that too much like A N C. πŸ™‚


This local supporter looks like he was hit in the mouth with a hammer.


And this one needed two pairs of glasses to see where the penalties went.


One of the most confusing things I found when I Googled the African Cup of Nations, was this map. It says Africa Political, I searched for half an hour but could not find what the colours mean or whether these are the counties in the cup of nations. Maybe no one knows the difference between them, Dictatorship and Democracy are different in the Western World.

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I have done many blogs on our new road to the Airport in Plett.Β  Usually I make fun of the new road being layed with its own built in potholes.Β  They are now digging up this road after spending the last year putting it down and repairing the surface and potholes.Β  It is still a long wait either end as they have supervised stopΒ  signs.Β  It is sometimes more than 20 minutes waiting time either way, its a good job that i`m retired. This makes the trip to the shops a long haul so I must make sure I get everthing on my list.

I am a compulsive photographer and my Wife is always saying I must be careful where I point my camera. These were taken with my trusty cell phone. This reminded me of an email I got, labeled ” Machine arives in SA without instruction Manual”.Β  These two workers are filling the front shovel of a front end loader. This is then driven a hundred yards to a lorry and dumped.

Total labour for this :-Β  2 workers shoveling, 1 front endΒ  loader with driver, 1 longbed lorry with diver and mate.Β  So we have 5 peoples wages and 2 machines pumping out deisel fumes along side of us while we wait.

As the piles of gravel were only about one shuvel full. It could have been done with a small lorry and one person with a shovel in a fraction of the time.

I have put the road progress on youtube and sent an email to the roads department,but have had no reply.

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At last 100 posts..

This Gas Braai causes quite a blast when we arrive at picnic spot down by the lagoon. The barrel end is very good for venting the smoke and is quite good for pointing at would be trouble makers. When it smokes as there is a fan at the end so the smoke is extracted. πŸ™‚

I hope this guys brakes work, but then speeding isn`t a problem. He must have a terrible rust problem though.:-)

I think this will beat any fancy diet. πŸ™‚

This may be a good sing to put on our new road with built in potholes.

There are video`s of this road on youtube and one of my older blogs ” Alice and the New Road”.

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Mind my arm!

So you think flying in a racing car is dagerous, try driving on the public roads.

Drive Safely, just remember there are plenty of other Idiots on the road. 😦

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