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It`s amazing how deformed some veggies get in the garden when the soil is not prepared properly. I have found that the tomatoes have not grown so well this year , due to lack of sun and maybe too much horse manure from the farm. There were a few small stones and coarse compost left in the carrot patch which caused a few unusual results.


The squash and Patipans are coming to an end as the leaves are getting mildew on and the wasps are starting to sting the fruits. We have had a good season of cucurbits this year, Squash, Patipans and Cucumbers.


We have started picking them smaller now before they get stung, but they still taste good with a meal.


We are overrun with frogs but that is usually a sign of a good garden. I`m very surprised that the loacal feral hasn`t caught one yet, she catches a lot of rats, but I don`t know if they are from my garden.


While taking a walk along the beach the other day I came across this. I wonder is it`s some budding psychopath practicing ?


There are a lot of these Spiders around but they are just common garden veriety, very flat and move fast.


If you look carefully it can be seen that the fly catcher is doing it`s job. All spiders have their job to do in the garden and very few are harmful to humans. This was also taken with a cellphone so it`s not very clear.

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I was reading a blog by fletcher about making dog biscuits which was very good. This reminded me that our feral cat the other day meeowed up at me while I was eating a peanut butter sandwich, so I gave it a bit, which never touched sides and she eat half of it before walking away. That made me think , as well as fish or meat flavors maybe they should bring out a peanut butter flavor J This is the first feral cat that insists on drinking milk every day, probably her mother weaned her too young.


In with my herbs I have Echinacea growing and hoping to make some drops for the prevention of colds and flu. I`ve been using the flower heads like the Chamomile but the books say you can use the whole plant.


I took this I some ones garden with a keyring camera, I think the price of weed has gone up or maybe they like it pure. That`s if they know what it is !?$#@


Have a great weekend.


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Being next to a police station as least livens up our day. Yesterday we had a large team of convicts putting up a tent again, last time it was for violence against woman and children. We have had the minister and deputy here with a lot of other dignitaries stressing how the police are helping with crime and how help is needed from the public.

It looked like this as you come up from town.

This was looking up towards the stage. The security guard on the right has his holster like a gunslinger J

At least I can pick veggies today and listen to the music. I think they are going overboard with the National Anthem though.

This was taken in the UK 1994 but I don`t think the flag would be appreciated even if it is silk.

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I found a small problem with snapping photos with a cell phone, I keep forgetting to switch it back from macro to normal. This happened the other day when I saw a very interesting car in the main road but as the sun was very bright the screen was hard to see. I have been along this road all week and have not seen it again, this is the sad out of focus snap. It was covered with animals in different colors. The next photo was better as the cell phone was adjusted to normal J

This year is the first time we have grown Patipans that have grown to this size so quickly. We had bacon and egg the other day but had no mushrooms, but if the flesh is sliced and fried with the bacon it tastes great. As my Wife can`t eat seads the large ones are much better as we can slice the parts off around the edge and throw the seeds away.

Queeny the feral seems to have taken over the birds water bowl as I forgot to fill it today. I don`t know whether she is just waiting for a bird or if it`s just warm and comfortable in the sun?

This is in the direction of the sunrise but it is just the reflection of the sunset in the clouds.

This was the sunset on the same day.

The sunset seems very unimpressive until it is viewed from a lower angle, I just push my laptop screen back a bit.



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It may sound strange but downsizing seems to come with age. There are so many things that just seem to complicate life; one of these was the number of computers that I was using. It was very interesting when I was younger as hacking was considered the norm and was quite interesting. But I now just think that although I never interfered with peoples programs it was still an invasion of privacy. When WiFi became the norm it was very interesting logging on to everyone that didn`t think of a password, but now everyone has wised up to this fact. Wardriving was considered the norm and many people made special antennas to hack into commercial WiFi networks. Now I use just one computer and my other one is connected to the TV for films that haven`t got onto DSTV yet.

My feral cat still keeps bringing me presents of which I am not willing to eat yet as things haven`t got to survival mode yet.

The veg ggarden is producing more Patipans than we can eat, even supplying my family. As you can see some have got so big overnight that the look like pumkins.

The one on the left is the normal size you get in a supermarket. The grow so quick that I don`t know why they charge so much. One of the large ones is enough to feed both of us without using the pips. If they are cooked with bacon and eggs they are very much like mushrooms, you just have to slice them right.

My Wife thinks this feral is pregnant but I don’t think so, but we put a bet on it. J

I don`t find power cuts a problem because I love fish fingers. J

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This New Year’s Eve was the quietest for many years. The firework display on the beach was very loud but not very interesting. Fireworks seem to be getting louder but don`t last very long. This year there were very few hot air balloons floating across the sky, probably because they caused too many fires last year. I wish the people next door would use charcoal or braai wood on their fire as the smell of the briquettes is terrible and permeates the whole house. It must leave a funny taste to the meat or whatever they are cooking. I have been experimenting with Solar Ovens again on the days of good hot sun and have had some good results. We even cooked some bread rolls for the braai in old baking powder tins. The original was a cardboard box lined with aluminium foil. I have made the permanent one from wood with glass mirrors inside and it works much better.

I was thinking of Alice today and came across this .gif file which lightened my mood with a smile; we never got to walking on the beach but did walk the bush a couple of times a day when we stayed on the farm.

The Bees seem to love the Lavender and Perennial Basil in the garden which seems to freak my Wife out when they come to the table.

When metal detecting on the beach the other day we found quite a few large meteorites, smaller ones are easy to find with a normal magnet but they are normally very small and look like gravel but stick to the magnet. The best thing to do is put the magnet in a plastic bag and tie it closed with string and then pull it through the sand or where the waves break on the beach.

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