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Being next to a police station as least livens up our day. Yesterday we had a large team of convicts putting up a tent again, last time it was for violence against woman and children. We have had the minister and deputy here with a lot of other dignitaries stressing how the police are helping with crime and how help is needed from the public.

It looked like this as you come up from town.

This was looking up towards the stage. The security guard on the right has his holster like a gunslinger J

At least I can pick veggies today and listen to the music. I think they are going overboard with the National Anthem though.

This was taken in the UK 1994 but I don`t think the flag would be appreciated even if it is silk.

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As the sunrise is appearing more to my right now the police flagstaffs and antennas are getting in the way. I now have to go to the lookout to get a full sunrise.

From the lookout at the end of the road.

Have you ever wondered why security vans always have to park on red lines on a corner and make it dangerous to other road users ? There are two here at the same time on opposite sides of the road and it`s difficult to get round them when turning. Then there are the guards hiding behind cars with assault rifles, should they ever use them I think more pedestrians would be hit than bank robbers.

Another thing that makes me smile is the fact that as soon as we have an influx of people in town they start road works or line painting.

Along the high street there are pictures of things around Plett. This was taken in the 1930`s and the Rectory was used for camping. In the foreground the ruins of the timber mill can be seen.

This was taken from the same point last year when I had a good look around the historical site.

As you can see the timber mill is in complete ruin, with all the window frames used for fire wood. There are a lot more trees there now and road access to the beach.

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I tried to send this by Word but it doesn`t seem to send animation.gif files, only single pictures. this will have to be done the old fashioned way.


It`s very hot this morning so it looks like not much will be done in the garden. At least they are removing the temporary Police Station cabins, so maybe we can use the road again. This must be one of the noisiest places in town, that`s the reason i am up at 5 to watch the sunrise. 🙂

removing temp copshop

The boat is only going on a Dolphin cruise today so I will just watch from my garden. I have so many photo`s of Whales and Dolphins I have had to reduce their size to get them onto a few DVD`s.


All these photo`s were taken with my cell phone so are not so very well defined. I think I was just too lazy to go inside for my DSLR.


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Another not very impressive Sunrise.


I found a few photo`s from last week during my last trip on my daughters boat.

launchof fatboy

This is a usual launch where the boat is pushed into the sea by a tractor, when they come back in they must race up onto the beach. The underside of the boat is re-enforced so it acts like a sledge.

Albatross, Plettenberg Bay,Oceansafaris

This is an Albatross and is the first time I have seen one near the boat.


The Bottle Nose Dolphins were playing in the surf near the beach. The water was quite calm on this day.


This was the same beach a week earlier when the surf was quite high.  The Dolphins just love to play in the rough surf and fish at the same time.

police parking

Since we have had a temporary police station blocking the road, the poles by the parking spaces seem to have taken a few knocks.

I hope to write another blog later, if not , enjoy your weekend. Leo

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Judging by the response to blogging maybe the Mayans were right after all. 🙂

Since I was a kid in the 40`s people have been prophesying the end of the world, it`s a bit old hat now.  It used to be some one thumping a bible , with a sandwich board around the shoulders saying ” The End of the World is Nigh “.  If the Mayans were so clever, how come the couldn`t  see the end of their own civilization. Seems like 2012 people are still looking for freedom.

freedomBut after seeing and listening to the ANC conference on TV, that could be the great catocism that was depicted. It looks like we will have more of this in the new Year.

police stones

Police reduced to throwing stones at armed strikers.

Maybe see you after the holidays, if we are still online. 🙂


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This picture in the newspaper was very confusing. The Police came under fire from strikers today and retaliated by throwing stones. It is believed that the government has withdrawn all firearms from the police. There are reports that due to the unrest they will be issued with the new modified revolvers to control riots.

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