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As this will probably be my last trip to the UK I have a lot to do in the few week there. When I was there last time my brother only had Alfie the Wolf Hound so it will be great to see if he remembers the walks we had in Mote Park and the local roads. There are now another 2 Grey Hounds so I will have to be careful.

A few photos of Alfie, out and about and sleeping it off. ๐Ÿ™‚

Chatham hasn`t changed much over the years, the fruit and veg stalls are still in the street. The most unusual thing was in the other photo taken near the bus center they had a UFO parked and somebody was giving a big speech nearby about visitors from other worlds. ๐Ÿ™‚

In the High Street there was an electric three wheeler writing on the walkway controlled by a laptop. further up in town there was a walkway to cross the road, which took a good 6 minutes but on the way back Iย  went across the road and it took as many seconds. ๐Ÿ™‚

Back in Maidstone and we have the Bishops Palace and the Victoria monument both landmarks in the center of town. I normally stay here but it seems to have more closed shops every time I visit. I don`t know what Brexit will do in the future ?

I went to Whitstable to see the wind farm and have lunch and a beer for old times sake. it was very crowded and difficult to find a parking place. When I was in my teens there used to be a pirate radio station, Radio Caroline, anchored out near the wind farm. At the time BBC wouldn`t broadcast Rock and Roll, so it was Medium wave 199 if you wanted to listen. I was living in Broadstairs then so we got a good signal.

My local pub which wasn`t open last time. Some Pubs only open at 15.00 hrs . Many have closed permanently because of no-smoking and the price of beer. The other shop on the corner is a wine and beer shop where I got all my ingredients for makingย  wine and beer in 5 gallon vessels. This blog is getting a bit long so I wish you all the best, and sign off. ๐Ÿ™‚



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This will be mostly photo`s with a few jokes thrown in. sometimes I get the urge to do more than two blogs a day as I find it relaxing. The other reason is that some days I don`t even get the internet, I am trying to sort out my old Wardriving antenna`s out because I think I am too far away from the main house.

This was my first experiment.

WiFi Dish.

WiFi Dish.

As my DSTV dish is no longer needed I have decided to use it for WiFi experiments.I started moths ago with a sieve as a reflector to improve my WiFi signal, it has worked very well especially when mobile. Being some distance from the wireless router I am using the signal keeps dropping.

Signal keeps dropping

Signal keeps dropping

Because I keep loosing the signal I now use this setup with a small sieve as a reflector. In the center of the sieve I fitted the dongle attached to a USB extension cable. When this was fed into the laptop I had a steady signal. I am now waiting for my local shop to get me a dongle with external antenna fitting then I will experiment with some small hi gain antennas. Can be seen on my Webpage, just click her.

Here are a few Bat photo`s done in the garden with a Fuji Film Camera camera with flash. The problem with this camera is that I can`t use the flash when on telephoto. These pictures had to be blown up from pea size objects.

This was the original.

A few things struck me as funny when I was in London last year.

First, what happened to good old fashioned beer. It seems its not good unless it`s Organic.

Then next thing was that you couldn`t smoke anywhere under cover of the rain. which makes it difficult for smokers. there are even notices up on all station platforms stating “ No Smoking” so why was this Steam Train puffing smoke all over the Station and adjoining flats.:-)


Enjoy what`s left of the Weekend and Smile if you can.

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