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I wonder if Alice thinks she is in a feather bed ? She certainly makes noises like someone getting into a comfortable when they are really tired. This was only a small hollow in the ground until I put a couple of buckets of water in there. Then it was all systems go and within a few minutes she had made it to fit her bulk. She had a few trial lay downs but didn`t settle down until it was snug. 🙂

I got the Sunset last night but missed the birds going home.

This is an old joke that was sent to me by email.

Enjoy your evening.

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Digital ImageAlice is still doing fine at the Wolf Sanctuary. Last week she made herself and Angel a nice wallow for the hot days. It`s one of the activities that pigs love, digging in soft soil. She waited until the existing hole was full of water and then dug it out to fit her body, and that was quite a hole to make with your nose. I often wonder how their noses stay so soft as she sometimes digs in hard soil.



The Southern Right Whales are back again and still curious when they see the boat coming. Sometimes they go under the boat and we have to switch the motors off and lift them so we don`t injure them.


At least they wave goodby when they leave the scene. The birds hover around so they can scavenge the skin particles that come off the Whales when they surface. It`s quite an experience to be so close to them as I used to only see them from the cliff tops when I was in Hermanus.4stills

A not very interesting Sunrise this morning. I think it`s going to be a hot day.

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If you are lucky a bird will fly through the sunrise as this time of the morning they are just searching for breakfast.

At Sunset most nights I see the Sacred Ibis going to their nesting place. In the morning I look out to sea and the evening I have to go to the car park on the opposite side of the house.

I am making this blogs as short as possible, if you think this is a bad idea please comment. J

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Writing Blogs off Line.

I`m finding this method of writing much quicker than the conventional way. Using a SIM card a lot of time is used getting photo`s on line. Last time I used one that was already online, so I want to see if it will take the photo`s off my computer. Also maybe this script is going to get converted to plain text.


The hospitals and ambulance sectors still seem to be having problems, but we have a plan.

My kitten caught her first mouse today and is very proud.

Even birds get kicked out of the nest when it`s time to fly.

Enjoy your weekend.

One problem is that the pictures have to be centralized on line.

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I think I have found a quicker way to upload blogs using word. I am still experimenting with this new computer so maybe many of you are doing this already.

This blog is a trial to see if it will upload a full blog. This will be removed as soon as it has been tested. I shall try a few photo`s to see where they are put on the page.

The next thing must be different text`s.


Blood of dracula

Well it seems to work OK and it accepts all text types. This works with several different blog sites.

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Another not very impressive Sunrise.


I found a few photo`s from last week during my last trip on my daughters boat.

launchof fatboy

This is a usual launch where the boat is pushed into the sea by a tractor, when they come back in they must race up onto the beach. The underside of the boat is re-enforced so it acts like a sledge.

Albatross, Plettenberg Bay,Oceansafaris

This is an Albatross and is the first time I have seen one near the boat.


The Bottle Nose Dolphins were playing in the surf near the beach. The water was quite calm on this day.


This was the same beach a week earlier when the surf was quite high.  The Dolphins just love to play in the rough surf and fish at the same time.

police parking

Since we have had a temporary police station blocking the road, the poles by the parking spaces seem to have taken a few knocks.

I hope to write another blog later, if not , enjoy your weekend. Leo

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As I said in my blog this morning, it was time to go and see Alice. She is still getting on OK with Angel but she is still the matriarch. Angel always eats as quickly as possible but Alice likes to pick out the good stuff. If Alice spies something good she will push Angel out of the way to get to it. They are quite noisy about it and to most people,   would sound like a fight starting.



Alice decided to make a wallow that she could fit into as fresh water had just been poured into their bowl but the old wallow was filled also. She set about nosing the soil out in all directions until it was big enough to lay down in. She didn`t make it big enough for Angel to join her so she went off and finished of the food that was left.





Alice is now in Piggy Paradise. She has always loved her wallow, when she was younger she would get all muddy and then search me out to mark my trousers with her muddy nose. I had to keep one pair of trousers for when I Alice made a wallow , these got known as ` Pig Pants` 🙂


This was taken whith night vision with a digital camera and doesn`t look very exciting.



This was taken from the same spot with a faster speed and daylight settings and it looks like the actual sunrise. Sometimes the colors change drastically depending on the settings.  I didn`t find that such a problem when using film, but at least we can always use a computer to fix it..

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I don`t seem to be writing many blogs this week as the garden has needed quite a lot of re-organizing. The frog that I found there was a tree frog according to people that saw the photo.



The Sunrises are not very impressive either, maybe because the weather has been so good. This is how it progressed this morning.

2013-09-20 08.24.25 2013-09-20 08.23.59

This was an experiment with a laser diode taken from an old DVD unit that I was throwing out. You can see the beam in the bottle because it`s full of smoke. This beam shines on houses that are 2 km away across the bay. It`s also quite interesting if it is pointed into the clouds at night.  If you look along the beam at night time when it rains you get random flashes of light when the rain drops go through the beam.

1st pregnancy

As there is a lot of pig food in the freezer my Wife has cooked it all up in a big pot and we will go to see Alice and Angel latter on this morning. I hope to have some good pictures later. 🙂 This was Alice`s first pregnancy a few years ago.


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As you have probably noticed, my blogs focus very much around the garden. I spend quite a lot of time there and it`s good for taking Sunrise/sunset photo`s. Most of my Bird photo`s have been taken while having a coffee there. I was watering near an outside power point and this from jumped out to avoid the water jet. Can anyone tell me if it`s a species of Frog or just an albino due to it`s hiding in the dark.

It`s colour is so close to the wall that it is like a camouflage, the only thing that stands out is it`s feet.  It`s feet are very similar in shape to a Geko or Lizard. It would be very interesting to find out what kind of frog it is. Last year I found a frog sitting in a flower head which seemed to be a good place to catch prey. It stayed there for two days.

sunrise240913 1

As you can see by this mornings Sunrise, they are not so colorful as the Summer approaches mainly because there are few clouds..

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Today was another of those unusual days. It was supposed to rain but was just overcast the whole day. This was quite lucky as I had to go to George to get 2 new keys for my car, that’s about 3 hours driving and at least it was cool. When we got there they had made a mistake and only got the one key and that had the wrong insert so they took the old key insert and fitted it to the new key after programing it. When they get the right ones in I must go all the way back so they can fit them to my car.


Coming back we had to pass the Wolf Sanctuary so we popped in to see Alice and Angel. One reason was that the photo`s I took at weekend were taken on macro except for the short videos. Not having any treats we bought some pellets at the tuck shop thinking that maybe this is going to be the first time the pigs will bite. J Luckily they both eat with gusto, Alice making shore that she had the pigs share. Angel soon learned and eat from the edge of the pile.

aliceandangel18 2

aliceandangel18 1

The small Wolf Cub that I showed in and earlier blog has now grown quite big. He is in a compound with a male and female Wolf cross and seems to be happy with his environment.

wolf cub

The black back Jackals are still as lazy as ever , the one loves to sit on the roof of its shelter and survey the world.


Today we will just have to see yesterdays Sunset. Likethe sunrise in the mornig it seem to move to the right as the seasons progress. The sun used to rise over the mountians but now it`s moved and rises earlier as it`s now over the sea.

Digital Image

Last of all, a few jokes to round off the blog.


Who says a cell phone doesn`t mess with your head, this was taken in the gents ? 🙂


My Wife says this dog must go out of the bedroom or she can`t get changed, she says he gives her a funny look. 🙂

toilet humour2

There seems to be some fun toilets after all. 🙂


Enjoy the rest of the week, and keep looking.

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