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Taking photo`s of security guards could be problematic, but cellphones can now take own pictures. By using this method you are then taking a picture in the opposite direction so it doesn`t cause a problem as they don`t know.

As usual the van is parked on a red line.

When getting the washing out of the basket another surprise awaited, there was a Scorpion in there keeping warm. I caught it in a plastic box and released it over the wall.

Christmas still had a surprise even when you get over 70. This was found in my stocking but I think Santa was 50 years too late. J

Looking forward to the New Year surprises. J

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Confused Digest.

When I went to the supermarket today I took some quite confusing photo`s. The first was in the shop itself when I tried to find fresh milk. Not only does it have 30 days shelf life but to find the price is another problem. J

Walking up the High Street a poster caught my eye as it is voting soon. I looked quickly at it and thought , what now another party that wants to spend our taxes. When taking a longer more careful look I see it was a local club.

In an alcove behind one of the restaurants I found this sculpture, of which we have many around Plett.

Like all the others it`s hard to think what it symbolizes. I suppose some acrobats must have done this in the past. I just wonder why it is hidden away outside a clothes shop?

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Here are some confusing signs which I have found on my hard drive.

Now who in their right mind would try to smoke under water , waste of another law.

If you`ve ever watched a South African football match you will understand this one.

That`s not an emergency sign is it ? At 174 km an hour it will still take an hour to get help. J.

Shopping hours are also confusing, we used to have a 7/11 but working hours have changed.

Is this one of the reasons for these changes ?

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Definitely Summer is on it`s way and the days are getting hotter from sunrise onward. The Sunrise is so early now that I sometimes don`t get up in time.

By 6 it`s already quite high in the sky. Lucky there were some clouds on the horizon or it would be like the one below.

I have planted a few Sunflowers in the garden to try and stop the birds from pecking my tomatoes. It seems to be working as the early ones are developing seeds. I never realized how tall they grow as I used a packet of old bird seed. Some are short like edging plants and some are over 2 meters high. It is getting so hot now that watering is sometimes a daily thing. This may be because the garden has a wall around it and brick paving instead of grass.

The long and the short of it.

On going back to the kitchen the washing machine was being loaded and this Rain Spider had to be extracted from a woolly jersey and put back in the garden. We have a lot of these come into the house most of the year. Pray Mantis are another co-inhabitant of the house but they do clear out the unwanted pests.

When I was in the UK last year I noticed that there are a lot of nuts that you can gather whilst taking the dog for a walk around the block.

In case you do not see my blogs between now and Christmas…I wish everybody a very Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to everyone else. Leo.

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I sometimes get these memories of Alice when we were at the farm but sometimes the situation didn`t seem to bad. I was looking at some of the old photo`s of some of the situations that we had been through together and they were happy times. It`s a shame that sometimes we tend to humanize animals and think we know best, but she is not looking like she used to. It was a shame that no one at the farm wanted to pander to her needs and give her shelter and keep her safe from the other roaming animals. She was very frightened of the ponies because they tried to kick her so she was able the get into her house that we made. The geese used to use her water bowl as a toilet so it had to be changed often. She didn`t mind the chickens sharing her food but got upset when the ponies got their heads in.

When she had her first litter she was a wonderful mother even though there was no shelter for her then as she was on another farm. She made a place for them in a thorny shrub but chewed all the thorns off and lined it with Lavender which she collected from around the garden. After a few days of feeding her on Maas mixed with all the food scraps, beans and fresh greens she decided to allow us to watch her feeding the piglets. After going into her wallow she decided to mark me with mud and then lay down and started to snork. Within a short time the piglets came from their nest and started to feed. This made a beautiful video and I will always remember it. (3).

One (1) and two (2) are some of the photo`s before she gave birth to the first litter. The forth (4) one was when she used to go for walks around the farm with me. She became a large pig very quickly as she was fed on pig meal, which I think was for domestic pigs that you want to fatten up for market. Unfortunately she was never my pig and I had to travel a long way to make sure she had food and water. It was quite a surprise when she gave birth because I thought that the big belly was just another sign that she was a pot belly pig. Suprise,Surprise.

I could write a blog on Alices life but it`s just little bits that come to the fore sometimes, it must be old age.

Other Blog       http://whitewolfswarehouse.wordpress.com

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CD`s and the Sun.

Have you ever reflected the sun onto a piece of white paper using an old CD, it looks quite artistic.

This could be an eye in the rainbow.

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The First Politician.

This photo needs very little explanation, as we all know where their heads are. J

Was this found at the cradle of mankind or is it just a recent x-ray?

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