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If you have Google`d today you will see this. The blog is mostly pictures due to the Gremlins in my computer.okt_36_Global_Haloween_02


Here are a few animations in a .gif format which can be saved.


From ` Piglove`s blog. Above.anipumpkin1t





mr bean


Must write the next blog before Sunset.




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It has been quite a roller coaster of a ride through the years of blogging and I find it a relaxing pastime. There are some people that you keep in touch with and sometimes move from site to site. Some people write about the same subject all the time, but mine seem to have changed over the years. I used to do technical and DIY type blogs but now they are about things that happen during my daily life. Maybe it`s an age thing, once you get over 70 things around you tend to become more interesting. I don`t have to travel very far to get photo`s of what I think are interesting because everything has a story, and I love to take photographs. I don`t even have to travel anywhere to get shots like this. Yesterday I went to see Alice and Co and that was only a 10k drive, but made a blog.

And I don`t have to go to the bird sanctuary to see the birds.

If I go to the main beach I can go on a boat and watch the Whales and other sea creatures.

Seeing a Right Whales nose so close is the same as Alice coming to my gate. I have started a serial of Alice`s life on my other blog on wordpress and it seems to have quite a following.

Hobbies have always been something that has taken quite a lot of time in the workshop, but I don`t make these things anymore because my lathe is 10 km away.

At the moment I am experimenting with lasers removed from old computer parts. I got a tourch for my last birthday called a lenser. I thought it was a laser tourch but it was a very bright LED. So far I have only managed to make a very fine beam with the lasers, which is very similar to a laser pointer. Except it shines on the white houses 2 km away and has made some good photo`s when shone on the clouds.

And the sunset should have come before the night sky, but it will make an end to most days.

And the birds are still there at sunset. Have a great weekend…………………………………

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Well the weather forecast said that there was an 80% chance of rain today, they were wrong again. There are some clouds around as you can see in the sunrise..

At least we got to see Alice, Angel and the rest of the crew at the Wolf Sanctuary. Today they dined on a stew of chicken, cabbage, odd vegetables and peelings with nice rich gravy. Before that they had fruit and sandwiches with their favorite fillings. Before I got back from feeding the others with the turnips and greenery from clearing the veggie patch they had finished their main meal. Angel had got stuck into the greenery I left for the two of them, but Alice was waiting for me at the fence snorking for attention.

One scratch behind her ear and she just lays down expecting a good bushing. Unfortunately today I didn`t take the brush so it had to be a scratch and massage. At least that confirmed that she isn`t pregnant again at the moment.

I tried to take these photo`s with my cell phone so a lot of them are pointing in the wrong direction.

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This is the town where I live, it`s just down the hill from where I take my sunrise photo`s in the morning. This was the view in 2007 when we last had snow in June. Most people think that Africa is always hot, think again. 🙂


As usual I take a walk along  the beach most days if possible. There is always something new to see, these slugs are nearly 200 mm long. Click on” SEA SLUG ” in between the photo`s and you can see a video of the Sea Slug. They appear to be remarkable animals and blend in quite well with the fine weed that grows here.

Front of Sea Slug.

Front of Sea Slug.

sea-slug CLICK THE BLUE.

Top of Sea Slug.

Top of Sea Slug.

Underneath Sea Slug.

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Why do you guys just sit here all day, come fly with me.

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Another Hot Day.

Today started with the usual hot day sunrise, with no cloud.

The resident pigeon seems to think she can sit on the table while we drink our coffee and managed to blow everything off the table with the downdraft from her wings. This was after I had put the seed in a plastic bowl away from the table as my Wife doesn`t want the pigeon dust in her coffee. Well we have a Pig to feed so there is some cooking of scraps to do today. Alice and Angel seem to look forward to their weekly nosh up and are still good friends.

This was a day when we popped in unannounced and had to buy some pellets at the Sanctuary Shop, they still enjoyed the visit and food though. They are basically food orientated as are most animals. Alice will still lay down and expect a brushing after all her months of being back at the sanctuary, so they must have some long term memory.

You`ve heard of a dog in the manger but I don`t think this Goat has. He seems to think if he stays in there he will be the first to eat. But maybe the straw is just comfortable to lay on.

I seem to be getting only male carrots growing in my veggie garden this year. J

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Yesterday was my youngest Granddaughters birthday, so it was a bit hectic. First I had to collect her at school as my daughter was working in Knysna, and then we all went home to open the presents. It`s amazing what little things amuse them at 4 years old. I was awakened at 5 again by our local constabulary playing with their sirens, which is nothing unusual. Anyway I got to see the sunrise again, not that it was much different than yesterday.

The pigeon came as soon as the sun rose and had her breakfast. She has made a nest upstairs above one of the blinds and has tried twice to rear some eggs. I think the large Crows take the young when she isn`t looking.

This little camera is the size of a packet of cigarettes but has a lot of useful features. It communicates with my laptop and phone and has time lapse also. I took some shots of the sunrise and they made a good animation using time lapse.

Neve was very interested with an old DVD making rainbows, and played with it for a long time after trying all her presents.

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