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The town is very quiet now that the Plett rage has finished but the damage is still around. I haven`t heard of any deaths this year so it much better than previous years. This year they have got shuttles for the matrics to try and save on drunk driving but still some try to turn into one way roads. The local roads are not easy to negotiate, even if you are sober.

We had the usual power cuts today even though Eskom said they wouldn`t. I went to the municipal offices earlier to get a copy of the load shedding but they were unable to tell me as Eskom haven`t told them yet. I went to customer services who phoned through to Eskom and informed me that Eskom couldn`t send them and email as they had no power. I left my email address and was told when they get one from Eskom they will forward me a copy, we will have to wait and see.

My veggie garden is quite productive again this season but the Green Patipans seem a bit larger than the yellow ones. Maybe they have been left on the plant too long. Last year we only had the yellow ones but this year we got a mixed packet which has green, yellow and white, but they all taste very similar.

Last night we were awoken by singing and whistling just before midnight so I went out to see what the problem was. This went on until after 01:30 with much stick waving, singing and shouting. This morning I heard that it was a protest against the police because another child had gone missing and not much was being done to find this child. I just wondered why it wasn`t done in the daytime, a hundred people make a lot of noise that time at night.

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When I saw this in the sky after the sunrise, I thought of `Beam me up Scotty. J

I have put together a few photo`s from around Plett.

In Plett we have `Fricky` who seems to wander around town and get dressed every day with clothing from lost property. Some of the styles are a bit way out and probably done as a joke.

Today he is wearing a car guard top over a tee shirt, swimming trunks, a hard hat and no shoes. He is sometimes wearing a leotard and big boots or two hats and an overcoat. He has very limited vocal skills but has been around for years.

The Matric Rage is still going strong but some look homeless.

Some are still looking for donations and shake tins in your face. Some tee shirts are a bit descriptive, like the one on the left.

There aren`t so many Whales this year but the Dolphins are still around and lead the boat out with some amazing stunts.

Who said Dragons aren`t real. J This looks like a good mock up of a skeleton. I have just cast some Dragons for garden ornaments but one of these would be great to cast.

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