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We have had some very strange fires in the area where small plots of land far away from the main blaze have set light. this is the only aerial photo that was got from the local free newspaper. A fire that started in the middle of a location as the fires raged on the other side of town ?


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Do you remember when this coin would buy a box of matches ?cows head

And I thought that only wild animals got mounted. Surely this didn`t need tracking ?


This little camera makes a good carcam and can also be viewed on my smartphone while shopping, so is better than an alarm. It`s used for divers under water and divers from planes.It came with a host of mounting attachments.



My veggie garden is looking like an advert for the Spear.


There are still some old friends that come to visit so all is not lost.


It seems that spelling in school is still a problem even though we have so many departments.


During the Whale season here we don`t get photos like this very often as there seems to be quite a radicle change in the whale population.you have to go quite far out in the bay now and most of the Whales are not Southern Right Whales like they were a few years ago.


It`s quite funny how a few years ago I was building fairy houses like this for my grand children and now all they want to see is a smart phone or computer. where do the years go to as you get older ? These photos have been on earlier blogs which seems to be a form of rambling but they are from ones that never went anywhere 🙂

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year , just in case I don`t blog for a while 🙂



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I think I`ll start with last nights sunset. Sunsets don`t seem to be so  varied as sunrises.


I do quite a bit of reading in my spare time and this is the one that interests me today.  It makes very good reading and I was half way through it before I realized I  hadn`t had breakfast. It is either a very good story or i had a senior moment 🙂

bbook im reading

Why is every thing now becoming computer orientated, it`s like when anything with GT on it was tops.

cig papers

Even cigarette papers now.


Or the British Summer or babies nappies…………………….


Enjoy the week, I have some damp proofing to do for the next few days, this was just a fill in. 🙂

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As most App`s can be useful, but if not they do make you smile.


Even birds can`t read.

bird on sign

With the new nappies this is a must.


A new idea for male chauvinist beach bums.


This must be where you always take your FLAT mate to improve your chances.


It seems the UK is not the only place for obesity..


It`s amazing the help criminals get on the net.

gantry etoll

Drive carefully especially when leaving the toll roads.

drive carefully

When leaving the toll road don`t end up here…


If you love cats, this is what the Egyptians did to them after death.

Digital Image

All animals were sacred, even your Goldfish..




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Today has started off with a brilliant sunrise and the sun is now very warm. Having got through the usual coffee, cigarette and breakfast it`s time to plan the day. My Wife`s idea is that you should plan the day before it starts but I like a bit of relax time first.

Digital Image


Sitting here today I started to think of a trip I made to Maidstone in the UK a few years ago. This cannon stands in the high Street and used to be very close to `Shawn the Sheep`. This sheep was made of hanging baskets on a wire frame and was maintained by a local flower nursery and was very colorful. It was not there last year and neither was the snow 🙂

Below is an animation that I took with a time lapse setting on the camera. They have another boat called the `Dolphin` which is used for small groups to study Dolphins.

whale breach

The Whale is breaching, it jumps out of the water and lands on it`s back which is hard to see in this clip.

Copy of IMG_0136

Fully loaded and pushed into the sea by a tractor.


The launching is sometimes  a little rough depending on rouge waves and the wind.


In the background you can see the other boat beyond the Orca. Due to the regulations now only one boat from a company can launch  at the same time.

fatboy dolphin

This was taken from `Dolphin`, of a  Dolphin. It`s a shame but my daughter is selling the company in June so i wont get free trips anymore. I think there are as many photos of sea creatures on my computer as there are sunrises, a lot have never been put on my blog. I hope you enjoyed the photos. Leo

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Going with some of the most recent problems in South Africa there seems to be quite a few comedians on the net.

The first was an email that was sent to ESKOM.
I am sorry that I cannot pay my bill due to your load shedding as my bank account has gone into Stage 3 load shedding.
The other was from someone in Jo`berg to JZ.
Why must I keep paying my E-TOLLS ? as I also never asked for the road upgrades.

