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The fires seemed to have burned out for the time being, but there are still a lot of pine trees still standing. We have a Berg Wind again today so there has been another fire warning from the local firefighters. I think all the Vynbos shrubs that have been partly burned should now be cut level with the ground as they are so dry and can still burn. There are quite a few holes in the ground which look like Snake holes but they are where the shrubs used to be before the fire.

2017-06-12 13.49.48

It has only been a few weeks and a lot of the vynbos is starting to grow back. We had a wake here for the firefighters that lost their lives during the big fire. The town was filled by Bikers on Harley`s and filled the main  road for most of the day. Last weekend was the turn of the Municipality and local residents, this was much quieter and smaller.

2017-07-01 09.57.06

While i was gardening I heard these women singing in the distance and it sounded like a mass march but I was so surprised at how few arrived. The singing was very good and they were very well behaved even though they had to wait a long time to get their voices heard.

2017-07-04 09.55.31

I think  this blog should have today`s Sunrise.2017-07-06 07.16.17

To show how ridiculous things have got, I will put a joke that was on a newspaper web site.

zuma joke

It is still very puzzling that 26 fires started in many different places at the same time. There have been some arrests for arson and theft from farms and buildings that were evacuated. The disappointing thing is that articles were stolen from the very places that were trying to help the victims of the fires. These were items like a coffee machine, pressure cooker, hot plates and other kitchen ware. This may cause people not to help next time we have an emergency.2017-06-27 22.35.05

I am still getting Hestony trucks parking outside with their refrigeration motors running all night. This time I was lucky a the Police agreed that he couldn`t. It was a restful night but I think the chicken in the back had defrosted a bit by the time he left in the morning.


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This is a story of Dog meets Pig 🙂

The farm has been a bit busy this last few days. The addition this week has been two pony`s for the grand-kids to ride. They are going to get a saddle today so they can carry on with the riding lessons.


 Some friends of ours came to stay on their way to the Eastern Cape and brought their dog ” Noodles “. She is a very curious dog and had great fun herding the chickens,I have never seen a dog move them as a collection. Normally when I disturb them they run in all directions.


 The dog got on very well with the other dogs and cats on the farm but was very curious about the pig. Alice was OK until the dog wanted to share pigs house. Then they circled like two boxers in the ring until Alice lay down and waited for Noodles next move.


They had a bit of a standoff as Alice was not used to such a small dog being so brave.


They then circled each other like boxers for a short while.


As usual doggy protocol won through and Noodles though she would find out if the funny dog was friendly or not.


After Alice had been brushed she decided to have a rest, but Noodles wanted to find out if she was dead or sleeping.

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If you walk around with a cell phone on your belt it`s difficult not to snap everything you see. When I see a bird in a tree that is not clear to the eye its handy to bring it closer using the zoom.



Then being inquisative I noticed through the trees that the farm next door was doing some renovations. when zooming in on the activities I noticed that they were pumping cement over the top of the trees. maybe they are putting a pool in at the back of the new building?

pumping cement

As all these photo`s were taken with a cell phone they are not a clear as my SLR but are good enough for blogging. Alice is still my car guard and is the most reliable one yet. 🙂


The Geese are still making my life difficult by crapping in front of my stoop every time they pass, but they now spend some time in the dam.   Since they have been here they have got three times their size and their wings are now good enough to fly a few feet from the ground. I`m hoping they will fly away soon. 🙂


There are some Wild Geese on the dams but I don`t think they mix very well.  These ones fly away when I get too close, which is about twenty feet.



When finding the chicken in a huddle like this i thought they were dead but they seem to be having a dust bath between rests. They are probably getting rid of all their mites.


The Ponies still come to the stoop for what they can get, they eat my tomato plants last week.  Now I must move all my pots back from the front of the stoop.


Talking of animals eating plants reminds me of when we moved here. The previous people who were looking after the farm were growing a few pot plants and Alice the pig decided that they tasted good and was seen wandering around in a beautiful haze.  She was definitely much better tempered  than she is now.

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My apologies for not leaving a comment or like on your post but this system at wordpress will not alow me to log onto your pages.


