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I haven`t done much blogging for a few months so this one will be a bit long. Have you ever tried to revive an old blog that`s on another site, I have and it can be very disappointing when the forbidden notice comes up on the screen. forbiden

This came up on iblog which is not a problem as it hasn`t been updated since 2012. iblog2

This unfortunately was taken with a bad cell phone and is out of focus. The pictures at the bottom used to be changed every day to show who were the top favorites.

open seed

Trying to grow my big Sea Bean didn`t work out very well as I over watered it in a heavy soil and it went black. I think I should have grown it like the Avacado Pear pips on the window ledge.

2015-05-29 07.05.00SR2

I still enjoy watching the sunrise every morning with my first coffee and cigarette. then at night time there is always the Sunset, if I remember.

Digital Image

Life is still amusing especially when you see things like this. Why are these men shoveling gravel into a front loader? Maybe someone didn`t read the instruction manual for the front loader.


This Autogiro is quite strange as it was built from a kit. It has a pusher prop at the back and the rotor spins as it moves forward to give it lift. I see it quite often down near the beach but it landed one day at the Airport near the farm. I don`t think they travel very fast as the helicopters leave it well behind.


These Pansy Shells used to be found in abundance on the Plettenberg Bay beaches many years ago but I haven`t seen one there in the last five years. When I first started detecting on the beaches people said maybe I would find some shells there but so far they have been allusive.


If you think that it never snows in South African towns just look at this photo taken a few years ago. This is only about 200 meters from the sea. Even the beach had snow on it.



This was my brothers back garden in the UK the same year, as you can see the snow was a lot deeper there even 6 months later.

UK backgarden

For people who like memorial foot paths, this was inlaid into the pavement near Buckingham Palace. Very similar to the sidewalk near Hollywood in the USA but smaller.


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When you don`t want to put your photo online there are several ways to do this. They may be photos but do not show detail and only people that know you in person would recognize.

This was taken with the cartoon setting on the camera and does not show fine detail.

You can also have fun with Sunrises if they look a bit tame.

If you are into photshop or similar there is always other options which are good for a bit of humor.

My last blog seems to have caused a lot of irate emails to be sent to me. It seem that not many people like to discuss matters of our rainbow nation being polarized.

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I must explain that we have a large number of animals on the farm.

The dogs and cats are having a bit of a problem sorting out dominance.

The dogs tried all the tricks of pretending to be great friends.

This was met with a bit of agression from some cats that thought this was condescending


The cats even tried to fight the dogs with their latest armoury.

One of the dogs that has just come back from rehab decided to give them a happy shot as he isn`t into violence.

One of the cats was seen to be taking off in a bit of a hurry to find normality.

At least the pig is happy with the outcome.


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Life is never boring, unless you want it to be.

How did your day start ? Was it on the stoop watching the Sun rise, with a cup of coffee and a camera.

The finally it pops up over the mountain and I start to feel the warmth of the sun.

I found this in an email last week and thought how happy the Royal Family seem after all the publicity. They are obviously putting the ” nude photo episode ” behind them and carrying on as usual. Plenty of family photo`s.


That`s Photoshop for you, not like the one below.

You can mock anyone in the world , so long as they are not our government. ๐Ÿ™‚

I heard that they have found a way to stop crime in this county, “ Make it into a Government Department“, then it will never work.

This was on a blog, so maybe it was also Photoshoped.

Someone said “what`s the problem, we both have black presidents now.

This is not the alarming part of computerisation.

The alarming thing is that it`s easier to photograph a drowning, than calling 911 and being put on hold. You then have the evidence to prove how they drowned.

Hoping my humour didn`t offend anyone, but I took a walk on the beach anyway and thought of captions for these objects.

(1)ย  I have only found these Sea Slugs in one part of the lagoon.

(2)ย  Someone had a morning coffee before me.

(3) And they brought their dog with them.

(4) another erupting volcano.

(5) Is that you under there Julius.

(6) I don`t know which way to go.

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You may wonder why Cats and Dogs, well I couldn`t think of a title as I was so frustrated that the internet has been of for a few days. At the farm they have been fitting a satellite dish for the internet and these guys didn`t seem to have a clue.ย  It took them 2 full days to get the system installed.I had to supply the plug for them to get power to the unit and a compass so they could point the dish in the right direction. Then there was the question ofย  what is azimuth, I left them to find that out on their own. When the guy installed my DSTV he did the whole lot in 1 hour which included a cup of coffee.

It`s only a young cat and seems to be a bit of a technophobe, it`s his first mouse.

Meet the mad family, couldn’t`t fit the ponies,chickens, turkeys or pig, but will try latter.

I`m teaching the pig to defend itself against the dogs. ๐Ÿ™‚

This is a set of smiley faces for cat lovers when they communicate. X-(

Then comes a few we will label Dogs.

Going soon I hope.

They didn`t have any books and looking at the strikes I wonder who can read newspapers.

Politics in Africa is just Black humour.

The ones before him got elected to the MEC or the Golf Club.

And we will end with a Elephant joke.


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At last 100 posts..

This Gas Braai causes quite a blast when we arrive at picnic spot down by the lagoon. The barrel end is very good for venting the smoke and is quite good for pointing at would be trouble makers. When it smokes as there is a fan at the end so the smoke is extracted. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope this guys brakes work, but then speeding isn`t a problem. He must have a terrible rust problem though.:-)

I think this will beat any fancy diet. ๐Ÿ™‚

This may be a good sing to put on our new road with built in potholes.

There are video`s of this road on youtube and one of my older blogs ” Alice and the New Road”.

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When this first came out my kids were still at home. Looking back it was quite predictable and I think it would be quite boring to see it again.ย  I remember when Bobby was supposed to be dead and after many episodes they decided that he had just been in the shower. As for JR being shot, must we see all that again, and hope no one shoots the TV again. It`s bad enough that we get more repeats on TV than new programs.ย  To remake a program like Dallas again with all the aged stars probably being replaced by look alikes, seems an expensive and futile affair.

This broody hen hatched out three eggs over the weekend, two yellow and one black. I think she`s trying to keep up with the American film Stars as she`s quite photogenic.

As you can see, we had the motor cycle gangs here for the Whale Run. They probably had too many burgers at the ranch next door.

This Ghostly hand print was found on the sofa the other morning, but I remembered that my little Grand Daughter had sat there eating ice cream.

I`ve taken to mounting a cellphone on my dashboard lately to record the potholes in the new road, as we`re meeting the Minister tomorrow to voice our complaints. But I do get some very unusual photo`s sometimes.

Asking for a Stretch Limo in the biking community usually ends up with one of these at your door.

I drove all round town yesterday looking for my cat and only found it when I got home.

My other cat Juju has decided to get a little army to protest against the treatment of cats.

Take heed of the warning that you could catch a computer virus and die.

Enjoy your blogging,ย  Che Sara Sara.


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