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I was just thinking that not much has changed in the last year. I realize that blogging is just a hobby like photography, metal detecting, Ham radio, computers and gardening. But I still enjoy them all equally and they all seem to fit into the blogging category eventually, but it keeps me occupied and I do get plenty of e-mails. I thought of giving up blogging many times, but then I tried to think what to do to pass the time away and get my photos looked at. This year I must definitely use a better camera as one gets lazy when it`s so easy to use a cell phonecamera.

The Devil Cat is still making use of the window sill to spy on us when we watch TV. The other night I took my eyes off her and she sneaked into the lounge and slept on the couch. It was only at 5 in the morning that I was awoken by a very faint Meeoow and had to get up and let the cat out. She`s a very strange feral as she will rub against your legs and make free with the house, She insists on the pellet bowl and milk saucer being there when she wants them, but will not have a hand put near her.

The garden is still producing mor than we can eat every day, this was just one picking this morning.

I was just looking at some old photos that were taken in the early 60`s when I was interested in ex-army radio equipment. They were great fun but needed a lot of battery power. Looking at it now they seem very cumbersome and did not have any more range than the equivalent ones I have now.

This is the Zartek Pro 8 and has a rechargeable battery like a cell phone. They don`t need a license and have a choice of 304 channels, FM radio, Baby monitor, stop watch, and VOX and comes with charger and mike/earphone combination. They are very handy when at the farm as I can keep in touch with the main house when exploring the bush. They are also very useful when metal detecting as they are on the 446 mhz band so don`t interfere with the detectors.

Don`t worry tonight if you don’t make any New Year’s resolutions, because then you won`t be disappointed tomorrow.

When I am metal detecting this would be much better than bottle tops, it`s very similar to doing the lottery every week and hoping.

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Well Christmas has come, and gone. Now we are entering a brand new Year, which for younger members it is full of a lot more possibilities.:-)

I think that maybe my life is mapped out for the next year and it won`t be much different for this last one. At a certain age you normally stick to things that you know and have worked before. I still like my photography and am of the opinion that a photograph is better than words. Computers are still a useful tool as it makes it possible to communicate with people thousands of miles away. As far as photos go I seem to be using a cell phone more often now as it`s so easy and maybe a person gets a bit lazy with age. I have taken sunrises and sunsets with a DSLR camera and they make great posters but you can only display a few so most get reduced to 500pixels wide and used on blogs.

This was taken on an overcast day and does not have a ot of different colors with which to make a poster.

This one however was clipped and gave a picture with a bit of atmosphere as most of the ones with the sun coming through the clouds do.

The sunsets are usually colorful but the sky has to be clipped unless there are a lot of clouds to reflect the setting sun.

This must be one of the unusual feral cats that beg for a saucer of milk morning and night.

I am still busy in the garden and this morning I had to pick these items plus a lot of Swiss Chard. I am lucky that my one daughter comes and takes some for her family as I seem to be over producing. I`ve always wondered why more people don`t do this as there is nothing better than home grown veggies, especially when you see what the supermarkets are palming off on the public.

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I wish to thank all who have read these blogs and wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS or wish you well over the festivities and a long and prosperous life.

It always seems strange seeing the sun rise like this, as on ` QI ` (a DSTV program ) , this is a mirage and the sun is still below the horizon. Well i`m old school and I still call this a sunrise.

I wonder what would be considered sunset, would it be very dark as the sun would be over the horizon.

The sun has set but there is still quite a bit of color in the sky, so this must be the sunset. J

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I did a few blogs on custom number plates last week and found they were mostly on high end cars. This one proved me wrong as I found one on a Bakki. It seems during holiday season people come from far and wide to this sleepy town.

This one didn`t have a special number plate but it looks like it is ready for the festivities.

It may seem strange but even when this feral cat has eaten her fill she still insists on a nice saucer of milk.

The weather has been a little unstable lately but there has been some unusual sunrises.

Unfortunately a cellphone doesn`t do them justice. I must not be so lazy and get my camera on a tripod so they are in focus. J

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Our Feral cat has taken up residence in the water bowl on the wall. Now there are two trains of thought on this, it either fits her body so she feels safe, or, she`s waiting for the birds to come for a drink. She used to wait in the nearby shrubs and wait for the birds, but never caught any as they were too quick.

After waiting for a while with no birds in sight she decides just to sleep there.

Going to Baviaanskloof was quite interesting as a site was found where the old SADF did their training before going into Angola. Some of the rounds are very corroded so have been there quite some time but show the two calibers used. Even live rounds were found as well as blanks. The blanks are unusual as they are made completely of brass in one piece. This is so the cycle properly on full auto. The ones found were for the older R1 rifle which dates back to the 60`s when it started out as the FN self loading rifle.

All cases found with metal detector.

This is the R1 blank the same as used in the FN rifle.

This appears to be a live round from the latter smaller bore R3, this is a basic copy of the AK 47 (AK74)


The sunset was not very colorful tonight, but you can`t win them all.

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Although the veggie garden is providing a lot of food the weather is very strange for this time of the year. The Patipans are prolific as is the Swiss Chard. Usually by this time of the year we have harvested many crops of bush beans and have plenty for bottling but I don`t think there has been enough sun. Although there are a lot of tomato plants, mainly beaf steak with a few yellow pear shaped ones. The smaller yellow tomatoes are quite prolific and grown right through to the winter. I have tried all types in pots and they grow very well. They were very good in the UK when grown in ` Grow Bags `. In SA they can be grown in potting soil bags with a bit of 2.3.2 mixed in. Two plants grow in one bag which is useful if you are in a flat with a balcony. Carrot seem to grow in most soils but it is best if the soil is fine. Green peppers seem to be growing better in pots than the ones in the veggie beds, but that is also their position in the sun I think.

Last year a full packet of Echinacea seeds were sown but only one plant germinated and has grown into a large plant. It seems to have spread since it was replanted into the sunny part of the garden. I am hoping to grow more this year so as to make my own drops or making tea out of the flower heads like with the Chamomile that grows in the more shaded areas.

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The town is very quiet now that the Plett rage has finished but the damage is still around. I haven`t heard of any deaths this year so it much better than previous years. This year they have got shuttles for the matrics to try and save on drunk driving but still some try to turn into one way roads. The local roads are not easy to negotiate, even if you are sober.

We had the usual power cuts today even though Eskom said they wouldn`t. I went to the municipal offices earlier to get a copy of the load shedding but they were unable to tell me as Eskom haven`t told them yet. I went to customer services who phoned through to Eskom and informed me that Eskom couldn`t send them and email as they had no power. I left my email address and was told when they get one from Eskom they will forward me a copy, we will have to wait and see.

My veggie garden is quite productive again this season but the Green Patipans seem a bit larger than the yellow ones. Maybe they have been left on the plant too long. Last year we only had the yellow ones but this year we got a mixed packet which has green, yellow and white, but they all taste very similar.

Last night we were awoken by singing and whistling just before midnight so I went out to see what the problem was. This went on until after 01:30 with much stick waving, singing and shouting. This morning I heard that it was a protest against the police because another child had gone missing and not much was being done to find this child. I just wondered why it wasn`t done in the daytime, a hundred people make a lot of noise that time at night.

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