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Things have been a bit hectic around Plett since the big fire.Taking a drive round the back roads there are still a lot of places that need to be cleared of half burned shrubs and trees. There are still hot spots around which were caused mainly by sparks blown in the wind.
We are having a good rain at the moment so the little fires should get dampened. We went to the farm at the weaken and there were still a few swirls of smoke coming from the bush. They were mostly the pine needles and dead leaves but still flare up when the berg wind blew. It`s been a cold wind for a few days so that does help.
creeping fires

One of the other problems is the water restrictions. I don`t worry so much with the flowers anymore but having a water butt enables me to keep my veggies growing. It`s amassing how little water is needed on some veggies to keep them in good health.It`s very strange how a house that is only meters away from the fire front can escape completely.
houses so close
This farm only had vynbos around it so was not difficult to save.
farm vynbos
It is easy to see a local car now in the car park as they are coated with ash. I left my car windows just cracked open but the next day it looked like a snow globe inside. Not only is it like living in an ashtray when traveling round but the inside of the car had to have a body spray. There has been a few cases of youngsters letting off crackers and signal flares in the bush beneath the lookout, some have been arrested. I think they are trying to get some time off school because the one I saw was a local teenager .
sunrise b w
Today the sunrise was like a black and white film, so it will be a few days before there is some colour. There was at least a little green still surviving amongst the ashes.
patch of green

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With all that`s gone on in the last two blogs it`s made me think of the good times. We went to the farm today where we stayed with one of our daughters some time ago. I used to collect a lot of mushrooms in my spare time, I even wrote blogs on how to make nice tasting snacks. I used to take a pet pig called Alice with me as most of the places were in the bush. Most of the mushrooms I got were Pine Rings as they are very easy to identify.


She used to love the brush and her coat was very shiny because I would do twice a day.


She would rattle the stoop gate every morning for breakfast and then we would go for a long walk to get the mushrooms. She never eat them but she would find them under the pine needles. She was so protective, very much like a dog. The one time when we were out walking a trial biker came too close and she chased him, and even barked like a dog. I don`t know if she was imitating the dogs on the farm or not.Although she was a heavy pig she could run alongside of my car when I came down the driveway at 25km 🙂

car guard

She was also the most alert car guard I have ever had 🙂


One thing she did love was hard boiled eggs and eat them great finesse. That was OK because there were plenty of chickens on the farm 🙂

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I did his as one of my off the wall experiments and was surprised at the response, as I never told anyone. The writing of blogs on `Word` worked OK but I couldn`t get .gif files to upload and work.

This is Alice making a wallow.


I still don`t know whether to call Alice `Router` or `Browser` 🙂


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We had an airshow at our local airport today. The only calamity was when the scaffolding fell on the Deputy Mayor and broke his leg. There are two seats up there but no guide wires or supports so it wasn`t surprising that it fell over.

These were some of the planes that did the fly bye’s and acrobatics.

Many of these photo`s were taken with a cell phone so are not really sharp.

The Fire Fighters were there with the Helicopter and water bucket.

Other aircraft were some very large flying models.

Not a flier but still interesting was the Hovercraft on a trailer.

Also there was a stand with some helicopters that could fly and use both still and video cameras.

There were some model jet aircraft flying but they were so fast that I couldn`t photograph them from the farm as they seemed so small.

There was a demonstation of a small fighter jet that buzzed the airport at a very low level but he was also too quick. It looked like one of the old Imparla jets used in the 90`s.

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well, Halloween came and went but I was off line. I did however go to see Alice and friends over the weekend and got some good video material while giving her a good brushing.  It`s quite amazing that even now after a year away from living next door she still knows my voice and will let me hand feed her. when i bring out the brush she snorks loudly and lays down and waits to be brushed. When she was in Estrous I used to brush her twice a day as it was the only way to calm her down so people could move around the farm without being harassed. She seems to have taken to Angel and is quite happy to share her meals.   Every time we go to see her we take plenty of treats and left overs and she is quite happy to share. The little Angel is now getting braver and will come close and take food from your hand but Alice wont let me put the brush near the young one. Is it jealousy or is she protective ?

greens alice

I`m eating all my greens, like my mommy says.

angel porkbone

Hey, you only left me a pork bone, You eat like a pig. 🙂   Save me some greens this bone is too big.

clipped palms

Have a great weekend. Leo

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It has been quite a roller coaster of a ride through the years of blogging and I find it a relaxing pastime. There are some people that you keep in touch with and sometimes move from site to site. Some people write about the same subject all the time, but mine seem to have changed over the years. I used to do technical and DIY type blogs but now they are about things that happen during my daily life. Maybe it`s an age thing, once you get over 70 things around you tend to become more interesting. I don`t have to travel very far to get photo`s of what I think are interesting because everything has a story, and I love to take photographs. I don`t even have to travel anywhere to get shots like this. Yesterday I went to see Alice and Co and that was only a 10k drive, but made a blog.

And I don`t have to go to the bird sanctuary to see the birds.

If I go to the main beach I can go on a boat and watch the Whales and other sea creatures.

Seeing a Right Whales nose so close is the same as Alice coming to my gate. I have started a serial of Alice`s life on my other blog on wordpress and it seems to have quite a following.

Hobbies have always been something that has taken quite a lot of time in the workshop, but I don`t make these things anymore because my lathe is 10 km away.

At the moment I am experimenting with lasers removed from old computer parts. I got a tourch for my last birthday called a lenser. I thought it was a laser tourch but it was a very bright LED. So far I have only managed to make a very fine beam with the lasers, which is very similar to a laser pointer. Except it shines on the white houses 2 km away and has made some good photo`s when shone on the clouds.

And the sunset should have come before the night sky, but it will make an end to most days.

And the birds are still there at sunset. Have a great weekend…………………………………

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This is a story of Dog meets Pig 🙂

The farm has been a bit busy this last few days. The addition this week has been two pony`s for the grand-kids to ride. They are going to get a saddle today so they can carry on with the riding lessons.


 Some friends of ours came to stay on their way to the Eastern Cape and brought their dog ” Noodles “. She is a very curious dog and had great fun herding the chickens,I have never seen a dog move them as a collection. Normally when I disturb them they run in all directions.


 The dog got on very well with the other dogs and cats on the farm but was very curious about the pig. Alice was OK until the dog wanted to share pigs house. Then they circled like two boxers in the ring until Alice lay down and waited for Noodles next move.


They had a bit of a standoff as Alice was not used to such a small dog being so brave.


They then circled each other like boxers for a short while.


As usual doggy protocol won through and Noodles though she would find out if the funny dog was friendly or not.


After Alice had been brushed she decided to have a rest, but Noodles wanted to find out if she was dead or sleeping.

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