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Have you ever had a complaint that no one want to hear about ? i have been writing emails to Hestony transport for a couple of weeks and sent them these photos, their complaint page does`t work so I used their Facebook page. my complaint are taken off Facebook so I know they received them.

2017-05-15 23.23.08
This all started one night two weeks ago when one of their refrigeration truck parked outside my bedroom window which is only 4 steps away from it`s cab. just as I tried to get to sleep the engine started up and carried on for over 15 minutes at over 80db which is louder than my alarm clock.
2017-05-15 23.22.52

2017-05-15 23.26.59
When the police asked him to move the truck he refused and this went on for the whole evening and until early morning.
2017-05-15 23.24.59

This is the view from the SAPS across the road when I asked the Police to sort the driver out with his parking.  🙂

Just another moaning day, must be getting old. I`m going to try it on my Facebook.. page.


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I haven`t blogged for a while and am suffering from withdrawal as I used to be a bloggerholic. The sky in the morning always seems more interesting in the winter months so  will start off with yesterday.

2015-05-29 07.05.00

As we have a problem with water in the Cape its quite surprising that there are so many veggies still growing.I`ve been using rain water for a while now and it`s getting low so may have to use grey water.

todays veg

There are quite a few insects and other creepy crawlies around. i find the Prey Mantis very resourceful.When they catch a bee or wasp they keep the sting out of the way while they eat it.i was very surprise to see the even eat Gecko`s, but they do it while it is alive.



The Butcher Bird also likes a live breakfast.breakfastbird

There is always a place for a joke and laughter is the best medicine.



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