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This is a pictorial story of two dolphins taken during a boat trip.


Lets make a splash.


Stand up and be counted.


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When I came to SA in 1963 you could buy something with this coin. now it`s worth more as scrap.
Even though the cat is fed twice a day it just seems to like finding it`s own, and using a lot more energy 🙂
The pig seems to be protecting it`s food quite well even against a pitbull.
I think I will be moving again soon and hope things go a bit smoother. Maybe a removal company would be better 🙂
When you have Grand daughters you sometimes have to change your garden ornaments.
I`m just hoping that they learn to spell before they get a job 🙂
Why didn`t they just make the door open outwards ?
I went out on my daughters boat and got some close ups of some Whales ans Dolphins in the bay.

To end with I found these on my hard drive, they may cause a smile.



This may just be a cultural thing, but at least it`s advertising 🙂

I would just like to know how it was put under my windscreen wiper blade 1000 km away.

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When walking on the beach it is very common to see old trees and other driftwood. if you are going by growth rings this one has been around for some time.

tree stump.jpg

When I went out in a boat there were quite a few birds around and they were fishing a lot better than we were.

diving birds.jpg

As we came towards the beach there were a lot of Dolphins playing in the surf, some jumped like this one but a lot just broke the waves and carried on feeding.


In the garden as the sun goes down I get quite a lot of Bats flying over but I haven`t found where the come from yet.


Have a great week  🙂



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I have done everything i can think of as far as sprouting the large Sea Bean. I tried soaking it in water, planting it in soil after grinding the rim, to no avail.

soaked sead3

It feels quite soft now after all the soaking, because of this the shell can`t be cracked.

open seed

Finally I had to cut along the seam with a pen knife to open it up. I have now closed the shell and replanted it in a pot and will wait and see if anything happens.

sunrise 130515

I had to put todays sunrise in as there has been several requests. Unfortunately  I had to take this with a cheap Alcatel cellphone that hasn`t got the Mp`s of my other cameras.


This is a daylight view of the palm tree on the right of the sunrise photo. I seems to have started producing fruit or seeds of some sort. Can anyone identify the type of plant this is ?


These Orca don`t come into the bay very often, especially with their young. I have only seen them twice in 4 years  so it was quite an event.

Copy of ashwynn 042

The Dolphin feeding frenzy is really something to see close up from the boat.

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Today has started off with a brilliant sunrise and the sun is now very warm. Having got through the usual coffee, cigarette and breakfast it`s time to plan the day. My Wife`s idea is that you should plan the day before it starts but I like a bit of relax time first.

Digital Image


Sitting here today I started to think of a trip I made to Maidstone in the UK a few years ago. This cannon stands in the high Street and used to be very close to `Shawn the Sheep`. This sheep was made of hanging baskets on a wire frame and was maintained by a local flower nursery and was very colorful. It was not there last year and neither was the snow 🙂

Below is an animation that I took with a time lapse setting on the camera. They have another boat called the `Dolphin` which is used for small groups to study Dolphins.

whale breach

The Whale is breaching, it jumps out of the water and lands on it`s back which is hard to see in this clip.

Copy of IMG_0136

Fully loaded and pushed into the sea by a tractor.


The launching is sometimes  a little rough depending on rouge waves and the wind.


In the background you can see the other boat beyond the Orca. Due to the regulations now only one boat from a company can launch  at the same time.

fatboy dolphin

This was taken from `Dolphin`, of a  Dolphin. It`s a shame but my daughter is selling the company in June so i wont get free trips anymore. I think there are as many photos of sea creatures on my computer as there are sunrises, a lot have never been put on my blog. I hope you enjoyed the photos. Leo

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When I saw this in the sky after the sunrise, I thought of `Beam me up Scotty. J

I have put together a few photo`s from around Plett.

In Plett we have `Fricky` who seems to wander around town and get dressed every day with clothing from lost property. Some of the styles are a bit way out and probably done as a joke.

Today he is wearing a car guard top over a tee shirt, swimming trunks, a hard hat and no shoes. He is sometimes wearing a leotard and big boots or two hats and an overcoat. He has very limited vocal skills but has been around for years.

The Matric Rage is still going strong but some look homeless.

Some are still looking for donations and shake tins in your face. Some tee shirts are a bit descriptive, like the one on the left.

There aren`t so many Whales this year but the Dolphins are still around and lead the boat out with some amazing stunts.

Who said Dragons aren`t real. J This looks like a good mock up of a skeleton. I have just cast some Dragons for garden ornaments but one of these would be great to cast.

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Another not very impressive Sunrise.


I found a few photo`s from last week during my last trip on my daughters boat.

launchof fatboy

This is a usual launch where the boat is pushed into the sea by a tractor, when they come back in they must race up onto the beach. The underside of the boat is re-enforced so it acts like a sledge.

Albatross, Plettenberg Bay,Oceansafaris

This is an Albatross and is the first time I have seen one near the boat.


The Bottle Nose Dolphins were playing in the surf near the beach. The water was quite calm on this day.


This was the same beach a week earlier when the surf was quite high.  The Dolphins just love to play in the rough surf and fish at the same time.

police parking

Since we have had a temporary police station blocking the road, the poles by the parking spaces seem to have taken a few knocks.

I hope to write another blog later, if not , enjoy your weekend. Leo

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