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Tonight was a little more eventful than just watching DSTV. My wife as not feeling like very much to eat and fancied a boiled egg sandwich, so I offered to make it. I put the egg on to boil but put the stove onto 6 so as to get the water to boil, I then usually bring it down to 2 and let it simmer. As usual I got involved on my computer and was examining some finds from metal detecting with the digital microscope. This went on for a while and I was absorbed with focusing and taking snap shots. There was then an enormous explosion in the direction of the kitchen which sounded like a 12 bore shot gun. The first though from my wife was that I had been experimenting with something and got it wrong. I went into the kitchen and was horrified by the devastation. I had forgotten the egg boiling on full heat and it had exploded. The egg and it`s shell covered half of the kitchen and was stuck on all the cupboards, ceiling, toaster, microwave and everything else on the working surfaces. My wife said that maybe the chicken laid an egg with a bullet in it. The whole kitchen and dining room smelled like a chicken full of eggs had exploded in a ball of flames. Has anyone else had this problem, except if you try to microwave themJ

The feral cat that has been around for the last year for it`s 3 meals a day has started to interact with us. It now comes in the lounge and rests on the couch and if you don`t make eye contact it stays. She now comes to us while we sit and have coffee outside and rubs herself against our legs and the sits at your feet and cleans her fur. The other day we were presented with a dead rat that had no marks on it, it was placed where we sit outside so we wouldn`t miss it. Every morning she comes and sits on the bedroom window ledge until she gets her breakfast but won`t eat it until we move away, but she will eat next to us if we are sitting on our chairs outside.

This is not a very good photo but it was taken quickly with a cell phone to show my wife.

These were found on the internet , maybe because they are matters in the public eyeJ


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We went down to Shipwreck Beach today, the carpark is not very easy to find. It`s a very small one for 6 cars max. After you get there you have to go along a boardwalk to the beach. It is probably the worst in Plett as the steps are mostly slanted and the steps slope forward. Not taking the usual precautions and being distracted by the view I took another fall but luckily only got a few bumps and grazes. The first thing I noticed was a terrible smell and noticed a dark object near the low water line. This was a baby seal from the nearby sanctuary, it had only one wound that was open but as you can see on the lower pic there is a strange mark on it`s chest.

Does anyone know what this mark could be? It`s about 4mm deep.

Wefound some metal objects but I think the sand has covered most thing above the depth of the metal detectors.

These were found at a depth of 190mm and are ferrus. I broke the piece on the left and the metal has completely turned to an oxide.

I think the only way to find what is inside the conglomerate of sand and oxide is to x-ray the items.

These are some of the other items found, which were only repeated as the time went by. We are still waiting to go and search the area next to the Woodshed. We now have permission to try around the old Milkwood tree at the back of the property.

The Woodshed is in the foreground and the Rectory is in the center. On the left is where the Milkwood trees were and seem to be a meeting place. The beach is to the right of the picture nd the cove is anotherplace to detect as the boats came in there.The trouble is that this place was founded in the 1700`s so thing may be quite deap.J


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My youngest Daughter got a metal detector for her birthday so I have been showing her the best ways to use it. I have a detector but it is a much cheaper one that I got at Maplins in the UK. We went to the old site of the woodshed and the buildings across the road which have been there since the 1700`s. As we were only learning about the site we did not find anything spectacular. The biggest problem there are the squatters as there is a lot of rubbish thrown under the bushes. The buildings have been badly damaged also. There used to be a wagon near the woodshed but it has been used for firewood even though it`s a National Monument.

We found a few burned nails and a bracket but everything else has gone. There is one strange item still there and that is a Mill Stone. As there is no river near here now maybe it came from the Water Mill that was on the Peisang River a kilometer away.

We went to Robberg Beach the next day to see what we could find and get used to the detectors under different conditions. These lumps of metal and crust were found and were cleaned the next day, the results were quite rewarding but not worth anything.

Further cleaning was done on the coin and it turned out to be a 1990 South African coin. I took some pictures of it with the microscope that plugs into my computer.

This was part of South Africa which was also in Afrikaans on the same side.

If you look carefully ` 990` can be seen. As it is not a valuable coin no more cleaning was done.

