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This is a comparison of wide angle and zoom with a small 3mp camera.

compare zoom1

I still find sunrises fascinating as they change before your eyes. A lot of people either don`t get up in time to see them or are too busy getting ready for work. I am lucky as I have been retired for many years and can put a lot of visual media on my blogs. I love photography and am always being asked why photograph everything you see, the reason is that they are records of what is around me at that particular time. Many photographs are deleted now as I only keep the ones I blog, except for those of family and friends which I don`t blog. I realise that many people do not have the same  feelings for some of the photo`s I include but I have tried to vary the content. Another problem is how long should a blog be, I feel sometimes that if a blog is too long and does not vary it`s content people will stop reading it. Although it is good to get “like`s” but it doesn`t let you know if the blog is interesting, too long, too short or wrong layout. Well with all the moans out of the way, here is this mornings sunrise.


The first shot was with  3mp and the other by a 10mp camera. The colours have changed within the 5 minutes it took to get the smaller camera. The shots on the 3mp camera were taken at 1.5 mp. For blogging I think even 1 mp would be OK, as I have used an old phone camera that was even less than that.

These are some bumper stickers that were found while sorting out.


I wouldn`t eat that Livingstone ! , it looks a bit crappy. 🙂


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