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have you ever cooked an egg in the early morning and thought it came from outer space ?

space fried egg

Then there is the time when you wonder where you put your reading glasses because the print is too small.

specs in bread

Before I go to sleep I like a hot cup of something, but this cup was a bit cold. Don`t put a full cup in the microwave 🙂

cup in microwave

If your going to have a few glasses of wine don`t start warming the snacks.

burned in oven



If you get this on your TV then it`s a very old one, or you fell into a black hole 🙂

harley badge

This is for my brother in the UK, it would look good in his garage with the bike.


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Today I started a new blog called Whitewolfs Warehouse and put computer terms to different animals. I did it as one of my off the wall experiments and was surprised at the response seeing that I never told anyone. The writing of blogs on `Word`worked OK but I couldn`t get .gif files to upload and work.

This is Alice making a wallow.


I still don`t know whether to call Alice `Router` or `Browser`  🙂


In this photo she was eating African Potatoes that she found in the fields.


If you have a vicious dog maybe you could call it `Terabyte`. 🙂

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As usual I will start with today`s Sunrise. The weather forecast says that today will be cloudy, when will they get it right ? I suppose it`s like everything else,  you only get what you pay for. 🙂   AA .

Digital Image

I must either sort a lot of stuff out on my webpage and delete it or start another one. I tried to upload yesterday and was informed that the site was full.

top webpagemiddlewebpage1

On changing computers i cannot find out how to join two photo`s together as i have different photo apps on this one. Using a wireless router I can access my other computer and the apps work, but it`s too much of a hassle. 🙂

Bacon wanted to see a few close encounters that I had on the Whale watching boats.


That one had just gone under the boat. The next one is my Grand daughter getting close.

Zoe1 close


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I think I have found a quicker way to upload blogs using word. I am still experimenting with this new computer so maybe many of you are doing this already.

This blog is a trial to see if it will upload a full blog. This will be removed as soon as it has been tested. I shall try a few photo`s to see where they are put on the page.

The next thing must be different text`s.


Blood of dracula

Well it seems to work OK and it accepts all text types. This works with several different blog sites.

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Digital ImageThis was the start of my day.  A little after the official sunrise,  as the sun has to come up over the mountains. some mornings this view is like it was taken with a black and white film.

robberg beachAfter breakfast I took a walk along the beach, but it was very deserted as it isn`t season yet.

sophia mariaThere was a boat anchored out in the bay but I couldn`t see if it was a fisheries Vessel.

boatatnightBy the early morning it had made it`s way into the main bay and i could see it from my garden.

sunset17Anyway that evening the sunset was also quite spectacular, the cloud formations got even better latter on when the sun got lower in the sky.


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I decided to start a new blog with one picture at a time, as it fits the google reader much better for quick reading. The blog is foto4star

Another experiment was done with an old email address and became Photo for you.

This has probably caused a bit of confusion as i sometimes leave comments under another username, sorry about that.

Things have been a bit noisy round here this morning as the new tractor has arrived.




This picture was taken with a new waterproof action camera that comes with all the mounts and Wifi ready. the picture was taken fron100mtrs away using zoom. It took quite a while to find out how to get single frames.  At the moment I can only use the wifi  between the camera and my phone. I will have to load the program into my laptop latter. It has a very good range and will be good for wildlife photo`s. The camera is smaller than my phone but the handbook is bigger than ” War and Peace “. 🙂


This is Cyberstorm



And pigsty4alice has changed from Pigman to black Scotty.

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