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I have been trying to keep an eye on the fledglings but have not wanted to disturb the mother. I first saw them after the eggs were hatched but I only found one on the floor near the nest, this was on24th of August. Today I took another look in the nest and there was only one chick that is nearly ready to fly. I didn`t find any remains of the other chick so either the mother took it away on it has flown.

Two in the nest.

And now there is one.

The early sunrise before it comes over the horizon.

Although the foreground looks darker when the sun has risen it`s just because the cell phone camera was set for spot exposure. As the sun was so bright compared with the foreground it looks like a night photo or an earier photo than the last one.

When I used to take Alice for a walk at the farm she would always sit beside me when I stopped. She would lie down and wait for me to give her a scratch.

Even when I visited her at the wolf sanctuary she would expect a good brushing. Sadly now she has been put in with the general population with about thirty other pigs and they will not let me in.

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This is specially for ` Bacon `, I found some pics of Alice`s nose when she was on the farm and used to rattle my gate for breakfast every morning. Since she has been at the sanctuary and got older she now has hairs on the front. She does quite a lot of digging there in rather hard ground so I thought it would be smooth.

After a year at the sanctuary and six piglets later.

It`s amazing how soft a pigs nose is considering that they dig so much.

This was taken last week after I had given her a good brush. She is still very affectionate and rubs her nose on the back of your hand in greetings, I think it`s probably to get your scent as her eyes are not as open as they were when she was younger.

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I always start with a sunrise because it`s the first thing in the day that brings up a discussion and usually forecasts the days weather. The winter sunrise is not very interesting because it rises up from the sea and there are not usually many clouds around.


This will be my last SA sunrise for a while as I will be traveling for the next month, so have to pack all this equipment.


I still remember Alice when she was a small piglet.


She later on had piglets of her own and treated them very well considering she had very little help.

julius stamp


Are these the new stamps and currency ??????????




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I did his as one of my off the wall experiments and was surprised at the response, as I never told anyone. The writing of blogs on `Word` worked OK but I couldn`t get .gif files to upload and work.

This is Alice making a wallow.


I still don`t know whether to call Alice `Router` or `Browser` 🙂


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I sometimes get these memories of Alice when we were at the farm but sometimes the situation didn`t seem to bad. I was looking at some of the old photo`s of some of the situations that we had been through together and they were happy times. It`s a shame that sometimes we tend to humanize animals and think we know best, but she is not looking like she used to. It was a shame that no one at the farm wanted to pander to her needs and give her shelter and keep her safe from the other roaming animals. She was very frightened of the ponies because they tried to kick her so she was able the get into her house that we made. The geese used to use her water bowl as a toilet so it had to be changed often. She didn`t mind the chickens sharing her food but got upset when the ponies got their heads in.

When she had her first litter she was a wonderful mother even though there was no shelter for her then as she was on another farm. She made a place for them in a thorny shrub but chewed all the thorns off and lined it with Lavender which she collected from around the garden. After a few days of feeding her on Maas mixed with all the food scraps, beans and fresh greens she decided to allow us to watch her feeding the piglets. After going into her wallow she decided to mark me with mud and then lay down and started to snork. Within a short time the piglets came from their nest and started to feed. This made a beautiful video and I will always remember it. (3).

One (1) and two (2) are some of the photo`s before she gave birth to the first litter. The forth (4) one was when she used to go for walks around the farm with me. She became a large pig very quickly as she was fed on pig meal, which I think was for domestic pigs that you want to fatten up for market. Unfortunately she was never my pig and I had to travel a long way to make sure she had food and water. It was quite a surprise when she gave birth because I thought that the big belly was just another sign that she was a pot belly pig. Suprise,Surprise.

I could write a blog on Alices life but it`s just little bits that come to the fore sometimes, it must be old age.

Other Blog       http://whitewolfswarehouse.wordpress.com

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We went to see Alice yesterday , she is still getting on very well with Angel. There were a few chickens in her enclosure today as well as an injured Hadida. When we arrived she was laying down and Angel was grooming her back. She didn`t look alive as she was so still, but as soon as I spoke she jumped up and raced over with much snorking and Angel close behind. I put the food into their bowl while my wife fed them their treats. After the two pigs had eaten as much as possible the chickens joined in, even the Hadida grabbed a piece of meat and took it to a corner to eat. I think with living on a form she has got used to sharing with all animals, but she picks out her favorite bits first, and fast.

