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I was just thinking that not much has changed in the last year. I realize that blogging is just a hobby like photography, metal detecting, Ham radio, computers and gardening. But I still enjoy them all equally and they all seem to fit into the blogging category eventually, but it keeps me occupied and I do get plenty of e-mails. I thought of giving up blogging many times, but then I tried to think what to do to pass the time away and get my photos looked at. This year I must definitely use a better camera as one gets lazy when it`s so easy to use a cell phonecamera.

The Devil Cat is still making use of the window sill to spy on us when we watch TV. The other night I took my eyes off her and she sneaked into the lounge and slept on the couch. It was only at 5 in the morning that I was awoken by a very faint Meeoow and had to get up and let the cat out. She`s a very strange feral as she will rub against your legs and make free with the house, She insists on the pellet bowl and milk saucer being there when she wants them, but will not have a hand put near her.

The garden is still producing mor than we can eat every day, this was just one picking this morning.

I was just looking at some old photos that were taken in the early 60`s when I was interested in ex-army radio equipment. They were great fun but needed a lot of battery power. Looking at it now they seem very cumbersome and did not have any more range than the equivalent ones I have now.

This is the Zartek Pro 8 and has a rechargeable battery like a cell phone. They don`t need a license and have a choice of 304 channels, FM radio, Baby monitor, stop watch, and VOX and comes with charger and mike/earphone combination. They are very handy when at the farm as I can keep in touch with the main house when exploring the bush. They are also very useful when metal detecting as they are on the 446 mhz band so don`t interfere with the detectors.

Don`t worry tonight if you don’t make any New Year’s resolutions, because then you won`t be disappointed tomorrow.

When I am metal detecting this would be much better than bottle tops, it`s very similar to doing the lottery every week and hoping.

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