As I have had a week of no internet again I couldn`t think of a title.  It seems strange to an oldy like me that life has become so reliant on the internet and cell phones.  When I was a kid a power outage meant very little in the UK because we cooked with gas,the radio had 120volt battery and an accumulator which got charged at the local garage,we had no gadgets and candles were cheap. Nowadays we rely on electricity for cell phone chargers, computers, routers for internet and all the other electronic gadgets that we have around us. I have found that most of my photo`s are now taken with a cell phone as it seems easier to use and carry around than my SLR digital, also I miss the net.

After ten years of driving the Golf I finally changed to something a bit more modern.

across the road from my gate is a sign warning of bush fires as there is a lot of pine trees and bush in this area. The local workers seem to think this sing is for burning , lucky it didn`t go further.

We have 5 new residents at the farm, they have grown twice their size since arriving. their biggest problem is the fact that they crap everywhere and often. they also swim in the pigs water bowl and I have to change it many times a day.

Due to my daughter getting two ponies for her kids we now have another compost heap of manure. on inspecting it the other day I find that I have an out of season mushroom patch. Between the Parasol and Ink Cap we have edible mushrooms, I think they will need a good wash. 🙂

In a blog earlier I showed that the pig had a bird that followed her eating habits, now it`s the chicken. She seems to like Alice`s food and water so I feed her very early before the chickens arrive. Now this one has learned not to be locked up at night and sleeps in a hollow on the wood chipping heap.

At least Alice can have an egg for breakfast. The Hen seems to be sitting on the eggs now so we should see some more youngsters soon.

I went to the Lemon Grass restaurant the other day and saw this unusual notice. It`s unusual because pool and car park was washed away several year ago when we had some very bad seas along this coast.

One of the resident cats decides to sleep on my couch.

And latter take a cat nap on the stoop.

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Today I watched the first fight between the pig and a broody hen. unfortunately I was not quick enough with my camera as it was very unexpected.



This all came about when my daughter asked me to go and have a look at the chicks that have just been hatched by the broody hens. Well as usual the pig followed me but was chased away by one of the hens. The pig didn`t have much chance to fight back as she was surprised when the hen flew at her using its beak and claws. All was forgotten in a few minutes and things got back to normal.


Since they both watched the latest video they seem to have forgotten their differences.


This little piggy went to the orthodontist who claimed to be a pig lover.

Have a Great Week.

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When this first came out my kids were still at home. Looking back it was quite predictable and I think it would be quite boring to see it again.  I remember when Bobby was supposed to be dead and after many episodes they decided that he had just been in the shower. As for JR being shot, must we see all that again, and hope no one shoots the TV again. It`s bad enough that we get more repeats on TV than new programs.  To remake a program like Dallas again with all the aged stars probably being replaced by look alikes, seems an expensive and futile affair.

This broody hen hatched out three eggs over the weekend, two yellow and one black. I think she`s trying to keep up with the American film Stars as she`s quite photogenic.

As you can see, we had the motor cycle gangs here for the Whale Run. They probably had too many burgers at the ranch next door.

This Ghostly hand print was found on the sofa the other morning, but I remembered that my little Grand Daughter had sat there eating ice cream.

I`ve taken to mounting a cellphone on my dashboard lately to record the potholes in the new road, as we`re meeting the Minister tomorrow to voice our complaints. But I do get some very unusual photo`s sometimes.

Asking for a Stretch Limo in the biking community usually ends up with one of these at your door.

I drove all round town yesterday looking for my cat and only found it when I got home.

My other cat Juju has decided to get a little army to protest against the treatment of cats.

Take heed of the warning that you could catch a computer virus and die.

Enjoy your blogging,  Che Sara Sara.


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Have you ever felt so Stressed that you feel like hiding away from humanity?  Being on a farm with a host of demanding animals and a new road that is worse than the old one is bad enough. Today was the final straw, I went looking for the pig and found this.

(Click on hyperlink for road)

We have baboons,spiders, snakes, lizards, frogs, birds, chickens, dogs, cats, rats and a pig, but this takes the cake. Is this a mixture of the lot, can anyone help identify it ???

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