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It`s strange when you look at photos after downsizing. Sometimes you don`t remember where they went, other times giving things away leaves a lasting memory.

These were made from bits of wood that I found in Tokia forest, but gave them all away to friends and family. Some I still see when I visit old friends.

This display was on the wall of my workshop, most of them are now in the UK at my brothers Dojo and are still seem by many of his students.

This is the bike that was raced at the Rainbow track in Jo`burg when Mike Bramley still ran `Hells Angels` They were great days and possible the best motor cycling days of my life.

This was my first car that I had to get once the family started to grow. It was quite good for the kids as we had a nice mattress in the back so they could sleep when they wanted to. I don`t think this would be allowed now but seat belts were no a requirement then. This was in Durban where I traded it in for a Valiant so we could drive down to Cape Town.



The birds start early in the morning


I can still watch the Whales from a boat.


They eat all the unused rice


And there is always something to photograph in the garden

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I was just thinking that since cell phones are now standard with a camera of reasonable quality, my camera which was much more expensive now stays next to my computer. I also take a lot more photos, most of which get deleted. It has become a ritual to take pictures just to put on a blog, sad. Anyway here are a few taken lately of the creatures around the garden.

I caught this frog climbing out of the pool at the farm, it is much better marked than the ones in my garden.

The only thing with this one is it`s red feet with suckers on, I think it is to climb trees.

I think that my friend the local pigeon wants to smoke like the monkey in the jo`berg zoo.

There are still a lot of creepy crawlies around, but this one just ran up my arm with no problems.

This one I found in my wastepaper basket, but I don`t think I will let this one run up my arm J

This one was taken in Woolies, at first I thought with it being in the woman section it read `I have nothing to wear` J

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This is what happens on overcast mornings, no nice sunrise.

Nearly every morning now the sun does not appear until it is quite high above the horizon out at sea. Sometimes it`s a shaft like this and sometimes the sun just shines through brightly and warms your skin.

After feeding the pigeon with seed I was still looked at with curiosity, or maybe was just asking for more food.

The veggie garden is taking shape now, but has been hard work. Some of the seedlings have still got to grow as some are still in pots. I made the beds by sinking plastic roofing down about 350mm which I cut up with a jigsaw. The path I made with gravel from the area where the temporary police station had their containers, which were used as offices.

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Although the veggie garden is providing a lot of food the weather is very strange for this time of the year. The Patipans are prolific as is the Swiss Chard. Usually by this time of the year we have harvested many crops of bush beans and have plenty for bottling but I don`t think there has been enough sun. Although there are a lot of tomato plants, mainly beaf steak with a few yellow pear shaped ones. The smaller yellow tomatoes are quite prolific and grown right through to the winter. I have tried all types in pots and they grow very well. They were very good in the UK when grown in ` Grow Bags `. In SA they can be grown in potting soil bags with a bit of 2.3.2 mixed in. Two plants grow in one bag which is useful if you are in a flat with a balcony. Carrot seem to grow in most soils but it is best if the soil is fine. Green peppers seem to be growing better in pots than the ones in the veggie beds, but that is also their position in the sun I think.

Last year a full packet of Echinacea seeds were sown but only one plant germinated and has grown into a large plant. It seems to have spread since it was replanted into the sunny part of the garden. I am hoping to grow more this year so as to make my own drops or making tea out of the flower heads like with the Chamomile that grows in the more shaded areas.

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I have been trying to keep an eye on the fledglings but have not wanted to disturb the mother. I first saw them after the eggs were hatched but I only found one on the floor near the nest, this was on24th of August. Today I took another look in the nest and there was only one chick that is nearly ready to fly. I didn`t find any remains of the other chick so either the mother took it away on it has flown.

Two in the nest.

And now there is one.

The early sunrise before it comes over the horizon.

Although the foreground looks darker when the sun has risen it`s just because the cell phone camera was set for spot exposure. As the sun was so bright compared with the foreground it looks like a night photo or an earier photo than the last one.

When I used to take Alice for a walk at the farm she would always sit beside me when I stopped. She would lie down and wait for me to give her a scratch.

Even when I visited her at the wolf sanctuary she would expect a good brushing. Sadly now she has been put in with the general population with about thirty other pigs and they will not let me in.

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I have been offline for a while now and thought it was time to update the page. Things are more or less as they were except now we are feeding a feral cat that seems to have adopted us. I also feed two pigeons that have been coming for many months. The male pigeon got it`s foot caught in some fishing line or a snare as it`s foot was difficult to walk on for some time. I tried to catch it to take the line off, but he wasn`t having any of it. The foot is fixed now but he lost a bit of the inside toe. The cat is very interested in the pigeons but so far it just watches with big eyes and a full tummy. 🙂

The sunrise is still the same on good days.

Just looking.

Even hiding doesn`t help, they always get away.

At the end of the day the sunset is still colorful.

At least when I get to the UK later this month I will have a good internet connection. J

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It has been quite a roller coaster of a ride through the years of blogging and I find it a relaxing pastime. There are some people that you keep in touch with and sometimes move from site to site. Some people write about the same subject all the time, but mine seem to have changed over the years. I used to do technical and DIY type blogs but now they are about things that happen during my daily life. Maybe it`s an age thing, once you get over 70 things around you tend to become more interesting. I don`t have to travel very far to get photo`s of what I think are interesting because everything has a story, and I love to take photographs. I don`t even have to travel anywhere to get shots like this. Yesterday I went to see Alice and Co and that was only a 10k drive, but made a blog.

And I don`t have to go to the bird sanctuary to see the birds.

If I go to the main beach I can go on a boat and watch the Whales and other sea creatures.

Seeing a Right Whales nose so close is the same as Alice coming to my gate. I have started a serial of Alice`s life on my other blog on wordpress and it seems to have quite a following.

Hobbies have always been something that has taken quite a lot of time in the workshop, but I don`t make these things anymore because my lathe is 10 km away.

At the moment I am experimenting with lasers removed from old computer parts. I got a tourch for my last birthday called a lenser. I thought it was a laser tourch but it was a very bright LED. So far I have only managed to make a very fine beam with the lasers, which is very similar to a laser pointer. Except it shines on the white houses 2 km away and has made some good photo`s when shone on the clouds.

And the sunset should have come before the night sky, but it will make an end to most days.

And the birds are still there at sunset. Have a great weekend…………………………………

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Why do you guys just sit here all day, come fly with me.

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Yesterday was my youngest Granddaughters birthday, so it was a bit hectic. First I had to collect her at school as my daughter was working in Knysna, and then we all went home to open the presents. It`s amazing what little things amuse them at 4 years old. I was awakened at 5 again by our local constabulary playing with their sirens, which is nothing unusual. Anyway I got to see the sunrise again, not that it was much different than yesterday.

The pigeon came as soon as the sun rose and had her breakfast. She has made a nest upstairs above one of the blinds and has tried twice to rear some eggs. I think the large Crows take the young when she isn`t looking.

This little camera is the size of a packet of cigarettes but has a lot of useful features. It communicates with my laptop and phone and has time lapse also. I took some shots of the sunrise and they made a good animation using time lapse.

Neve was very interested with an old DVD making rainbows, and played with it for a long time after trying all her presents.

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The Pigeon came for breakfast again but is getting a bit too brave. She is now questioning, what are the other birds doing here.

Having decided that the other birds were not eating she had a look at the food on offer.

Having looked at the food she decided that this looks like a mean breakfast.

After several courses it was time to look else where.

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