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I think there are going to be a lot of questions asked and accusations made after this fire. I got a very disturbing email from Thailand about how JZ is treating these areas now they have become DA, maybe Trump would call it fake news, only time will tell .

Two people with other problems on their mind.

At least the gale force winds didn`t come to this area.

The sun rises are looking a bit better now the smoke has cleared.

Still no reply from Hestony transport, except the lorries are more frequent since my complain to Hello Peter.



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Plettenberg Bay has had a very traumatic time as has so many other places along the coast. These are some of Plett`s darkest hours.
fire 1fire2
The aftermath of these fires have left many homeless as many farms and gated communities have lost everything.
whale rockIMG-20170609-WA0005
Some farms due mainly to volunteer firemen have managed to keep their houses.
farm still standing
On a lighter note a few weeks ago we had a double rainbow, but i couldn`t find the pot of Gold.
double rainbow
The Cape Fur Seal colony on Robberg peninsular are still thriving as though nothing has happened.
And the Sun still rises……….
I wish to thank all the fire fighters,emergency crews,paramedics and distributors of aid for their great effort during these dark times.

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When walking on the beach it is very common to see old trees and other driftwood. if you are going by growth rings this one has been around for some time.

tree stump.jpg

When I went out in a boat there were quite a few birds around and they were fishing a lot better than we were.

diving birds.jpg

As we came towards the beach there were a lot of Dolphins playing in the surf, some jumped like this one but a lot just broke the waves and carried on feeding.


In the garden as the sun goes down I get quite a lot of Bats flying over but I haven`t found where the come from yet.


Have a great week  🙂



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The first is the sunset today that is not very interesting due to the showers today.

2015-05-02 17.47.51sunset1

Since to cat is no longer prowling in the garden the wild birds have taken over.


These two will always be here.Image00001

In my next blog i`ll discuss the taming of the Butcher birds in Hermanus. i did write it all out in this blog but it didn`t save the draft 🙂


The sea bean got another grinding around the edge and soaked in water for a couple of days and looks like it`s going to sprout so I planted it in a pot. I`m hoping to be able to show it growing soon. they seem to grow quite well in the USA so keeping my fingers crossed.


I won`t comment on these, but they do seem to hit the news very often.


Have you seen anything like this in the sky lately. This was seen near the Southern Cross a few years ago when I still used a film camera and took time photos at night.as you can see it was traveling at right angles to the movement of the earth or stars, which ever way you look  at it.

meteorite film

This was a shooting star and that traveled more or less in the same direction as the stars appear. This was taken on the same night in the same position.

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