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Have you ever wondered where the saying `Pigeon toed` comes from ?

But there is always the one that is different. This one looks like a show off.

If this picture is correct, why is it not Duck toed?

This is one of the more serious human problems.

So is this because you are going to have a problem wearing shoes.

Well I`ll leave you to contemplate this problem, enjoy your day.

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If you walk around with a cell phone on your belt it`s difficult not to snap everything you see. When I see a bird in a tree that is not clear to the eye its handy to bring it closer using the zoom.



Then being inquisative I noticed through the trees that the farm next door was doing some renovations. when zooming in on the activities I noticed that they were pumping cement over the top of the trees. maybe they are putting a pool in at the back of the new building?

pumping cement

As all these photo`s were taken with a cell phone they are not a clear as my SLR but are good enough for blogging. Alice is still my car guard and is the most reliable one yet. 🙂


The Geese are still making my life difficult by crapping in front of my stoop every time they pass, but they now spend some time in the dam.   Since they have been here they have got three times their size and their wings are now good enough to fly a few feet from the ground. I`m hoping they will fly away soon. 🙂


There are some Wild Geese on the dams but I don`t think they mix very well.  These ones fly away when I get too close, which is about twenty feet.



When finding the chicken in a huddle like this i thought they were dead but they seem to be having a dust bath between rests. They are probably getting rid of all their mites.


The Ponies still come to the stoop for what they can get, they eat my tomato plants last week.  Now I must move all my pots back from the front of the stoop.


Talking of animals eating plants reminds me of when we moved here. The previous people who were looking after the farm were growing a few pot plants and Alice the pig decided that they tasted good and was seen wandering around in a beautiful haze.  She was definitely much better tempered  than she is now.

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I was watching this bird from the stoop thinking maybe it was a Sparrow Hawk when it decided to land on one of the trees at the far side of the dam. Looking through the photo`s I had taken this one came up on the screen. I enlarged it as big as possible but still thought it was a monkey.

Only when seeing the next picture on the screen and checking the tree did I realise it was the Hawk from a different position.

Looking around the side of my car and found the cat had been hunting. well she is keeping the rodents down. If you have animal feed you will have rats, so we have 4 cats also. 🙂

Taking a walk round the dam that I see from my stoop I see the usual suspects, except the mother Duck now has some youngsters.

The other birds seem to be too busy searching for food. they seem to be a cross between a Hadida and the White Ibis.

Today we were treated to a display of old biplanes. But they still landed faster than I could focus my camera. 🙂

On walking back from the flight path I noticed this footprint, it is the size of the palm of my hand. I found some spoor that was too large for Alice so I was wondering if this print was from one of the big baboons that I see in the area, what do you think?

Alice is still looking for a Hog, but hopes you all have a great weekend.



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I thought I would try my cellphone camera out and was pleasantly surprised.  I was given a Samsung cellphone a few weeks ago and finally found that I could change the pixel rating.  I took this photo and then cropped the small part with the Ducks. It still has enough definition for a 500×330 pixel picture for blogging.

It is difficult to see the ducks in the first photo but it didn`t loose too much when cropped.

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