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As this will probably be my last trip to the UK I have a lot to do in the few week there. When I was there last time my brother only had Alfie the Wolf Hound so it will be great to see if he remembers the walks we had in Mote Park and the local roads. There are now another 2 Grey Hounds so I will have to be careful.

A few photos of Alfie, out and about and sleeping it off. ๐Ÿ™‚

Chatham hasn`t changed much over the years, the fruit and veg stalls are still in the street. The most unusual thing was in the other photo taken near the bus center they had a UFO parked and somebody was giving a big speech nearby about visitors from other worlds. ๐Ÿ™‚

In the High Street there was an electric three wheeler writing on the walkway controlled by a laptop. further up in town there was a walkway to cross the road, which took a good 6 minutes but on the way back Iย  went across the road and it took as many seconds. ๐Ÿ™‚

Back in Maidstone and we have the Bishops Palace and the Victoria monument both landmarks in the center of town. I normally stay here but it seems to have more closed shops every time I visit. I don`t know what Brexit will do in the future ?

I went to Whitstable to see the wind farm and have lunch and a beer for old times sake. it was very crowded and difficult to find a parking place. When I was in my teens there used to be a pirate radio station, Radio Caroline, anchored out near the wind farm. At the time BBC wouldn`t broadcast Rock and Roll, so it was Medium wave 199 if you wanted to listen. I was living in Broadstairs then so we got a good signal.

My local pub which wasn`t open last time. Some Pubs only open at 15.00 hrs . Many have closed permanently because of no-smoking and the price of beer. The other shop on the corner is a wine and beer shop where I got all my ingredients for makingย  wine and beer in 5 gallon vessels. This blog is getting a bit long so I wish you all the best, and sign off. ๐Ÿ™‚



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Brainwaves have been altered in many ways over the centuries using many different methods. Africans and North American Indians have done it with flickering fires and drum beats, usually to obtain a state of excitement and violence associated with a battle. In the East it has been used to cause a religious fervour usually with music and girating.


In the modern era and the advent of electronics it is very easy to alter the brain waves, now we know their frequency. Below is a list of these frequencies and their uses and effects.


There are quite a few ways these waves can be altered, the main being visual and acoustic. The visual method can easilly be done by feeding the output of the brainwave monitor to some LED`s set into a pair of glasses. The acoustic method requires only headphones to be plugged into the monitor. Deap relaxation can be obtained by using the feedback as an indicator to lower your beta waves. Deap trance states can be obtained with training. The reverse can be done by increasing the rate of certain waves to cause excitement. Nausea and vomiting can occure when these waves are taken to the extreme.

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Your body is filled with electrical impulses that can be used as communication. This circuit although quite old, still works after 20 years. The gain of this little op amp has a gain of 300,000 which is able to drive a transistor amplifier or radio. It was originally wired straight onto the volume control, but can be fitted with a jack plug and used in the microphone input of any amplifier. Just be careful that there are no high voltages on this input, if possible use a battery operated amplifier. The electrodes are small copper coins with flexible leads soldered on. Sometimes using a piece of cloth soaked in salt water and wrapped around the coin improves the contact.


Placement of the electrodes on the body is important; usually they should be 100 mm apart across a muscle. Contract the muscle and you will hear what sounds like static. To listen to your heart place the electrodes 130 mm apart on either side of your heart.

I also still have the brain wave monitor working, which was an improvement to this circuit with filters for the Alpha and beta waves of the brain.

With the brain wave monitor other filters were fitted on a rotary switch, 5 in all, with the 6th one used for pulse.

Biofeedback was the next step and a audio output was fed from the monitor through headphones to the subject wearing the electrodes. They were then able to control their beta waves and relax more.

Free Electricity, Earth Batteries. Link.

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