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The first part showed the Whales, seals, Bats and a few beaches. This part is mainly the historical bits of town.



This is the Old Rectory when there was a lot of camping due to it being very close to the sea. It is privately owned now and in bad repair, most has been taken over by vagrants.


Across the road is the wood shed which is also in bad repair. Most of the wood used for window frames have been used for firewood.


In the foreground is the Wood shed and the Rectory is in the trees now.



This was an Anchor from one of the first boats to bring in wood.


When I first came here there used to be a Wagon complete. The problem was that the municipality did not consider this area as Historic so it has been used for firewood and scrap by vagrants.

2013-12-27 13.30.052015-08-22 15.15.25

The town is usually quiet unless we have a Biker funeral or the Plett Ragerain spider

We do get a few surprises when getting up in the morning but that just life.  🙂

Main Beach is on the far left, the Beacon Isle hotel is on the left of the beach.

This is one of the landing spots on the Main Beach the hotel is then on the right.

If you like Mushrooms, DON`T pick these.

These seem OK, BUT always check before cooking.

Ill finish off with a visitor to the flower garden, this frog is so small it doesnt even bend the flower stem. End of Part Two……………..



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i will start off with last nights sunset which was not as colorful as most of them, but it`s that time of the year.


We have had a lot of Paragliders around just lately so I took a walk up a little road nearby and found the reason, it`s the launching site.

paragliding take off

I also found a place to take a uninterrupted view of the next sunset.

robberg from house

Also behind the trees there is a nice rock formation that will be great for Geocaching.

rocky suprise1

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It`s funny but when you are no longer working the days don`t seem to change much. Today however a lot of new things occurred, firstly I finally found a free App to turn my smart phone into a GPS. This may be the answer to geocaching as it`s about R1500 for a standard hand held GPS.

GPS Phone

And the other day my kids got me into the 21st century by sorting out the WhatsApp, I can now keep in contact with all my friends and my brother in the UK. It`s a lot cheaper than texting everyone.The problem I found was that you have to log on to a WiFi and can`t just use your data to log on.The sunrise this morning was very disappointing as the mist was very heavy, it was supposed to be raining this morning, but who can believe the weather forecast.

sunrise1409 1

The code that I put on Facebook which is below can now be cracked.


long code

I`ve since decided that the next one is good enough for using on Geocache as my Daughter and I have started hiding caches.



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If you were looking for directions they are on the previous blog.

2015-09-09 06.30.59 2

around 6 this morning the sunrise was very red but below Is one taken with 4x zoom a bit latter.

2015-09-09 06.31.31 1

Does anyone know how to get codes onto Geocaching ? I would like to hear from them.


This code is called 5 x 15 with a clue of `ZigZag`

Happy Decoding, let me know the answer 🙂

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I thought this was a new craze that my youngest daughter got me into, but it seems to have been around for a few years. I finally got signed up on http://www.geocaching.com .
We found three in the first few hours and had a great time. It is very good for people who don`t get out much as there is quite a bit of walking. A while ago I did a blog on Metal Detecting which is also exciting at times. Being a very keen photographer both hobbies get me taking even more photos.
This one I found without much of a problem but it was just a log sheet in an aluminum tablet tube.
This one was very interesting as it had a log book and many little trinkets in. The packaging was very professional as the owner only comes over from the UK every 2 years. If he doesn`t come soon the box will be full.
This one was a bit more difficult as there were a lot of old machines around the plot. the trouble was that we spent a long time going round and round this one looking in all the difficult spaces but in the end it was in a very simple place.There were some very small kiddies plastic toys and a log sheet in a plastic pill box.

These pictures were taken with an old Alcatel, The smart phone was needed to get the GPS app which can be downloaded from the App store for free. Happy Hunting.

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