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Tonight it was quite a colorful sunset for a change. Plett is very noisy tonight as we have the Matric Rage on for the next two weeks. Matrics have taken over the house next door and we are being bombarded with hip-hop and rap music. Luckily we stay up late and get up early, they seem to stay up late and sleep late. While taking these photo`s they were just coming back with a combi full of more matrics as they don`t seem to want to be on these roads after dark. This is quite sensible as there are a lot of accidents here every year they have the Rage. Last year was considered good as only one got killed, it`s a shame but youth always think they are bullet proof, I thought that many years ago.

That was a general view towards the sunset.

This was taken to the left of the sunset.

This was taken from the same spot but with a bit of zoom.

You can take as many photo`s as you want of sunsets or a sunrise and they constantly cange before you eyes, it`s great material.

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I was looking at some of the sunrise/sunset photo`s that I have put on old blogs. Two things have happened over the last few months. The sunrise now is over the sea and is at 4 o`clock in the morning, and the sunset now has to be taken from the end of my road instead of the car park.

Sunrise over mountain.

Sunset from carpark.

Sunrise over sea.

Sunset from end of road.

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We went to see Alice yesterday , she is still getting on very well with Angel. There were a few chickens in her enclosure today as well as an injured Hadida. When we arrived she was laying down and Angel was grooming her back. She didn`t look alive as she was so still, but as soon as I spoke she jumped up and raced over with much snorking and Angel close behind. I put the food into their bowl while my wife fed them their treats. After the two pigs had eaten as much as possible the chickens joined in, even the Hadida grabbed a piece of meat and took it to a corner to eat. I think with living on a form she has got used to sharing with all animals, but she picks out her favorite bits first, and fast.

Then the chicken had their fill while Alice tried the greens.

The Hadida has been like this for a few weeks but still seems eating well.

Alice loves hard boiled eggs so we wait till last, after her brushing. She is so gentle when she takes them.

That was probably a ` thank you` in piggy talk.

Now she is satisfied. J

I have all my visits on video but have had to put some on google because they are too big for emails.

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We seem to be having a very unseasonal spate of weather here at the moment. But some friends of ours that are in Holland say that their weather is about the same. They had their fencing blown down and one of their windows was blown in. We had a problem in the veggy garden as the beans, tomatoes and green peppers took quite a hammering due to not being staked properly. Most things have been saved but today the weather looks like it will be very similar.

The last time we had a storm I took this photo of the lightning striking the mountains that are in most of my sunrises.

On a lighter note I was sent this by email from a whalewatching company in Plett.

Have you ever tried to find your cat in the dark? J If you look closely I was looking for a black cat at night.

I think a name change is on the cards, should she be called ` Bright Eyes` J

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Having pulled up so many of these which I thought were weeds I saw them in flower. If they are weeds or maybe some plant that has seeded itself I don`t know, does anyone know what it is ?

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Well the day started off early with plenty of rain and no Sunrise. The wind blew so hard that the leaves were taken off the plants that hadn`t been flattened. I also had to stake the Tomatoes and Dahlias as they were leaning over as I had forgot to do it last night before the storm. At least I packed away all the spare pots and watering can so they wouldn`t blow around.

Last year I found a frog living in one of these blooms, I suppose it was just waiting for food to settle down on the flower.

I finally finished my Dragon yesterday after taking a week to make a mold from the damaged grey one on the left. In the center is the mold made from silicone rubber and was put onto the grey dragon in layers and given 12 hours to cure between coats. The final dragon was removed from the mold but it is a different color in some parts as I tried to make the mold a bit less pliable, by painting resin on the inside and allowed to harden. The problem was that in dripped down to the bottom of the mold. The rest of the dragon was filled with resin mixed with plaster and sawdust to stop it cracking. I also filled most of the spare space with small pebbles so as not to use too much resin.

Now it`s just a matter of painting the finished article. I am going to see if I can get some iridescent paint so that it`s color changes when you look from different angles.

Even the sunset was a bit dull last night. But I was a bit late getting tied up with removing the dragon from the mold.

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The day didn`t appear to be starting too well when I came to see the sunrise. It was very overcast and the photo looks like a black and white.

I got a dragon from one of my daughters because it had been dropped and part of the wing had broken. I patched up the wing with some modeling putty and started putting coats of Silicone moulding compound on it with a brush.

That has had a few coats now but the putty still shows through.

This is what it looks like just after the coat is applied. Its had about 8 coats and I still have some left in the pot. Tomorrow will be the last coat and then I will peal it off and try to fill it with either plaster or epoxy mixed with saw dust. I used the last mixture when making false horns for a Rugby hat a few years ago.

At least the Sunset was a lot more colourful.

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I went to see Alice a few days ago and took some good video footage  but can`t get it on my blog. I have just put some stills on instead. you can see how she still remembers to lift her legs to get brushed in the hidden places. 🙂


She makes very satisfied noises when you brush her.


Enjoy the weekend. I must try to upload the video and put a link on the next blog. Look for the next Sunset.


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well, Halloween came and went but I was off line. I did however go to see Alice and friends over the weekend and got some good video material while giving her a good brushing.  It`s quite amazing that even now after a year away from living next door she still knows my voice and will let me hand feed her. when i bring out the brush she snorks loudly and lays down and waits to be brushed. When she was in Estrous I used to brush her twice a day as it was the only way to calm her down so people could move around the farm without being harassed. She seems to have taken to Angel and is quite happy to share her meals.   Every time we go to see her we take plenty of treats and left overs and she is quite happy to share. The little Angel is now getting braver and will come close and take food from your hand but Alice wont let me put the brush near the young one. Is it jealousy or is she protective ?

greens alice

I`m eating all my greens, like my mommy says.

angel porkbone

Hey, you only left me a pork bone, You eat like a pig. 🙂   Save me some greens this bone is too big.

clipped palms

Have a great weekend. Leo

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