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Plettenberg Bay has had a very traumatic time as has so many other places along the coast. These are some of Plett`s darkest hours.
fire 1fire2
The aftermath of these fires have left many homeless as many farms and gated communities have lost everything.
whale rockIMG-20170609-WA0005
Some farms due mainly to volunteer firemen have managed to keep their houses.
farm still standing
On a lighter note a few weeks ago we had a double rainbow, but i couldn`t find the pot of Gold.
double rainbow
The Cape Fur Seal colony on Robberg peninsular are still thriving as though nothing has happened.
And the Sun still rises……….
I wish to thank all the fire fighters,emergency crews,paramedics and distributors of aid for their great effort during these dark times.

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The cloud out to sea looks like the mountains that the sun used to shine over a few months ago. When the cloud lifts it is now sunrise, but it`s a bit later than publicized.

The sky earlier was about the time of sunrise but it was mostly cloud.

This was the sunset the other night, but I was a bit early.

The moon last night was also covered in cloud, but made a good photo. I took some sequence photo`s and they made a good animation, showing the clouds moving across the moon.

It`s amazing what interesting photo`s can be taken of the sky, it`s just a matter of looking up. I am probably lucky in many ways of having the time, and a good place to take photo`s. Every sunrise and sunset is different, as are clouds and the moon setting. The moon last night was in the same place as the sun used to be a few months ago when I took sunset photo`s from the car park.

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first cameras

I have tried with all the digital cameras that I have to try and get some night photo`s with very limited success. While I was watching the constellation of Orion move across my field of vision I started to think of some of my early photographic memories. My first thought was of the Ensign full View that I got in 1950, it took a 120 Kodak film which was 21/4″ square. Latter I got a twin lense reflex which had a lot more settings. They took very good photo`s but in those days there was only black and white . It was quite late in the 50`s when they got colour films and they were expensive. In the 60`s I got a 35 mm SLR Miranda Sensorex which I still have. With this camera I took a lot of photo`s with time exposures some were quite weird and started my investigation into UFO`s. I don`t believe in little green men in flying saucers but I love experiment and investigate unusual things in the sky. A lot of my photos have been used by UFOSA for lectures and I think they were misrepresented. Most of these were taken in the mid 70`s and I would like some comments on them. Most were sent to NICAP in the USA and they can`t give me a good reply. This is of of them and were taken around the Southern Cross with a time exposure of 10 minutes.

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These are some time delay shots of the night sky. The straight one is a shooting star the other has not yet been explained. These were taken in Cape Town many years ago on black and white film which was rated at 1500 ASA. I was taking pictures around the Southern Cross with exposures of a few minutes.You can see the effect of the Earths spin by the elongated star tracks.

This next one was sent to NICAP in the USA who do research into Aerial Phenomena. With this comparison you can see it was traveling faster than the spin of the Earth. I sent a copy to the newspapers but they contacted CSIR and they said it could not be published. At that time there was a UFO reported landing in Beaufort West and it was fired on by the SAP, so they were sensitive times.


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Definitely Summer is on it`s way and the days are getting hotter from sunrise onward. The Sunrise is so early now that I sometimes don`t get up in time.

By 6 it`s already quite high in the sky. Lucky there were some clouds on the horizon or it would be like the one below.

I have planted a few Sunflowers in the garden to try and stop the birds from pecking my tomatoes. It seems to be working as the early ones are developing seeds. I never realized how tall they grow as I used a packet of old bird seed. Some are short like edging plants and some are over 2 meters high. It is getting so hot now that watering is sometimes a daily thing. This may be because the garden has a wall around it and brick paving instead of grass.

The long and the short of it.

On going back to the kitchen the washing machine was being loaded and this Rain Spider had to be extracted from a woolly jersey and put back in the garden. We have a lot of these come into the house most of the year. Pray Mantis are another co-inhabitant of the house but they do clear out the unwanted pests.

When I was in the UK last year I noticed that there are a lot of nuts that you can gather whilst taking the dog for a walk around the block.

In case you do not see my blogs between now and Christmas…I wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to everyone else. Leo.

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This morning I woke at 4 and decided to go down to the lookout point at the end of my road. The trouble with taking the sunrise from my garden now is that there are a lot of obstacles in the way as the sunrise is now over the sea. The lookout area has quite a few interesting bits of equipment around it which I will show later. Every morning this year I have been promising to come down here to photograph the sunrise but have been too lazy so early in the morning. I was a bit late for the crack of dawn as I had a coffee first and took some photo`s from the garden.

The peninsular on the right is Robberg Nature Reserve where I got my photo of the Caracul near the Seal Sanctuary.

There are some interesting walks there and some Bushman caves to be explored.

Thebuilding towards the left is the Beacon Isle Hotel. There used to be a Whaling Sation there before.

At the bottom right of the hotel is the desalination plant which was built last year.

This used to be a storm warning beacon for the Whaling ships and fishing boats which are no longer here.

There is a cellphone mast and large satellite dish here on the right.

On the right of the tank there is the siren that is used by the Sea Rescue Service.

This goes off every Friday at 12 O`clock as a test, it`s like the gun in Cape Town, you can set your clock by it. We have some cell phone masts that are disguised as palm trees which I will put on another blog.

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Well the day started off early with plenty of rain and no Sunrise. The wind blew so hard that the leaves were taken off the plants that hadn`t been flattened. I also had to stake the Tomatoes and Dahlias as they were leaning over as I had forgot to do it last night before the storm. At least I packed away all the spare pots and watering can so they wouldn`t blow around.

Last year I found a frog living in one of these blooms, I suppose it was just waiting for food to settle down on the flower.

I finally finished my Dragon yesterday after taking a week to make a mold from the damaged grey one on the left. In the center is the mold made from silicone rubber and was put onto the grey dragon in layers and given 12 hours to cure between coats. The final dragon was removed from the mold but it is a different color in some parts as I tried to make the mold a bit less pliable, by painting resin on the inside and allowed to harden. The problem was that in dripped down to the bottom of the mold. The rest of the dragon was filled with resin mixed with plaster and sawdust to stop it cracking. I also filled most of the spare space with small pebbles so as not to use too much resin.

Now it`s just a matter of painting the finished article. I am going to see if I can get some iridescent paint so that it`s color changes when you look from different angles.

Even the sunset was a bit dull last night. But I was a bit late getting tied up with removing the dragon from the mold.

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