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A touch of the Blues :-)

I think it`s time to download all my blogs and make them into a book. Looking back on some of the old ones maybe they would be educational if they were sorted out. I seem to have got in a sort of rut and got too many blogs going at one time. Some of my latest ones have been a bit flat and do not get any response even when visiting ` likes` and commenting. I have only a few constant comments, and I thank you all for supporting me over the years . It seems that now most people prefer `facebook or Twitter `, I may try ` Facebook` or not. Using a Vodacom sim card is an expensive way to use social media, and I know friends that get to the stage of needing rehab. 😉

And if you are a smoker don`t be surprised by this room.

And if you drive `be very careful`

You could be hijacked !!!!!

I found this on the beach the other day while detecting, Years ago it bought something.

I will send emails to people on my contact list if anythink good comes up. Have a great weekend. Leo

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Does Anyone Know Why ?

I have an HP printer with a scanner and copier which does not allow me to refill the cartridges. There is a button to click on if you are using anything else except genuine HP cartridges but then you can`t adjust anything. My printing now comes out in weird colors, like below.

Below is how it printed before the HP notice came up on the screen.

Can anyone help me with this situation or do I have to buy originals. I used to refill my Cannon printers but they also stopped working after a while, stating that the ink overflow was full. I cleaned everything on those printers but they just would not print. Eventually I was given this HP last Christmas but it seems I have the same problem. I think that all these manufacturers just want to sell cartridges and they must put a counter in the program and a method of finding out how many times you change the cartridge. I have refilled 3 times but now things have gone haywire. Maybe if I put the program in my other computer it will be a first time event. Or maybe there is a fix on the internet, this didn`t work on the other printers J

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What is this Skull ?

Another mysterious thing found while metal detecting. While searching at the side of a dirt road we came across this skull, does anyone know what animal it belongs to ?

It may be a domestic dog as the training school was less than a kilometer away. As the teeth are in good condition it could not be a very old animal or only eat soft food.

Meen while in the house there is a conflict between a fly and a daddy longlegs. The fly is bound with silk now but today the fly has disappeared, probably in the vacuum cleaner.

In the garden the birds are still feeding well on the open flowers. The feral cat is now taken over exploring everything in the house but is still wary when approached quickly and will run outside. It`s very strange as she will eat at the side of the chair and rub against your legs but will not be touched with your hand. We prefer it this way as she gives us a lot of fun around the garden. Although she comes in the house in the day time and sleeps on the couch, at night time she sleeps on my chair out side.

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I tried last night to see if I could get some more photos of Bats in my new location. This garden is smaller than the one that I got my last photos and they travel so fast that it`s hard to catch them. All of the photos last night were at the top of the frame and very blurred. I tried using a camcorder but the images didn`t even look like bats, they looked like UFO`s. J

Taken for a blog a few years ago where there was more room.

This was most of my photos put onto a black background.

I tried many times to use the flash but it always had a delay. I found that if you press half way down on the shutter you can press it fully when the bat is seen. The only problem is that the focus has already been fixed so it is a bit of hit and miss but you will get a good one eventually. I took about 50 frames to get this one, but it was worth it.


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I had a smile at these :-)

Looking through some old pictures on my other computer I found these and they did at least make me smile. At the moment there isn`t much to smile about especially if you watch the local news.

Thing seems to be very interesting when driving through the new road.

The builders arrived in their new Bakki this morning, lucky we bought the materials yesterday.

When taking a boat trip last week I noticed that the Whales were waving good bye to the local seagulls.

We are getting rather a lot of rain around here.

And why is it always presumed that it will be a Dog in the manger?

On that rather warm note I will try to get a blog ready for tomorrow. Leo

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As I have said in earlier blogs, this is a feral cat. She will come in the house but always moves out if you go towards her. She will happily sit by your feet or rub herself against your legs but will not accept stoking.

My neighbor has just put up a wall, I hope they are going to clear up and at least cover it with screed and paint. I embrace the fact of them putting a wall up as it gives us privacy, but this looks a bit over the top. We never knew about it until we saw the building of it. They went out that day so they didn`t have to listen to the noise.

Early this morning it looked like rain but as usual the weather forecast seems to be a little off. The clock in the bedroom shows rain and an outside temp of 19 c at 09;45. The sun rises quite early now and at 05:00 the sun just starts to come up from the sea. Watching QI the other night they stated that when we see the sun rising it is actually still below the horizon due to the refraction of the light waves. I don`t know whether that is true, but it sounds interesting and possible.

I`m still waiting to get some Sunset photos like this but by the time I get in position it`s too late. J

This was taken a few weeks ago when it had rained during the day. The sunrise and sunset photos are always much better with some cloud around.

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Detecting Cats.

I was asked again to go detecting around the Wood Shed but nothing much of interest was found even though the ground has been cleared. They are using one of the mill stones as an entrance stone. All the coins found were rather recent but there were some old hinges and brackets that had been there for many years. There were some metal parts of the old wagon that was here many years ago, but they had been burned. There are some good trees to search around; the main walls are in the back ground. This never had a roof on as it was just to stop the wood from being stolen. The wood was cut around the Peisang Valley and then floated down the Peisang River to the bay which is just to the left of the photograph.


Across the road is the old rectory which has also been cleared of the rubbish that the squatters leave around.

This has been featured in many of the old blogs showing the inside and around the grounds. It now has a new sign stating `Trespassers will be prosecuted` , but it`s still full of squatters J . So we did some detecting and realized that the leaf mold was too thick to give accurate readings.

Queenie even begs for more food by rubbing up against your leg, but will not let you stroke her.

The feral cat `Queenie` still graces us with a play show after eating,

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