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I seem to have collected a lot of different email addresses over the years, most have only been used once. I found a list in a book and tried to log on to them but providing all the security info is such a bind.As for blogs they seem to dissapear very quickly as the blog sites re-organize. So many have gone from the SA scene because they are now pay only or become private.at least i found an old photo I was looking for, that`s the advantage of putting photos on a blog site.I must have inavertantly deleted this one.


This was Mikes first fast bike, also a triumph, but single engined.As for email addresses, I`m just going to sign on for some new ones and write the password down ๐Ÿ™‚

2015-05-29 07.05.00SR2

I always like toย  finish with a bit of color. Sunrise.


And not very colorful Sunset.

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When Mike and Nevile Bramley were the leading lights in the `Hells Angels` in Jo`berg. Mike had a customizing. shop and Nevile had the `Pink panther`. Mike had a bike that he made himself that was used on the `Rainbow Strip` and it was the fastest thing around. There was a photo of it on an earlier blog.
angel bike

This belonged to a new member who hadn`t got his colors yet.
What brought this on was being in town today and seeing the wake of one of our local bikers who had been with the Mak`s for many years. It was quite a turnout and even the main street was blocked off by the local police. I`ve put a few photos on the blog but the rest are on Facebook. I tried to make an album but not being very knowledgeable in Facebook it didn`t work. There is still about 30 photos of the event on my page. Keith William
I used to drive around the Dam every weekend and very often would find a lot of `Hells Angels` out on their weekend drive. Although not a member I was accepted and had many interesting coffee breaks.I still remember the `Viking` as he wore a hemet with horns on it.

me near dam

This was taken near the Hartebespoort Dam near Jo`berg in the early 60`s. BSA A65 how Time fly`s !


Same person different bike, taken 2012 in the UK. It`s my brothers Harley !


My brother traveling in the USA .On What else, but aย  Harley !


Me traveling in Rhodesia 1964. BMW touring bike.

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I thought this was a new craze that my youngest daughter got me into, but it seems to have been around for a few years. I finally got signed up on http://www.geocaching.com .
We found three in the first few hours and had a great time. It is very good for people who don`t get out much as there is quite a bit of walking. A while ago I did a blog on Metal Detecting which is also exciting at times. Being a very keen photographer both hobbies get me taking even more photos.
This one I found without much of a problem but it was just a log sheet in an aluminum tablet tube.
This one was very interesting as it had a log book and many little trinkets in. The packaging was very professional as the owner only comes over from the UK every 2 years. If he doesn`t come soon the box will be full.
This one was a bit more difficult as there were a lot of old machines around the plot. the trouble was that we spent a long time going round and round this one looking in all the difficult spaces but in the end it was in a very simple place.There were some very small kiddies plastic toys and a log sheet in a plastic pill box.

These pictures were taken with an old Alcatel, The smart phone was needed to get the GPS app which can be downloaded from the App store for free. Happy Hunting.

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I have found out in a very short time from friends that Facebook is not the place to put a blog. the main thing is that people don`t read them as they are probably to hard to find unless you have 100 friends. Also when asking family members they tell me that it`s mostly getting as many likes and friends as you can, that is the status.I found it difficult as things always seemed to pop up in the wrong place.They tell me it`s just old age and it`s really for youngsters to brag on how good their life is, even if it`s only in cyber space ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  I find it useful for finding companies as most of them have a page.

2015-08-01 11.24.00

There was another march on the police station today, with it`s Brass Band which could be heard from the other end of Town.

2015-07-18 14.31.39

the Cougel was back again today, I think it`s a youngster as it`s a bit smaller that the last pair. Latter today they cut the hedge below the wall so we may get less birds now.

animated SR5

I still like to put the sunrise on the blog while I still can, as we may be forced to leave soon if the place is sold by the owner.


If you are a cat lover do you have one of these on your wall ?


micro flowers

I still haven`t found out what this plant is. the flowers are bellow and are very similar to lavender. i have some more coming up now at the back of the plant bed and they look like weeds.


That`s one way to take the family out, and save fuel. I think even our trafic cops would notice a bit of overloading on this bike. I hope it`s not a 50cc or he will need a push start.

