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Yesterday was a bit rainy so the sunrise was a little dull. Today we had plenty of color.


Today early, when I had started the time lapse camera. There are two settings for the camera, one is 1 second and the other is 5 seconds. When I tried the 5 second setting it played back a bit too fast so I am trying the other one today.

The way the colors change during the sunrise is beautiful but is still too big to post online. I will have to upload the time lapse onto Youtube or Google latter.

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Feral cats will always be that however they interact with you. This cat would never stay in the garden if it saw you and would beat a hasty retreat. She now parades within four feet of us now and arrives at the same times every day for breakfast and evening meal. She likes chicken scraps but we don`t have them every day but she eats cat pellets with gusto.

Apart from the odd saucer of milk she still prefers rain water to tap water.

We used to put seeds in a tray for two pigeons that also came every day for meals but the cat thinks they are a cat meal. J

Lucky for the pigeon he only lost a couple of small feathers. I think maybe the cat is losing it`s hunting skills.

There hasn`t been many good sunrises lately but this one has a lot of red in it due to the reflection in the clouds. With a digital camera I do find the color changing by focusing on different foregrounds. Has anyone else found this or is it just my camera?

There are not many Whales in the bay now and you have to go far out into the open sea.

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Looking out over the bay there was a very plain sunrise today. Last night`s sunset was also not very impressive due to the sun sinking below the hillside and absence of cloud.

Sunrise with no clouds.

Very disappointing sunset unless you like whispy clouds.

I am very surprised that these Oranges have ripened as they get no direct sun. Although they look ripe I don`t think they will be sweet to taste, they may taste like lemons J

There is one thing with the rising of the sun, there are always clouds somewhere that will reflect the suns rays.

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The sunrise was very uneventful today but still interesting. I took these with my cellphone and noticed that on the second photo there are ring emanating from around the sun, has anyone else had this with their cell?

Good morning.

15 minutes later we get the concentric rings around the sun ……..

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Voting day got off to a warm start, there is a Berg Wind blowing. Things were very quiet at the voting station at Plett Primary School, so I left my wife to vote and went to take some photo`s.
This was outside the voting area with first check and police observers.
2014-05-07 07.41.13sunrise3

The sunrise was late as it had to get above the clouds before breaking through.
2014-05-05 Sunrise
Yesterday it was earlier and shone through the clouds as it rose above the mountains.


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According to number one only clever people worry about Nkandla. What does that say about 63% of the voters? The last quip was that all the Tokaloshes must be sent to the Western Cape to fight the Coven of Witches that are running things there.:-) As for the ruling party lasting till the second coming, that could be a long wait, as many religions don`t even acknowledge the first. Well we will just have to wait and see who votes for KFC. As we have 150 parties on the voters roll we don`t have a voting paper we have a book.


Leader of EFF (Everything For Free)


Is this the New Currency ..?

clipped palms

At least none of this effects the Sunrise.

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Today looked like rain as the dark clouds started to move across the sky`s. Also today the ` Oscar` trial continues. It is difficult to have faith in the justice system when certain people get charges dropped so they can become president. Luckily this one is transparent.

This wasn`t taken until 07.15 as the Sun doesn`t come over the mountains as early as it does in Summer, when it comes up over the sea.

After eating breakfast our feral cat now graces us by sitting next to the birdbath and watching us have our first coffee of the day.

This was the sunrise yesterday when the were no rain clouds around.

We drove up to the farm later and only left as the sun went down. This was not so colorful as at the flat, but I was probably a bit late for a good show. Maybe the view would be much better at Nkandla. J

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