Then the chicken had their fill while Alice tried the greens.

The Hadida has been like this for a few weeks but still seems eating well.

Alice loves hard boiled eggs so we wait till last, after her brushing. She is so gentle when she takes them.

That was probably a ` thank you` in piggy talk.

Now she is satisfied. J

I have all my visits on video but have had to put some on google because they are too big for emails.

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I went to see Alice a few days ago and took some good video footage  but can`t get it on my blog. I have just put some stills on instead. you can see how she still remembers to lift her legs to get brushed in the hidden places. 🙂


She makes very satisfied noises when you brush her.


Enjoy the weekend. I must try to upload the video and put a link on the next blog. Look for the next Sunset.


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well, Halloween came and went but I was off line. I did however go to see Alice and friends over the weekend and got some good video material while giving her a good brushing.  It`s quite amazing that even now after a year away from living next door she still knows my voice and will let me hand feed her. when i bring out the brush she snorks loudly and lays down and waits to be brushed. When she was in Estrous I used to brush her twice a day as it was the only way to calm her down so people could move around the farm without being harassed. She seems to have taken to Angel and is quite happy to share her meals.   Every time we go to see her we take plenty of treats and left overs and she is quite happy to share. The little Angel is now getting braver and will come close and take food from your hand but Alice wont let me put the brush near the young one. Is it jealousy or is she protective ?

greens alice

I`m eating all my greens, like my mommy says.

angel porkbone

Hey, you only left me a pork bone, You eat like a pig. 🙂   Save me some greens this bone is too big.

clipped palms

Have a great weekend. Leo

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It has been quite a roller coaster of a ride through the years of blogging and I find it a relaxing pastime. There are some people that you keep in touch with and sometimes move from site to site. Some people write about the same subject all the time, but mine seem to have changed over the years. I used to do technical and DIY type blogs but now they are about things that happen during my daily life. Maybe it`s an age thing, once you get over 70 things around you tend to become more interesting. I don`t have to travel very far to get photo`s of what I think are interesting because everything has a story, and I love to take photographs. I don`t even have to travel anywhere to get shots like this. Yesterday I went to see Alice and Co and that was only a 10k drive, but made a blog.

And I don`t have to go to the bird sanctuary to see the birds.

If I go to the main beach I can go on a boat and watch the Whales and other sea creatures.

Seeing a Right Whales nose so close is the same as Alice coming to my gate. I have started a serial of Alice`s life on my other blog on wordpress and it seems to have quite a following.

Hobbies have always been something that has taken quite a lot of time in the workshop, but I don`t make these things anymore because my lathe is 10 km away.

At the moment I am experimenting with lasers removed from old computer parts. I got a tourch for my last birthday called a lenser. I thought it was a laser tourch but it was a very bright LED. So far I have only managed to make a very fine beam with the lasers, which is very similar to a laser pointer. Except it shines on the white houses 2 km away and has made some good photo`s when shone on the clouds.

And the sunset should have come before the night sky, but it will make an end to most days.

And the birds are still there at sunset. Have a great weekend…………………………………

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Well the weather forecast said that there was an 80% chance of rain today, they were wrong again. There are some clouds around as you can see in the sunrise..

At least we got to see Alice, Angel and the rest of the crew at the Wolf Sanctuary. Today they dined on a stew of chicken, cabbage, odd vegetables and peelings with nice rich gravy. Before that they had fruit and sandwiches with their favorite fillings. Before I got back from feeding the others with the turnips and greenery from clearing the veggie patch they had finished their main meal. Angel had got stuck into the greenery I left for the two of them, but Alice was waiting for me at the fence snorking for attention.

One scratch behind her ear and she just lays down expecting a good bushing. Unfortunately today I didn`t take the brush so it had to be a scratch and massage. At least that confirmed that she isn`t pregnant again at the moment.

I tried to take these photo`s with my cell phone so a lot of them are pointing in the wrong direction.

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