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I was thinking like some other bloggers who have emailed me saying that they think it`s time for a username change. I think that sometimes we get caught in a situation where we diverse too much trying to please as many people as possible. Also when I get a like I try to email a thank`s but most never acknowledge or the email address is not active.

Sunrise 1


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The cloud out to sea looks like the mountains that the sun used to shine over a few months ago. When the cloud lifts it is now sunrise, but it`s a bit later than publicized.

The sky earlier was about the time of sunrise but it was mostly cloud.

This was the sunset the other night, but I was a bit early.

The moon last night was also covered in cloud, but made a good photo. I took some sequence photo`s and they made a good animation, showing the clouds moving across the moon.

It`s amazing what interesting photo`s can be taken of the sky, it`s just a matter of looking up. I am probably lucky in many ways of having the time, and a good place to take photo`s. Every sunrise and sunset is different, as are clouds and the moon setting. The moon last night was in the same place as the sun used to be a few months ago when I took sunset photo`s from the car park.

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first cameras

I have tried with all the digital cameras that I have to try and get some night photo`s with very limited success. While I was watching the constellation of Orion move across my field of vision I started to think of some of my early photographic memories. My first thought was of the Ensign full View that I got in 1950, it took a 120 Kodak film which was 21/4″ square. Latter I got a twin lense reflex which had a lot more settings. They took very good photo`s but in those days there was only black and white . It was quite late in the 50`s when they got colour films and they were expensive. In the 60`s I got a 35 mm SLR Miranda Sensorex which I still have. With this camera I took a lot of photo`s with time exposures some were quite weird and started my investigation into UFO`s. I don`t believe in little green men in flying saucers but I love experiment and investigate unusual things in the sky. A lot of my photos have been used by UFOSA for lectures and I think they were misrepresented. Most of these were taken in the mid 70`s and I would like some comments on them. Most were sent to NICAP in the USA and they can`t give me a good reply. This is of of them and were taken around the Southern Cross with a time exposure of 10 minutes.

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I did his as one of my off the wall experiments and was surprised at the response, as I never told anyone. The writing of blogs on `Word` worked OK but I couldn`t get .gif files to upload and work.

This is Alice making a wallow.


I still don`t know whether to call Alice `Router` or `Browser` 🙂


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These are some time delay shots of the night sky. The straight one is a shooting star the other has not yet been explained. These were taken in Cape Town many years ago on black and white film which was rated at 1500 ASA. I was taking pictures around the Southern Cross with exposures of a few minutes.You can see the effect of the Earths spin by the elongated star tracks.

This next one was sent to NICAP in the USA who do research into Aerial Phenomena. With this comparison you can see it was traveling faster than the spin of the Earth. I sent a copy to the newspapers but they contacted CSIR and they said it could not be published. At that time there was a UFO reported landing in Beaufort West and it was fired on by the SAP, so they were sensitive times.


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As recession bites even the ” Malls ” are getting smaller and moving out of Town. They obviously get lower rates here and do not nead parking bays or security guards. :-))

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I went for dinner at a friends house the other night and saw this on the counter in the kitchen. As the meal was already underway on the stove I asked if this was for sandwiches the next day. Of coarse everyone saw the funny side of the photo. Neadless to say the dog wont eat it either. But thinking about it I remember an old lady in the UK that did eat it and she said she had no problems with it as it was very tasty. She also took “kitzime” tabelets as the multivitamins were too expensive.

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New Years Eve Digest.

I feel sorry for all the people that are going to make New Year Resolutions, because usually by the morning they have broken them all. 😉

Most are, I`m not going to smoke , not going to drink , or not going to do anything stupid. What they should say is , I`m not going to do any of these things, anymore or any less.

If you`re thinking of shooting someone use one of these. J


We are going to the lookout at the end of the road and watch the firework display on the beach bellow.

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The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,100 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 35 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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