As there is no drinking on the beach we certainly found a lot of bottle tops. A beer bottle with foil on was found at a depth of 400 mm.

This was my Daughters first find of the day and gave a very good reading, it was given to one of the fishermen as we went along the beach. Recycling can be interesting and maybe we find it againJ

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I was just thinking that since cell phones are now standard with a camera of reasonable quality, my camera which was much more expensive now stays next to my computer. I also take a lot more photos, most of which get deleted. It has become a ritual to take pictures just to put on a blog, sad. Anyway here are a few taken lately of the creatures around the garden.

I caught this frog climbing out of the pool at the farm, it is much better marked than the ones in my garden.

The only thing with this one is it`s red feet with suckers on, I think it is to climb trees.

I think that my friend the local pigeon wants to smoke like the monkey in the jo`berg zoo.

There are still a lot of creepy crawlies around, but this one just ran up my arm with no problems.

This one I found in my wastepaper basket, but I don`t think I will let this one run up my arm J

This one was taken in Woolies, at first I thought with it being in the woman section it read `I have nothing to wear` J

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Being a bit lazy today as I haven`t found time to write a new blog, as it only got one comment Iast time I thought maybe I`ll try again.

I make a lot of bread but when I cut a slice it always seems to go on an angle. This is a great problem to my Wife as she always cuts the next slice after leveling the loaf off at the end. This then causes me a problem as the loaf is finished much quicker. Having done quite a bit of woodwork I made a mitre block for the bread and now the slices are always straight.

My Wife has started making Sauer Kraut and it is difficult to get jars to make it in. She has tried pickling jars but they are too small and do not make much. We tried using plastic containers but they made too much and we have had to give most to friends and family. Looking through the cupboards I found a hotel style pickle jar and cut it down so it is straight inside and allows a disc to slide all the way down, That means that there is always pressure on top of the cabbage. This now holds one green cabbage and half a red one which makes lovely pink Sauer Kraut.

I made a wooden right angle on it`s side so I could turn the bottle and then cut the bottle with a diamond cutter in my dremmel whilst turning the bottle.

I tried out a solar oven by making a loaf in a small tin and it worked very well as the sun is still hot.

This is an upside down cake made in a solar oven made with a cardboard box and aluminum foil. The only problem is that it cooks but doesn`t brown the crust and was a little soggy. I will have to make a bigger parabolic reflector type like the small one I use for making coffee.

At mid day it takes about ten minutes to make a coffee. J

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With my last blog I put a sunrise on but as you can see the camera was set for night time so it looked a bit artificial. This was the Sunset that it was set for.

Within minutes the whole sky had changed as I drove from the farm to town, that`s why I love the sunrise and sunset. There are never two that are the same.

Sometimes there are some other interesting items that cross these pictures.

On cloudy days the sun gives a great reflection on the sea.

This was the Hadida`s going home at sunset and they don`t go quietly. Someone said they are scared of flying because they only make a loud noise when they leave the trees. I watched a pair making a nest near my balcony one year and they never made a sound while they were in the tree or nest. They are some of the clumsiest birds I have ever seen building their nest as they both have a go at placing the twigs and these fell in the pool very often as they were arranged.

Most mornings the seagulls come up from the beach but they are so fast I usually miss them.


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The little garden gives us a lot of pleasure as we have a table and chairs there and it`s quite sheltered. One part of the garden is under cover so it`s very good when it rains as we are under cover. I find it very peaceful for reading, photographing sunrises and writing blogs.

Here are a couple of pics of the garden, the first one is in the direction of the sunrise.

And a few of the flower beds. Along the side of the garden we are growing mostly vegetables with a few flowers and shrubs to brighten things up. I find picking and eating home grown veggies very enlightening compared to buying them in the supermarket. The taste is amazing as they are so fresh compared to the weeks of transport and standing on shelves in the shops.

Garlic is very easy to grow but take a long time and love food. These were old ones that had started to sprout so I put them in a few large pots. This year I am growing them in the ground. They have to be dried after lifting from the soil or they are too soft and not so tasty.


These are just a few of the things that can be grown in a small garden.

Apart from many snails we also have frogs, the later have full reign but the snails are not welcome J

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