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I was just thinking that since cell phones are now standard with a camera of reasonable quality, my camera which was much more expensive now stays next to my computer. I also take a lot more photos, most of which get deleted. It has become a ritual to take pictures just to put on a blog, sad. Anyway here are a few taken lately of the creatures around the garden.

I caught this frog climbing out of the pool at the farm, it is much better marked than the ones in my garden.

The only thing with this one is it`s red feet with suckers on, I think it is to climb trees.

I think that my friend the local pigeon wants to smoke like the monkey in the jo`berg zoo.

There are still a lot of creepy crawlies around, but this one just ran up my arm with no problems.

This one I found in my wastepaper basket, but I don`t think I will let this one run up my arm J

This one was taken in Woolies, at first I thought with it being in the woman section it read `I have nothing to wear` J

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It seems like changing your user name and starting a new blog is not the thing to do even if you tell people about it. Due to the fact that vodacom is now charging me 100 times what they did a few months ago I have not written a blog for quite some time. No one reads old blogs anymore except to advertise or spam you. I have tried to answer most of them but the emails are returned because they can`t be delivered. I realize that most of the emailed likes have been from serial `likers` as they never comment. comments are great because even if they are anti they give you an idea if you are on the right track.


111613_1217_AnotherDayi2.jpgWhen I look around my garden there is always a good subject.


and a lot of fun just taking the sunrise in the morning while having coffee.

010114_1042_NewYearsEve1.jpgI think I `ve found a way to stop smoking.

010114_1042_NewYearsEve3.jpgIf Blogging has had it`s day, use this gun to shoot someone. πŸ™‚

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Well the day started off early with plenty of rain and no Sunrise. The wind blew so hard that the leaves were taken off the plants that hadn`t been flattened. I also had to stake the Tomatoes and Dahlias as they were leaning over as I had forgot to do it last night before the storm. At least I packed away all the spare pots and watering can so they wouldn`t blow around.

Last year I found a frog living in one of these blooms, I suppose it was just waiting for food to settle down on the flower.

I finally finished my Dragon yesterday after taking a week to make a mold from the damaged grey one on the left. In the center is the mold made from silicone rubber and was put onto the grey dragon in layers and given 12 hours to cure between coats. The final dragon was removed from the mold but it is a different color in some parts as I tried to make the mold a bit less pliable, by painting resin on the inside and allowed to harden. The problem was that in dripped down to the bottom of the mold. The rest of the dragon was filled with resin mixed with plaster and sawdust to stop it cracking. I also filled most of the spare space with small pebbles so as not to use too much resin.

Now it`s just a matter of painting the finished article. I am going to see if I can get some iridescent paint so that it`s color changes when you look from different angles.

Even the sunset was a bit dull last night. But I was a bit late getting tied up with removing the dragon from the mold.

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As you have probably noticed, my blogs focus very much around the garden. I spend quite a lot of time there and it`s good for taking Sunrise/sunset photo`s. Most of my Bird photo`s have been taken while having a coffee there. I was watering near an outside power point and this from jumped out to avoid the water jet. Can anyone tell me if it`s a species of Frog or just an albino due to it`s hiding in the dark.

It`s colour is so close to the wall that it is like a camouflage, the only thing that stands out is it`s feet.Β  It`s feet are very similar in shape to a Geko or Lizard. It would be very interesting to find out what kind of frog it is. Last year I found a frog sitting in a flower head which seemed to be a good place to catch prey. It stayed there for two days.

sunrise240913 1

As you can see by this mornings Sunrise, they are not so colorful as the Summer approaches mainly because there are few clouds..

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This is one of the many pictures in the tea room at the Wolf Sanctuary. There is also one of Silver (RIP)


When I got back from the Sanctuary yesterday I went to plant the shrubs that we got at the farmers market. When I went to get a pot from the pump room outside this was who had taken up residence. I moved it to another smaller pot under the bench where it was damp and it`s still there this morning. πŸ™‚


That pot is laying down but he seems to want to stand. being a guy I automatically think it`s male, but I wouldn`t know. do you?Β  πŸ™‚

sunrise080913 2

This was the sunrise this morning, very overcast and the forecast says it will rain/ The clouds were so thick and heavy that the sun rose above the clouds with seeming to rise. It`s now mid day and it still hasn`t rained, weather forecasts are like politics. πŸ™‚


I forgot to fill the bird bath this morning and the resident Robin wanted a bath so she gave a loud call until it was filled. SheΒ  only moved away a few feet and kept her steely eyes on me until it was brimming over and then jumped in for her morning bath.


I then pulled a few radishes up for a quick snack, I just love the taste of fresh veggies, don`t you?

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luckyThis was my dog ` Lucky`he was with us for twelve years. He was a great friend and companion during his lifetime, but was an Alpha dog and did rule our lives when I look back on things. He was a great one for sleeping like a human as he always used his soft toy as a pillow. One morning I woke up thinking my wife had come home early from night shift, on stoking her head i found it was the dog with his head on the pillow. πŸ™‚ He came with us to the UK but had to go into quarantine for six months. Although he was given his Rabbies injections regularly he still had to endure the stupidity of the quarantine laws in the UK. He got a brain tumour which affected his eyesight and had to be carried up and down the stairs for quite a while.


Maybe it`s because I don`t have a dog but I got very attached to Alice over the years of looking after her needs. She was so sweet as a youngster but as she grew her owner left her to forage for herself. so I took over. We used to go for long walks through the bush at the farm and she was great fun to be with as she had a great curiosity. Whether she was statled or just protective i don`t know but when a youngster on a dirt bike came too close she chased him off the property, never to be seen again. After a few minutes she found me again and found my pocket that had the acorns in.:-)Β  I have leaned a lot about pigs over the last few years and do not regret a minute of it. Before I was like most people and thought they were just slow uninteresting animals. She has given a lot of pleasure to us and one day tried to race my car down the driveway , she got to 25 km/hr and kept it up for a hundred meters.


Benji was another one that went through my life when I worked at the sanctuary for a while to build a house for Alice. He used to follow me and share my sandwiches during break time. He was very old and his tusks were brown and broken but he had a sweet nature and would always find me wherever I was. Sadly he passed away one night after I left,

whitewolf avitar

Then there was ` Silver`she was a White Wolf or more accurately a Wolf Dog, she was part Wolf and part dog. She was very good when I went to the sanctuary and would walk around with me. She howled like a Wolf when the Timber Wolves gave their call. Sadly she got spooked and ran out of the tearoom into the main road and was run over, the driver never stopped. I have used Whitewolf as an Avatar from the first day we met, she is also sadly missed.


Although this frog wasn`t a friend it did stay in the garden for a few days and let me photograph it.



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Have you ever felt so Stressed that you feel like hiding away from humanity?Β  Being on a farm with a host of demanding animals and a new road that is worse than the old one is bad enough. Today was the final straw, I went looking for the pig and found this.

(Click on hyperlink for road)

We have baboons,spiders, snakes, lizards, frogs, birds, chickens, dogs, cats, rats and a pig, but this takes the cake. Is this a mixture of the lot, can anyone help identify it ???

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