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I thought I would review a few sunrises today as it looks like the owners are selling .I think I will miss this early morning photo session.I have just started a Facebook page Under the name of Keith William, this is photo I am using. All the years of blogging I have used my friend the Whitwolf but after her death I thought it was time for a change. I am still trying to find how the page works, as I have just blogged for many years, but most people now seem to be on Facebook.

watching u

clipped palmsDSCF0818bay tele rain122314_1358_ThatTimeoft2.jpg

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it`s funny but the older you get the more you want to forget birthdays. Unfortunately when you have kids and grand kids this is impossible. it`s also usual to get things that are immediately useful on these days. This year was a little different because we have quite a lot of power outages now, so the only thing you can do is read. I was given a nice large rechargeable lamp which not only has 5ย  settings for the LED`s but can also be charged with the solar panel provided. I can now charge my phones either from the lamp battery or solar power.

solar lamp

As well as this lamp I got a small battery operated one that clips on the page of the book plus lots of eats and some new t-shirts. so this year was an eye opener and I got all useful presents. so maybe life isn`t too bad in the golden Years. ๐Ÿ™‚

2015-05-29 07.05.00SR2

I had to put this one in just to show the veiw I wake up to, for those who haven`t seen my blog before.

whale breach

This is what itย  looks like most times when I go out on the Whale Watching boat.


When you can remember this a legal tender and could still buy something with it, you know you are old. ๐Ÿ™‚


There are still a lot of birds frequenting the garden and make very interesting animations.


I still love these stills that were taken with a time lapse setting.


This was taken at the Wolf Sanctuary when I last went there. When I saw this I thought of the old saying` Dog in a Manger ` although it`s not a dog it did make me smile.

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2015-07-14 07.14.06

First a sunrise then I will show what I commented on in my last blog.
through the lens
This is the method I use to reply to most of my likes. Click on the email list of blogs. Delete the date which is usually months old. Then click on the username, then you get the last blog written. Then leave a like and comment and wait. I personally have had only few comments over the years but they have been constant and ranged over many different sites. I have been trying to reach `Weelyboy` who then became `Sarcasm`, I found his Satire blogs very entertaining and read most of them. As all his blogs have been deleted now I was wondering if his illness had got worse or if he is no longer with us. We started together on blat many years ago and like most early bloggers moved on from site to site as they filled with commercial blogs. Now there are less than half a dozen old bloggers on this site, maybe blogging has been taken over by social media like Facebook and twitter.

Maybe a few jokes from the hard drive before i delete them also.


Excuses that become black humor.


As things are.


The Medical problems.

gunshots horn

Make the car roadworthy.

gantry etoll

One answer to e-tolls.


Is this a joke ? I think he forgot about the money in black bags.

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Another day another blog. I wish I could get back to the days when at least one a day was published. I think a lot of people click on likes as they do on twitter and facebook because it is so easy on wordpress. I have tried to comment on these likes but have only twice had a reply, can anyone comment on this. When you get a like sometimes there are 3 blogs written underneath, why are they months behind the current date. I find to get their latest blog is to bring it up on the address bar and delete everything except the user name and wordpress.com.
2015-07-30 07.19.52
I still take a photo of the sunrise most mornings if it looks colorful. Many times it is just plain orange and the sun just pops up over the mountain with a glare that makes photography impossible.

2015-07-18 14.31.39
map cougel-horz

back cougel2
The Burchell`s Coucal is one of the birds that frequent the garden very often. They seem to like fresh meat as they have been seen with large snails and big spiders. We have a lot of small birds in the hedges outside the walls and I suspect that they are partial to young fledglings, as there is always a lot of noise when they go down there. As you can see, there are a lot of variations to the Coucal. I have seen a red one in the bird book but never seen it in the garden.
2015-08-01 11.24.00
Being near the Police Station is quite lively as there are plenty of marches every month. These are always accompanied by a brass band and start in the high street and come up the hill. As there have been a lot of child rape and killings in certain areas they are protesting again. The fist time, it was midnight when they started the protest and went on for two hours. The singing was the same as for all the other protests and was very well harmonized, it was just the wrong time of day.
After 20 years I thought this was beyond belief that someone would carry a banner with “Give us back our freedom“ . This went on most of the day and was started by one of the main unions. This was a complaint that too many rapist and murderers were getting bail and re-offending so they wanted the bail revoked on these people.


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