The old one was about the commemorative stamp that won`t stick, it was found that the people were spitting on the wrong side.

julius stamp

There is a very good book by Zapiro that has most of our political past in it.


If you can name these people, then you have followed local events.

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It may sound strange but downsizing seems to come with age. There are so many things that just seem to complicate life; one of these was the number of computers that I was using. It was very interesting when I was younger as hacking was considered the norm and was quite interesting. But I now just think that although I never interfered with peoples programs it was still an invasion of privacy. When WiFi became the norm it was very interesting logging on to everyone that didn`t think of a password, but now everyone has wised up to this fact. Wardriving was considered the norm and many people made special antennas to hack into commercial WiFi networks. Now I use just one computer and my other one is connected to the TV for films that haven`t got onto DSTV yet.

My feral cat still keeps bringing me presents of which I am not willing to eat yet as things haven`t got to survival mode yet.

The veg ggarden is producing more Patipans than we can eat, even supplying my family. As you can see some have got so big overnight that the look like pumkins.

The one on the left is the normal size you get in a supermarket. The grow so quick that I don`t know why they charge so much. One of the large ones is enough to feed both of us without using the pips. If they are cooked with bacon and eggs they are very much like mushrooms, you just have to slice them right.

My Wife thinks this feral is pregnant but I don’t think so, but we put a bet on it. J

I don`t find power cuts a problem because I love fish fingers. J

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I was just thinking that not much has changed in the last year. I realize that blogging is just a hobby like photography, metal detecting, Ham radio, computers and gardening. But I still enjoy them all equally and they all seem to fit into the blogging category eventually, but it keeps me occupied and I do get plenty of e-mails. I thought of giving up blogging many times, but then I tried to think what to do to pass the time away and get my photos looked at. This year I must definitely use a better camera as one gets lazy when it`s so easy to use a cell phonecamera.

The Devil Cat is still making use of the window sill to spy on us when we watch TV. The other night I took my eyes off her and she sneaked into the lounge and slept on the couch. It was only at 5 in the morning that I was awoken by a very faint Meeoow and had to get up and let the cat out. She`s a very strange feral as she will rub against your legs and make free with the house, She insists on the pellet bowl and milk saucer being there when she wants them, but will not have a hand put near her.

The garden is still producing mor than we can eat every day, this was just one picking this morning.

I was just looking at some old photos that were taken in the early 60`s when I was interested in ex-army radio equipment. They were great fun but needed a lot of battery power. Looking at it now they seem very cumbersome and did not have any more range than the equivalent ones I have now.

This is the Zartek Pro 8 and has a rechargeable battery like a cell phone. They don`t need a license and have a choice of 304 channels, FM radio, Baby monitor, stop watch, and VOX and comes with charger and mike/earphone combination. They are very handy when at the farm as I can keep in touch with the main house when exploring the bush. They are also very useful when metal detecting as they are on the 446 mhz band so don`t interfere with the detectors.

Don`t worry tonight if you don’t make any New Year’s resolutions, because then you won`t be disappointed tomorrow.

When I am metal detecting this would be much better than bottle tops, it`s very similar to doing the lottery every week and hoping.

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The sun going down last night was not very colorful but did show the dieing rays.

How do you feel about blogging? Well it looks like we are going to have rain most of this week so gardening is definitely out. I find writing blogs on word is very handy and gets uploaded quicker than going on line to do the writing.

Enough on computers although they do seem to occupy a large space in modern life. The other thing is the smart phone. I am not a great lover of this device as it seems to steal my airtime even when I am not using it. I bought myself an old Alcatel when I was in the UK earlier this year as the qwerty keyboard is very handy for sms`s and mms`s as it has a reasonable camera on board.

These were taken with a small keyring camera so the quality is very poor. The main reason was because only the middle of the frame was used.

He sunrise was also not very spectacular this morning but the rain is still holding off.


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