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Looking Back.

It`s strange when you look at photos after downsizing. Sometimes you don`t remember where they went, other times giving things away leaves a lasting memory.

These were made from bits of wood that I found in Tokia forest, but gave them all away to friends and family. Some I still see when I visit old friends.

This display wason the wall of my workshop, most of them are now in the UK at my brothers Dojo and are still seem by many of his students.

This is the bike that was raced at the Rainbow track in Jo`burg when Mike Bramley still ran `Hells Angels` They were great days and possible the best motor cycling days of my life.

This was my first car that I had to get once the family started to grow. It was quite good for the kids as we had a nice mattress in the back so they could sleep when they wanted to. I don`t think this would be allowed now but seet belts were no a requirement then. This was in Durban where I traded it in for a Valiant so we could drive down to Cape Town.

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I have tried to photograph the bats that fly over my garden every night but I am not having the success that I had a few years ago.

This was a collage that I posted when living on the other side of town. The bat here fly so fast that they are past me by the time the flash goes off.

This was also very interesting when I went to the Eagles Encounters and the handler allowed me to have a small hawk eat from my hand. Thick leather gloves had to be used as their talons are very sharp.

This one sat beside me and just watched but was able to catch food in flight. They are good hunters and very quiet.

This bird was born in captivity and thought that humans would take it`s food so when it landed on the ground near to me it covered the food with outstretched wings while it eat. The handler kept this one as it was a bit heavy.

And a good couple of hours were spent here and it was very interesting.

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About 18 months ago we had a feral cat come into the garden and it was very thin and skittish. We used to feed it with scraps and it came every day for food and water. It took nearly a year for it to allow us within 3 meters, being it`s fear distance at the time. Later it came and sat within a meter so long as we were sitting.

Latter when we were in the house she decided to sit on my chair outside where we have coffee and a smoke in the mornings to photograph the sunrise.

Lately she has been feeding inside because the Pigeons and Crows have been stealing her food if it`s not eaten before she goes for a walk. But if we walk towards her she still runs away, fear distance has decreased.

I forgot to change the camera from macro so it was not in focus. After she has eaten her biscuits she makes a soft meow until she gets a saucer of milk. But moves away until the milk has been put down.

This was when I was when I could not walk properly after a knee injury , she would jump up on the window ledge and watch me for hours. This was on an earlier blog. At one time she came down into the room and looked behind all the furniture, then through the house to my wife in the lounge.

Last night I was going through the lounge to the kitchen foe some water and found her sitting in the middle of the couch. Only when approaching her within 1 meter did she move and go outside. This was at about half past eight at night. Normally we don`t see her after 6 o`clock, although she has slept on the cushions outside on some occasions.J

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The sun going down last night was not very colorful but did show the dieing rays.

How do you feel about blogging? Well it looks like we are going to have rain most of this week so gardening is definitely out. I find writing blogs on word is very handy and gets uploaded quicker than going on line to do the writing.

Enough on computers although they do seem to occupy a large space in modern life. The other thing is the smart phone. I am not a great lover of this device as it seems to steal my airtime even when I am not using it. I bought myself an old Alcatel when I was in the UK earlier this year as the qwerty keyboard is very handy for sms`s and mms`s as it has a reasonable camera on board.

These were taken with a small keyring camera so the quality is very poor. The main reason was because only the middle of the frame was used.

He sunrise was also not very spectacular this morning but the rain is still holding off.


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When you don`t want to put your photo online there are several ways to do this. They may be photos but do not show detail and only people that know you in person would recognize.

This was taken with the cartoon setting on the camera and does not show fine detail.

You can also have fun with Sunrises if they look a bit tame.

If you are into photshop or similar there is always other options which are good for a bit of humor.

My last blog seems to have caused a lot of irate emails to be sent to me. It seem that not many people like to discuss matters of our rainbow nation being polarized.

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What is wrong with South Africa when a person cannot go to a fancy dress party with dark make up on without being classed as a racist? Did anyone complain about the ` Back and White Minstrel Show`? That actually made it possible for the upliftment of Black musicians in the USA. When blogging many years ago on ` blat` a black writer by the AKA ` Aquilogy` told me that only whites were racist, this I found very strange but he would not discuss this matter.

The other problem is the printing of things like the article below because they are taken out of context and causes a lot of racial tension. Most counties can laugh at their National characteristics; this releases tension and is quite healthy. One thing I did notice while in the UK was that all race relations staff were from the minority groups.


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Blogging can be confusing.

Have you ever wondered if by blogging you have enriched your life or just become a skeleton of your previous self ?

This is a Google code block, so if I click on it will I buy Google on my cell phone? A very strange advert on DSTV shows people clicking on these bar codes to buy things in High Street shops. Normally bar codes are on items so I find things very confusing.

This seems to be a good way to use old paper as by the time the hamster has made it into bedding no one will be able to steal the information.

I feel that there must be a Sunrise, just to finish the blog.

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